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People who have unsuccessfully tried to quit smoking, are ready to turn to anyone, just to get rid of this problem.Therefore, all kinds of conspiracies and prayers - a fairly popular method that is accessed by many smokers.Note, however, that the conspiracy proven effectiveness only when a person alone wants to get rid of this addiction.Of course, without the support of friends and loved ones to cope with nicotine addiction is difficult, therefore, these people should also be on your side.However, if you have a strong desire to get rid of, and will force weak, we suggest you contact your prayers and conspiracies that will enhance self-confidence and will allow as soon as possible to return to a healthy lifestyle.It is no secret that the prayer for the believer - it is a way to share the most intimate, ask for help and be free from sin.So let's consider what conspiracies and prayers will help us to turn to higher powers with a request to find the strength and the will to get rid of smoking.

Natalia Stepanova - known Siberian healer, author of numerous books, due to which many people have got rid of the terrible diseases and addictions.Conspiracies smoking Natalia Stepanova - one of the most popular offerings in the internet search engine.Given this, we can conclude that since so many people are looking for information about Natalia Stepanova, so her help - not fiction.Well, let's see what plots smoking author offers us.

This plot is accompanied by ritual.To begin to prepare several bathing the leaves, dry them and set on fire.Take a cigarette, the smoke and bring it to read the following plot:

Once Read conspiracy, it is necessary to put a cigarette armpit and back home back to a pack of cigarettes.This ritual is necessary to conduct three times in succession.It is said that charmed smoked cigarettes, nicotine cravings disappear.

This plot is read, standing before the mirror and looking at myself in the eye:

Last plot that we will present, it is recommended to read all the days when the moon is decreasing:

Before we share with you the prayers, let usbe clear once and for all, that prayer does not get rid of bad habits, and helps to find the will power and support in the fight against the spirit of "sinful".Therefore, if you do not have faith in a better, it is unlikely that they will help you.

abundant Lord!Hear my petition, accept the prayer of your unworthy servant, shall not abhor my plagues, did not turn away from me.Yakozhe sometimes hast healed the covetous soul of Zacchaeus the publican, heal my soul, boleznuschuyu many passions and troubles.Lord, ATTEND, O voice of my prayer, hear moaning and miserable my cry.Oh, woe is me, woe is me, a sinner, inasmuch likens idolaters, not ashamed to burn incense demons, not ashamed to insult you, O Lord, my heart's deceit.Hoping to tempt thee to thy excessive patience.Standing in Thy Holy Temple, to gratify the fragrance of incense, and for an hour packs tayazhde delight smoking stench.I defile my mouth, and the mouth of the Simi say unto the words of praise to you.Aki dog returns to its vomit, tacos al also serve sin.All bo Thou sin is this, but not daring Imam otreschisya bribes mercenary.Plenteous in mercy, Lord!Deigned my infirmities, forgive my lasciviousness, strengthen me, grant me patience, courage and peace, not to forsake me not Give Me pogobnuti in the mire of sin, Save, O Lord!Dying!Yako is sometimes art Thou, O Lord, healed through the intercession of the Blessed Mother of yours, Sergius of a husband - Heal Me and unworthy.Yakozhe sometimes O Lord, delivered through the prayers of St. Ambrose of Optina from the bad habit of a certain Alexei Moscow - Deliver Me and cursed.Yakozhe sometimes O Lord, freedom, through the prayers of the Holy Fathers of the Kiev Caves, from davleyuschey passion of a Maxim and put it sluzhiti You in the holy temple, Thy - thus managing and mene skvernago and nechistago freedom, and grant me posluzhiti thy righteousness, and porabotati without laziness toschnoYou my Lord Jesus Christ all the days of my life, now and ever and unto ages of ages.Amen.

Reverend Father Ambrose, you, boldness before the Lord, pleading Velikodarovitogo Lord give me first aid in the fight against evil passion.O Lord!Your prayers saint, St. Ambrose, cleanse my lips, otselomudri heart and saturate it with the fragrance of Thy Spirit Holy, so run away from the mene far away the evil tobacco passion, whence it came, in the depths of hell.

Angel of God, my guardian saints, for the observance of me from God out of heaven this!Diligently I pray thee: thou enlighten on me this day, and from all evil save, for every act of guide, and the way of salvation to the right.Amen.

God help you!

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