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Hormonal treatments for men

matter how healthy the man was not, but with time, age-related changes begin to happen to him.Each person individually such changes occur.Typically, they start after age 40, but can begin earlier or later, depending on lifestyle, health, or heredity.

The man begins to deteriorate memory, bald head, he began to gain weight, as well as sexual function deteriorates.Typically, such processes are tied to a decrease in production of male hormone - testosterone.Therefore, many men prolong their vitality with the help of hormones.

as medicines is a synthetic analog of testosterone, which is also called androgenic drugs.

Use these drugs alone is not recommended because they are administered only after examination and analysis.For all the lack of hormones leads to male dysfunction.Improper use of hormonal drugs can reduce the production of its own hormones and atrophy of the cells responsible for the production of testosterone.

Usually after 25 years, the male body begins to produce 1-1.5% less testosterone in

the year.At this age, these losses are hardly felt, but every year the level of testosterone decreases continuously and at the age of 40-45 years, the level of hormones is reduced by 20-25% in comparison with the young age.This process is irreversible, and the impact on him or to return back.

At low levels of testosterone in the body may indicate symptoms such as decreased sexual libido, decreased performance, neurosis, weight gain, weakness.Hormonal drugs prescribed by the physician, based on the analysis.Depending on the testosterone level it assigns drug and dose.

Hormones are produced in the form of capsules, tablets, gels, patches, implants, as well as subcutaneous and intravenous injections.Each species has its own peculiarities.

For example, tablets and capsules are well absorbed by the body, but at the same hormones are rapidly cleared from the body, thereby allowing to maintain a stable level of testosterone.Therefore, tablets and capsules have to be taken regularly under the supervision of a physician.

considered more effective gels and ointments, with their help, testosterone is quickly absorbed and delayed long enough.The downside of this method is that with regular use can cause skin irritation, but it happens rarely.

Adhesives are of two types: underwear and scrotal.They help to maintain the level of testosterone, but to change the patch every day, as well as it can cause irritation on the ground in contact with skin.

Subcutaneous implant - a small capsule of cylindrical form, which is administered subcutaneously in the abdomen.The capsule dissolves from 4 months to six months.The downside can be assumed that the implant is inserted surgically.

most frequently used under the skin of testosterone administration by injection.Injections are different levels of testosterone, as well as the validity period.Long-acting injections are administered by intramuscular injection, after which the hormones are released over 3 months.

When used properly, hormone drugs are considered safe, but still has some possible side effects: