Healthy lifestyle

Vitamins for Men

be a man - not to have a primary and secondary sexual characteristics, a kind of social status, which is necessary to prove it every day.And prove to society, and yourself.To do this, first of all we need self-confidence, which can only opiratsya inner strength.A force can be only in the presence of good health, and for every self-respecting man taking care of it should be in the first place.

As you know, everything in nature is a burden to the harmony and balance.Similarly, our body will be healthy only when the balance will remain necessary for its substance life.But nowadays men rely more on luck, considering that even an unhealthy lifestyle will not cause any appreciable impact.What then much regret, as there comes a moment when it is necessary to solve the problems.In this case nature does not adhere to high sports rules and strikes below the belt completely without warning.

This outcome is very likely for the majority of men and the causes may be different, but in most cases there is one thing in

common - the lack of essential vitamins in the body.

In general, men need all the vitamins, trace elements and minerals to maintain the body in a viable state for many years, but has a narrower list of the most important.

And we start not in alphabetical order, as the most important for men is considered to be vitamin D. From it depends on how strong the immune system will be.In the absence of vitamin D immune system stops sending specific cell-advocates to fight infections, viruses or bacteria, not perceiving them as carrying a risk.Also, vitamin D, and promotes bone growth, which is very important if a man leads an active lifestyle and constantly exposes your body to physical stress.

In order to provide for themselves in the abundance vitamin D, should often be outdoors, especially in the solar time, and to use such products: fish oil, eggs, whole milk, cheese, butter, eggs, cheese, herbs.

the second most important place is vitamin C, which is responsible for alertness, presence of forces in the body, and most importantly, does not allow for the development of sexual dysfunction.It is a potent antioxidant, helping to correct operation of the heart, and also promotes the breakdown of free radicals that can lead to cardiovascular diseases.Simultaneously, vitamin C promotes blood vessel walls.However, one of its important property should be considered: it is rapidly degraded and is not retained in the body in the presence of a man of bad habits.Tobacco and alcohol will not be absorbed vitamin.And if you do not say goodbye once and for all with the existing dependency, there is no reason to rely on the help of vitamin C. This vitamin

found in many foods: citrus fruits, black currants, kiwi, cabbage.A lot of it is contained in the common parsley, only one bundle of which (50 g) is the seat of his daily dose for the average man.

sexual life is ruled by men vitamin E, the lack of which immediately affects the formation of poor sperm in the testes.With the constant disregard of the body signals the need to replenish vitamin E can at one moment be faced with the problem of prostate cancer.To avoid this, you should use vegetable oils, nuts, liver, soybeans, wheat germ, and beans.

other parts of a man's problem - hair loss - to decide the presence of vitamin H. It is responsible for ensuring that the protective separation of fat secretion on the skin did not increase, which contributes to the future of hair loss, and skin cells, hair and nails are constantly updated.To the need for vitamin H has been satisfied, it is necessary to use boiled egg yolk, mutton, beef, soybeans, mushrooms, sea-buckthorn.

presence of potency in men has a direct impact on its persistent stance.Physical problems pulling the emergence of numerous problems, both in the personal life of the man, and in public.In our country, these problems include people of different social and age categories.The reason for that, and the environmental situation in the area of ​​residence, and the presence of permanent stress, and the presence of harmful habits.

But there is a gap in this dismal picture: the need to closely monitor what you eat and focus on those products that contain such extremely necessary for the good potency vitamins:

Although zinc does not apply to vitamins and in trace elementshe should be given some attention.Its shortage can affect testosterone levels, which is fraught with a marked deterioration in sperm quality, decreased libido, and generally early aging male body.Zinc is found in many fruits and vegetables, cereals, poultry meat, beef, seafood.

worth noting that vitamin restore balance in the body by food can take a lot of time.And it happens not because of the slow assimilation of vitamins and because of the unwillingness of man to pass on a healthy diet.That is why many men are trying to make up for a lack of the use of special vitamin complexes.But is it right?

At first glance, these drugs preferable since only one capsule contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, which are sometimes not all products can be found.But do not forget that it is synthesized vitamins and they are quite different from the natural, which are contained in the food.Moreover, it makes no sense to take as many substances as lack of stock of one or two types of vitamins.So you can only harm the body even more.

But it is more relevant to young organisms that have the ability to quickly assimilate vitamins derived from food and synthesized based on them necessary.Men older middle-aged and elderly, such preparations may be sometimes necessary, performing a supporting function, or simply as a source of essential vitamins.

This is a very important point, because it follows very closely related to vitamin complexes, if your body has not yet become so incapacitated.Numerous people assurances that due eaten "vitaminok" they never get sick, very questionable and is easily explained by well-known placebo effect, when a person strongly believes in the healing power of the drug, although such and can not be held.

to be a man in all respects, we must be very attentive to her and follow not only the appearance and actions.The inner world of any kind requires a special relationship, and disrupt your normal balance is very simple.If the time to notice any adverse change in the body, maintaining the vitamin balance in the cellar.