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Today, smoking is the cause of every sixth human death.Millions of people dependent degrade slowly, letting the smoke nicotine to rule over themselves, become dependent on it.Chronic bronchitis and chronic gastritis, impotence and cancer does not scare smokers.Regrettably, in Russia by the end of the school smokes half the boys and about a quarter of girls.However, the desire to give up the addiction arises all addicts.One of the auxiliary methods of getting rid of it is acupuncture.

Usually the motivation to do away with nicotine addiction is spoiled health.Men tend to start with potency problems, which make you think about the methods of getting rid of cigarette addiction.

Acupuncture (acupuncture) - is an ancient technique that was used oriental masters and well proven.This technology is part of traditional Chinese medicine and is used to treat many diseases.

If you look at history, it is necessary to note the role of the Chinese neurosurgeon H. Vienna, who in 70 years of the last century, used for

the purpose of acupuncture anesthesia addict patient before surgery.The patient then said that after he disappeared acupuncture painful symptoms of drug "breaking."Neurosurgeon then tested acupuncture on many patients with other addictions, and again convinced of the effectiveness of the method.So, in practice, it has been proven that acupuncture is an effective method of treatment of alcohol, tobacco, drug dependency.Dr. H. Ven became the founder of a new method to combat smoking.

This treatment of smoking very quickly gained popularity in Europe.In our country, the technology is also widespread.Cure people becomes more and more with the help of nicotine addiction every year.

Acupuncture is based on the use of different size needles that are injected into certain points on the human body.Today, this method is only to smoking treatment using biologically active points on the human body.The first such therapy tried Chinese and Japanese doctors.Smoke from the perspective of Eastern acquired reflex of doctors it is that imprinted in memory dependent.To cure such a man, you just need to clear it of this reflex.Therefore, the essence of this method of getting rid of tobacco dependence is the effect on the receptors sensitive to nicotine.The purpose of the session of acupuncture - a withdrawal of nicotine a smoker hunger and desire to deal with the development of nicotine dependence.Results of this approach the effectiveness of treatment in 90%.Oriental specialists in this field are recommended for 4-8 sessions, and at the same time in front of each of them not to smoke 8-40 hours.

The human body has a huge amount of reserves and acupuncture technology helps them to intensify, to use for smoking cessation.Thin needle acting on receptors, promote the development of a large number of endorphins, hormones i.e. happiness.These hormones help to overcome the dependent person depression and irritation.The effect of endorphin production is a kind of analogue of the effects of smoking.Acupuncture stabilizes blood pressure and heart rate.Impact on the active points causes aversion to tobacco.

acupuncture method, unlike other methods of getting rid of dependence is absolutely harmless.It is recommended to heavy smokers, whose attachment to cigarettes is about 20 years.

Changes in the body after acupuncture treatment take place almost imperceptibly and painlessly.No need to fear the name of the method, because the treatment is made very thin needles.It is completely painless and accurate.Try it and see its effectiveness!

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