Causes teratozoospermia and methods of its treatment

Causes teratozoospermia and methods of its treatment

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One of the common forms of male infertility is a disease process that is called teratozoospermia.The main reason for its appearance is the presence in the seed of a sufficiently large number of incorrect cells.This process is, as a rule, is always accompanied by a violation of the outer structure of the sperm.If you have the above problem can be observed the presence of abnormal structures of the head, neck, or the tail of the majority of the particles of the male seed.So today quality treatment teratozoospermia is very relevant and in demand process.

Forms of sperm development

Clinical studies show that in normal male semen it wrong particles are always in the minority compared to the total number of spermatozoa.However, in the event of such pathology as theratozoospermia, the situation is completely the op

posite - damaged cells become the dominant element in the total number of spermatozoa.The presence of such a process is very negative impact on the entire mechanism of the male fertilization.

Experts note that the direct merger of any morphologically defective sperm with the egg may be the development of many types of chromosomal abnormalities.

Causes teratozoospermia

The emergence of this disease process, which can later lead to male infertility, is accompanied by a large number of negative factors.One of the most important prerequisites for the emergence of teratozoospermia considered in the development of the male variety of disorders of the hormonal type.This reason has to do in the first place, with the wrong or too prolonged use of the drugs.Hormonal substances often enter the human body as a therapeutic target.However, their misuse can lead to quite serious consequences, for example, to the development of teratozoospermia.

Varicocele above problem often occurs when there is a man of serious viral infections that affect the urogenital system.One of these factors is the development in the body of herpes.It can seriously affect the development of abnormal sperm and cause the appearance of teratozoospermia.Another common reason for its occurrence is the presence of inflammation in the male genital organs (eg, orchitis or prostatitis).By teratozoospermia results and serious venous expansion in the testes, which is called a varicocele.

root causes of the above problems can be not only specific types of diseases, but also a variety of social factors.A prerequisite for the development of teratozoospermia in very many cases is the presence of a person of bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle.Constant use of alcohol in large quantities and active smoking is a very negative impact on the result of the male sperm.Studies show that theratozoospermia able to occur when various negative influences of the environment.These include, for example, include high temperatures and radiation.

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fertilization process at teratozoospermia

male seed, which are particles with the presence of adverse pathological factors, still has a chance of successful fertilization.In this case, it all depends on the number of morphologically abnormal sperm in the ejaculate.If, for example, the results of semen can be concluded that the male seed is 70% of damaged particles, while the probability of successful fertilization process is equal to 30%.When teratozoospermia successful pregnancy can be achieved only at maximum neutralizing pathologically abnormal spermatozoa.If the number will increase the probability of successful fertilization, conversely, will decrease proportionately.

In vitro fertilization To increase the chance of successful conception of the child to all men, in whom there is the presence of teratozoospermia prescribe appropriate treatment.Its process and the feature will depend primarily on the causes of this disease.After a successful and effective therapy for improving the condition of the male seed and thus increase the chances of successful fertilization.However, there are cases where doctors recommend to make the process of conception in artificial laboratory conditions.In this case, the type used extracorporeal fertilization, which greatly increases the chances of a successful pregnancy.

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Diagnosis of the disease After confirming the diagnosis teratozoospermia specialist is obliged to appoint the necessary treatment for the successful elimination of the problem.Today, there are various methods by which you can effectively deal with the above pathology.In order to properly and accurately treat Teratozoospermia, you must clearly find out all the reasons for its occurrence and to complete a full cycle of study of the male seed.Solving the problem can be produced with the help of conservative or operative treatment.If the cause of any teratozoospermia became infectious and inflammatory process, then for its successful treatment it is recommended to apply such principles:

  • complex microbiological examination for the detection of harmful organisms;
  • appointment of drugs that effectively influence the elimination of infectious focus;
  • treatment correctly on time;
  • full control over the entire therapeutic process.

Drug treatment of herpes To effectively eliminate herpes infections, which may be the primary source of origin teratozoospermia, the patient is prescribed a special antiviral drugs.This process of treatment also implies acceptance of drugs that enhance the body's immune responses.The herpes virus is almost impossible to completely neutralize, so the purpose of the above-mentioned therapy is in its deactivation.In this state, this infection will not affect the genitals.Surgical treatment teratozoospermia applies only if the occurrence of this disease pathology provoked by varicocele.

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reproductive technology in teratozoospermia

For very severe forms of pathological disorders of the male seed, often requires the use of additional techniques that help to eliminate the problems of infertility.These technologies can significantly increase the chance of fertilization of the egg quality and ensure the normal course of a subsequent pregnancy.One of reproductive techniques in the presence of a man teratozoospermia is the process of artificial insemination.Its essence lies in the special treatment and significant improvement in sperm quality.


With a large number of morphologically abnormal particles in the male ejaculate is recommended to use in vitro fertilization type.This process is to select the highest-quality, mature and correct sperm.With this selection, the subsequent pregnancy proceeds without the occurrence of various abnormalities in fetal development.Prior to participation in the program on reproductive fertilization, a man recommended to improve the quality of the seed performance.For these purposes, you must properly balance the power system, eat food, rich in various vitamins.