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Symptoms of delirium tremens

This condition is a natural result of alcoholism.In simple popularly called delirium tremens "squirrel" and doctors - delirium tremens.In Latin, the word "delirium" is blurred, madness, insanity.

Delirium tremens is a severe alcoholic psychosis occurring a few days after many days of hard drinking.Delirium in the dependent is accompanied by hallucinations (visual and auditory).At this time the alcoholic actions could be called insanity, because he loses the ability to orientation in time and space.

Dependent during delirium tremens suffer from insomnia, nightmares systematic.He is anxious, restless.The person experiences intense fear.Personal fears appear to have alcoholic hallucinations that occur, usually at night.It is that time is fertile times for an attack of delirium tremens.It is typical progressive nature.

symptom of delirium tremens may be jealousy that has not baseless.This may be a manifestation of the cruelty that a person in a normal state do not tend to.There are other terrible things.F

or delirium tremens, they are characteristic features.

alcoholic hallucinations associated with the animals, he is afraid of being sober.After all, many people have a phobia about which people are not recognized.Therefore, during hallucinations mereschatsya dependent rats and spiders, snakes, dogs, mice, and other scary creatures.

said that in the old alcoholics who attend church, seen in fits of delirium tremens devils.That is, from this we can conclude that during delirium man would seem to seem that he is concerned and to which he feels fear in a sober state.

Today alcoholics it may even be scenes from thrillers and mythical heroes, villains, murderers, concrete images of horror films.Similar are and auditory hallucinations.It sounds made by animals that a person is afraid sober.Perhaps this is the soundtrack to the horror films that are watched dependent person.Those fears experienced by an alcoholic hallucinations in the form of mythical animals, displayed on his face.This is a clear facial expressions of fear, grimace of horror, disgust, pain.With regard to behavioral responses, it attempts to shake off the imaginary spiders, mice, snakes.This can be an escape from them, fight with mythical heroes of thrillers, because hallucinations during delirium tremens are also tactile.The alcoholic really feel the bite of insects or snakes WRAPPING.The patient feels physically terrifying creatures on his body.When alcoholic hallucinations - is a horror film, it feels pain from the beating and scratching, knocks and other abuse.

often fit the alcoholic delirium tremens seems that in his mouth remains a foreign body.Then he begins to take multiple attempts to retrieve it from there.This can be a frequent spitting or removing "subject" means at hand.

characteristic symptom of delirium tremens - speech of the patient change.It is not just vague, but also delusional.After thinking dependent confused, he can not associate the word, and he has, in addition, there are problems with articulation.This changes the human speech recognition.But in a language he "communicates" with scary objects hallucinations.

From the side it looks terribly if confronted with the phenomenon for the first time.The alcoholic is trying to throw off the snake that encircles it, begging her not to bite him, and perhaps threatening object of fear.Something like this looks like the behavior of alcoholics during hallucinations in delirium tremens.

So, the symptoms of delirium tremens - is improper, abnormal for a sober person to change the appalling behavior of ordinary speech.

Delirium tremens is dangerous and the fact that its symptoms are cramps, heart palpitations, pressure jump, fever and dehydration.It can take several days or three weeks.All this time the body of the alcoholic is in a critical condition.He is on the verge of death.Only a long sleep may help a person recover.To cope with delirium without the help of experts is not realistic.Often the rejection of medical health care is fatal.Sometimes, in a fit of delirium tremens person can commit suicide.

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