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Duphaston and alcohol

treatment prescribed by your doctor drugs sometimes requires adherence to certain rules.This and the use of large quantities of water, and the precise time intervals between the pill and the taboo on alcohol.The latter is very important.After all, for some products of their combination with alcohol it gives just the opposite effect or irreversible consequences.We learn the same way as alcohol and combined Djufaston.

Duphaston is a synthetic progesterone (hormone), which is usually prescribed for women in the menstrual cycle, the prevention of a number of gynecological diseases, maintaining the proper level of this hormone.Often prescribed for Djufaston jeopardy of pregnancy, that is, to preserve the fruit.Of course, you need to take hormonal medication only after the prescribing physician who knows the patient's medical history and takes into account the manufacturer's preparation instructions.

duphaston Metabolism takes place in the liver.There it reacts with enzymes.Alcohol enhances the activity of t

hese enzymes.This can result in unexpected outcomes.

Although it should be noted that the instructions to the manufacturer of Duphaston not give advice on the compatibility of the drug with different types of alcohol.There are no restrictions on the use of alcohol during treatment with the drug.However, the simple mathematical calculations we can determine what course duphaston to adjust the menstrual cycle short - only ten days.During this short period, every woman can survive without drinking alcohol.After all, it is absolutely easy!And everything should be added that alcohol - the provocateur of major changes in the circulation.Such changes are not the best way affect the hormonal background, which is precisely adjusted djufaston.

should also know that this drug treatment is often accompanied by estrogen therapy.And it imposes a definitive ban on the use of alcohol.If Djufaston appointed by the fairer sex in the treatment of endometriosis, doctors strongly recommend acceptance of alcoholic beverages to refrain at all!Otherwise, you can earn in addition to disease and more serious hormonal disruptions.

When the woman during treatment with this drug can not refrain from a dose of alcohol, such as beer, it should be recalled that alcohol, even in small amounts significantly accelerates the removal of drugs from the liver where digested Djufaston.This means that the proper therapeutic effect under the influence of alcohol will not produce a cure.Given the considerable cost of the drug, the woman, so just throwing money down the drain.This casual attitude to their own health, the doctor and the future offspring.If we consider that it is precisely with the aim to protect the future of women restore hormonal background for successful conception and childbearing prescribe Duphaston, the combination of alcohol and treating it - just stupidity on the part of the expectant mother.Perhaps we should first "engage" all relations with alcohol and then drug treatment?Arrange the right priorities.

Of course, the combination of alcohol and a small dose of alcohol will not result in death, serious health problems if you do not drink or do so rarely.Yet women who have been appointed this medication, as well as the men who want to have healthy children, we must take himself in hand and be able to give up alcohol companies.There is no shame in that!Let shame be the one who goes on about other people and does not know how to say "No!".

When it comes to treating djufaston threat of disruption during pregnancy, the use of alcohol and speech should not be.Neither sip of beer, wine and gin and tonic!Pregnancy and alcohol of any kind - is absolutely not compatible.

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