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Alcohol raises or lowers blood pressure

Alcohol is one of the few foods that are getting into the human body, not only affects the gastrointestinal tract, but also affects many internal organs.

Many people believe that alcohol can replace medications that contribute to normalization of pressure.But it is not so.Alcohol affects blood pressure is not a direct and indirectly, therefore, can not effect such a "drug" may be short-lived and futile in the end.

By itself, alcohol intake may increase or decrease the pressure.There are many factors, especially individual for each person, in connection with which alcohol affects blood pressure.


can not say with a firm confidence, alcohol lowers blood pressure.Similarly, we can not say that alcohol increases it.It all depends on the stage of human intoxication.

In the first stage - when people only used the alcoholic drink its blood vessels dilate, they become flexible and elastic, reduces tone.This effect is due to ethanol, which is present in almost all alcoholic beverages.Flexibility vessel

s leads to the fact that blood flow have to overcome the resistance, which in turn lowers blood pressure.

In addition, the blood begins to quickly pass through the ventricles of the heart when the ventricles in the natural state must push it.This leads to the fact that not enough distant areas of the body supplied with oxygen, such as fingers and toes.As well as lowering blood pressure.

If a person suffers from low pressure and heart problems, in this case, it is better not to experiment with alcohol.

Regular consumption of alcohol can lead to increased pressure.Ethanol, gradually accumulate in the body, it has the ability to calm the nervous system.

If you drink quite a large amount of alcohol, the human heart begins to thicken, which naturally leads to an increase in blood pressure.This should not forget the people in middle age, because they are the main victims of high blood pressure.This category of people more susceptible to the effects of alcohol, due to the fact that mature body more relaxed than the young.

If alcohol while taking the following symptoms:

These symptoms may be a signal to what is necessary to stop.The body received his allowable dose.Its excess can not only lead to worsening health, but also to loss of consciousness.It should be drunk to remember the dose and take the next time a little less.

Studies have shown that regular use of alcohol can cause such diseases as hypertension.For alcoholics hypertension is a chronic disease.Hypertension occurs in people who drink 3-4 times more likely than nondrinkers.

Alcohol can influence the pressure not only directly but also indirectly, such as through the extra weight.It will contribute to the formation of new fat cells active than pastries and sweets.Alcohol in conjunction with causing hypertension arrogant weight anyway.If it was before, the disease only worsen.Alcoholic drinks have a very high energy value.The stronger the drink, the more calories in it.And accordingly, the more a person consumes, the more likely gain extra weight.

If high blood pressure is constantly there, that alcohol should be excluded from the diet at the time of recovery.

Otherwise, it can cause diseases such as:

Do not forget that alcohol, even in very small quantities can cause intoxication.

As mentioned above, drinks, almost all are able to reduce the pressure in the intoxication stage, after the first pile.

The reason for this are:

After the first 50 gram, alcohol can only stir up the body, thus accelerating blood and increase the pressure.

Not all alcoholic beverages, even in small quantities are capable of lowering blood pressure.Of the multiple collection of alcoholic beverages, it should be possible to talk about cognac.A few spoonfuls of the drink in the coffee or tea is indeed lower blood pressure.

With the increase of alcohol in the human body in a natural way the pressure increases.Therefore it is necessary to remember that people who suffer from hypertension and various heart diseases or blood, it is best to limit their alcohol intake.Otherwise, it may aggravate the disease and lead to undesirable consequences, until hospitalization.

Any quality alcohol can increase appetite, elevate mood and relieve stress after a hard day's work.But, most importantly, do not forget about his numbers.In order not to harm the body, it is best to take a day not more than 40 grams and not more than one glass of wine or brandy, vodka or beer.But try to keep alcohol intake did not become a habit, even in small quantities.

important to remember that the body should be given a break from alcohol.Because after each meal, you need at least one or two days to the blood pressure returned to normal from high or low.Otherwise, blood pressure problems will be exacerbated and can develop into a chronic disease.

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