Where can I make a semen analysis ?

Where can I make a semen analysis?

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  • How to prepare for the delivery of semen and ejaculate collected
  • Where deliver sperm for analysis?
  • Where better to deliver the semen analysis?

case of suspected male infertility turn to andrologist, and the doctor sends a semen analysis.It is the basic method, which indicates the possibility of conception and the reasons for its absence.An analysis enables you to check the health of man and his fertility.Since sterility can be guilty of both spouses, the survey is always recommended to start with men. doctor may recommend medical establishments where you can deliver the semen analysis for everyone, but the patients themselves can choose for themselves a convenient option.

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Spermogram - investigation procedure ejaculate in the laboratory using special high-tech devices.In the process of analysis spermogrammu defined qualitative and quantitative composition of the sperm morphology, which is carried out in the chamber Gory

aeva using special staining ejaculate.In large cities operate private medical centers, dealing with infertility of couples, where you can take the semen analysis.

In urban clinics, hospitals with the Department of Urology has a laboratory for such analysis equipment.

male infertility In many clinics in small towns take biological material for research in major private laboratories such as Invitro.After analyzing studies issued form, which contains information about the concentration, amount and structure of sperm motility.These data allow us to draw conclusions about the likelihood of conceiving naturally.

In spermogramme have indicators that give an idea of ​​the functioning of the testicles, the prostate and sexual glands.This information is often useful when you want to determine the causes of deviations from the sperm quality standards.The doctor on the basis of the analysis concludes that the form of infertility, defined the tactics of treatment and gives hypothetical forecast of its effectiveness.

How to prepare for the delivery of semen and ejaculate collected

Before analyzing the need to prepare: for 5 days can not have sex, take alcoholic beverages, medicines, except those that are essential.Under the ban are energy drinks, sleeping pills and painkillers.

recommended to abandon the hot water treatment, which lead to overheating of the testicles and sperm death.In the preparatory period can not be exposed to UHF.If you violate these rules of analysis will show the worst result and does not reveal the real picture of what is happening.

The process of collecting semen also strictly abide by certain rules.The genetic material of men collected in a special sterile container, purchased at a pharmacy or received in the institution in which the research will take place.Biological material is extracted with the help of masturbation.

Alcohol is contraindicated in preparation for the delivery of semen This procedure of obtaining sperm must be made clean, dry hands.During the intake process, the material should not touch the fingers allocated liquid, wet fingers touch the bulb of the internal walls.Everything must be sterile.

Under the ban coitus interruptus, semen collection in condoms.All violations lead to erroneous analysis results.Condoms have a special grease is detrimental to sperm.Sperm cells die during the improper collection of material for the study.For the analysis of needs all released at once sperm.Her loss makes an inaccurate picture of the total semen.

If masturbation was successful, but the ejaculate was not received, the laboratory is recommended to urinate immediately and provide analysis on all received urine.

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Where deliver sperm for analysis?

Assessment of sperm quality on the semen analysis to be tested for semen analysis, can be accessed in a specially equipped large laboratory Invitro, Synevo where is best to check the quality of sperm from other cities.This option is suitable for people who live in small towns or rural areas where there are no medical centers with large, well-equipped laboratories.

City dwellers can make semen analysis in a multi-state clinic, which takes a urologist or andrologist.There she will do if the laboratory has equipment for this analysis.You can apply to the multi-state hospitals, with branch operations of Urology, Nephrology and Andrology, and learn more about the services provided.

semen analysis done in private medical centers that provide services for artificial insemination and treatment of different types of infertility.They have their own well-equipped laboratory, where all tests carried out using the latest equipment.If the city has a sperm bank, they also operate laboratories that perform this analysis.

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Where better to deliver the semen analysis?

Laboratory diagnosis of sperm Do spermogrammu always charge, in private medical institutions, and government, and the price for the service is about the same.Therefore, opting for putting semen any convenient facility in the immediate proximity of the house.If there is a choice, it is necessary to stop their attention on a major medical center or a specialized laboratory, which usually pass spermogrammu many couples for infertility.This ensures the customer that the laboratory enough experience to analysis held true.

Another condition is the correct choice - the distance to the lab from the residence.Prior to receiving points need to get biological material after collection for one hour, the vessel conveying at body temperature to 40 degrees.Men are often in transit tube to ejaculate under his arm to withstand the required temperature.

The best place to do the analysis - laboratory, which has equipped rooms for semen collection.Medical institutions can provide customers with the opportunity to undergo the procedure in their building and have a specially equipped room where you can collect the ejaculate, and then immediately take it for analysis.It solves a lot of problems and is very convenient for customers.

How shall semen, delivery time biological material - all turns out when you first visit the institution selected for the procedure.In all the hospitals there is a record, and humans do not take the analysis without an appointment.


If the first analysis showed any deviation, then to confirm the results is recommended to repeat the procedure two weeks with all the necessary rules.Repeated sperm Letting need to abide by the time frame of sexual abstinence, which were observed in the first analysis.This must be done to temporary figures were close to each other, and it was possible to compare the two results.The doctor will need to compare several spermogram on which he put his diagnosis.

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