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How useful bath for men

Since ancient times, Bath was considered very useful and it took the whole family every weekend.Times have changed, but the meaning of this procedure is not lost and to this day.There are a bunch of arguments, which confirm that go to the bath is very useful not only for moral, but also physical health.

When it comes to usefulness to man, then there is to say that if you follow the correct procedures and bathe in the bath, it will strengthen not only the physical but also the sexual power of the men.Of course, if a person is suffering from some disease, then it is counter-march to the bath.Be sure to consult with your doctor, and even then go bathe.

Bath - is an excellent way to spend your time and improve your health.As is known, the use of bath visits noticeable in the work of almost all organs and body systems.And it has a positive effect on the skin.

Everyone knows that after the bath procedures in the skin opens a second wind.Depending on the type of skin recommend the following:

Why bath so good for the skin?This is because it helps to open up pores and clear of toxins, toxins and dirt that clogged skin.Bath will remove a layer of dead skin cells and makes the skin more supple and healthy (at regular visits).It effectively kills any bacteria or microorganisms on the body.

Banja able to fix even some congenital defects of the skin.For example, oily skin is dried a little, and very dry skin is more moisturized and supple.

Steam treatments effectively fight the appearance of premature facial wrinkles, which may arise from the malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands.Therefore, they must be continually "train".Beauticians and dermatologists recommend regular visits to the bath after a dramatic weight loss after pregnancy.

body, being in a bath in a hot environment, very hot.Body temperature can be raised by at least ten degrees, and internal organs - three.This dramatic change is a kind of meltdown.In this process, all of the bacteria, which organism attacked successfully killed and damaged cells to regenerate much faster.At the same time accelerates the metabolism, increases production of interferon (an antiviral protein), a significant number of lymphocytes increases.It is important to remember that the high temperature in the bath slows the growth of cancer cells, but acts selectively.

Everyone who comes out of the bath, feels a certain relaxation.This is because under the influence of heat the blood pours from the brain, it is due to the expansion of blood vessels outside, there is a complete lack of alertness, relaxation and relaxation.

specialists always recommend a trip to the sauna (bath) in diseases such as:

the cardiovascular system can be properly strengthened, if the alternate high and low temperatures, which affect the body.Thus, strengthening the heart muscle, decreases the likelihood of a heart attack.

Banja very positive effect on the appearance and power addition.All this is because the hot air in the pulse rate to 150 bpm, blood pressure, but it is absolutely not increased.This occurs because of exposure to heat all even small cutaneous vessels, which reduces the resistance to blood flow.As a result - the capillaries dilate, it improves skin nourishment.

Bath has a positive effect on patients with arterial hypertension.They may notice a significant decrease in pressure after a bath in the hearth.Pulse they usually do not exceed 110 beats per minute, but it does not increase, and diastolic pressure.

Cores should be extremely careful with the bath procedures.Not very wise to visit the steam room after a heart attack or suffering from ischemic heart disease.But after a myocardial infarction, on the contrary - it is possible and it is necessary to go to the bath.The temperature in this case should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius.

most important process in the human body is a metabolic process.Very much it helps to accelerate and improve the process steam bath.It contributes to the improvement of blood circulation, while blood effectively saturates the body moisture and oxygen, and various nutrients.Then the stimulation of oxidation processes, after which the waste products are displayed faster.As a result - stimulated protein metabolism.

Bath pairs cool to remove toxins and toxins, relieve collagen, resulting in improved appearance and rejuvenates the skin, it becomes more elastic, supple, healthy, tone even.

bath is especially useful when the stomach dyspepsia, constipation, various disorders of the intestine, cholecystitis, and so on. D.

Banja will be useful to people who are experiencing high physical loads, work hard and play sports.Bath is well relieves joint pain, promotes renewal of muscle tissue, dissolve the salt in the bones.

If a person has any injuries, he definitely should go to the bath several times, and better and get in the habit to go there as often as possible.

When it comes to bath hazard, it becomes virtually nothing to say.

The only thing that could adversely affect bath or sauna, so it is the activity of sex hormones and sperm quality.Unfortunately, the testicles are very sensitive to high temperatures and always have a temperature which is lower than the rest of the body.

intensive thermal effect eliminates this difference, and testicular temperature increases, which affects the sperm and sex hormones.

But this does not mean that men harmful sauna.Not at all - the main thing is not to overdo it with the campaigns in it.

Among other things, bath is contraindicated for people who have heart problems (coronary heart disease, hypertension), diabetes, suffering from hepatitis and acute ulcer.

If a person can not engage in sports or physical activity, you need to refrain from the bath for a certain period.

If there is any human disease, then, first of all, should be consulted before its visit.It is worth

extreme caution with drinking alcohol in the bath.It is strictly contraindicated.However, it is worth noting that very few people comply with it.