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Withdrawal from binge

binge - one of severe alcoholism, when a person experiences nepoborimuyu physical and psychological cravings for alcohol and can go to any measures just to get the required dose.There are binges on 2nd and 3rd stage of alcoholism and their duration can vary from several days to several months.Moreover, the longer be an alcoholic in a drinking bout, the harder it is to bring out, and the harder it will be consequences.In order to understand the causes of binge, we consider in more detail, what are the stages of alcoholism and alcoholic behavior of the line at every stage.

process of transition from one stage to the subsequent may take different amounts of time from several months to decades.

There are three stages:

At this stage, the alcoholic organs completely exhaust its possibilities: vitamins and minerals from the body go (to compensate them simply nowhere, because there is no appetite in the alcoholic and the more willing and able to nutritious food), immunity decreases dramatically.This all lead

s to the susceptibility of an organism to various diseases.At the third stage of alcoholism in humans there drops in blood pressure, convulsions, full-body tremors, seizures may occur.

most important point in the process of seeking help is the right choice of time.You can not call a doctor house, if the person is intoxicated.Firstly, even if the doctor will give such a person a certain medication, it may be unsafe for the health of the latter (many drugs do not mix with alcohol!).

Secondly, in order to correctly assign treatment should be a full medical examination and the establishment of such factors as the previously transferred diseases, drugs taken, complaints of pain (migraine, pain in the side, high / low blood pressure, tachycardia, etc..), the patient's body weight, sex, age, the body's sensitivity to certain drugs.The doctor who comes to the house may not be aware of all the nuances of these, and the words of the alcoholic can not serve as a reliable source.

The same applies to self: do not give alcoholic drugs, if they are not written on the prescription.Even if the reviews on these drugs very positive, it does not mean that they will be effective for the individual.But just the opposite - they can worsen the overall condition of the patient.Treatment of alcoholism is purely individual.

most appropriate moment to call for help is the morning.If a person received a certain dose of alcohol in the evening and at night sleep and did not wake up for the additional portion, then in the morning, before taking alcohol, his general condition and state of health significantly deteriorated.He will torment headaches, nausea, vomiting, sweating, whole body tremors, seizures, tachycardia.And at this stage it would be logical to offer him help and persuade seek medical advice.

If a person suddenly becomes ill, you should immediately call an ambulance.In the event that the last call is not given possible, then an urgent need to address in drug treatment or mental hospital.Here the patient urgently to render quality medical care and hospitalized if necessary.

Undoubtedly, the most reliable and safest option is removal of binge-patient treatment in drug treatment clinic.Besides the fact that the patient will provide the necessary assistance for free (or paid) for it to be seen in the following several years, that it perestrahuet from binge relapse.However, many patients refuse to from this, due to the necessity of registration in the drug clinic.

In the case of hospital treatment, to remove from binge specialists use these drugs (according to the medical indications of the survey, as well as the duration of the binge):

In many private clinics with patients psychologists to help them figure out the primary causes of alcoholism andto eliminate these causes.

The most important indicators, which indicate that the man came out of the binge and bounced back is proper sleep and appetite recovery.

to provide assistance to the patient at home, experts recommend to install it following schedule:

Naturally, this recipe derive from the binge is ineffective without prior consultation with a doctor and a patient survey to a number of diseases.But the recommendations listed above, in conjunction with traditional medicine to help quickly get out of the binge and recover the internal organs.