Why it hurts head of the penis ?

Why hurts head of the penis?

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  • What caused member of pain?
  • Symptoms of pain in the penis
  • Pain glans
  • Cutting pain
  • Pain penis at the base of the penis
  • Pain pulling character in the penis
  • pain inside in sexualmale organ
  • How to treat male penis pain

penis - the outer body the genitourinary system man.Its structure is: the head, the body (trunk), the root (base). Couple cavernous bodies and one spongy body under consideration constitute the trunk.Cavernous bodies owe their name large number of trabeculae (crossbeams), which depart from the tunica tissue inside.In the space between the slats are "cave" (gaps).

The structure of the penis

on the head and there are many gaps that are filled with blood when excited.The presence at the head of innumerable nerve endings makes it ultra-high sensitivity.So often receives complaints from men that hurts head of the penis.

What caused member of pain?

Dyspareunia characterized by pain in the male penis, arising due to lack of lu

brication in the female vagina.The latter causes a stretching of the foreskin from the pain, small tears and bruising.

Violations vessels, some infections - the most common reasons why a sore penis.

Inflammation of the head Processes head and foreskin inflammation is characterized by the concept of balanitis and therefore post.One shot inflammation called balanoposthitis.The disease causes the accumulation of smegma - secretory substance sebum, moisture and dead epithelium.This mix - the perfect place for the life of pathogens.Diseases are subject to the representatives of the male, not watching the personal hygiene, or those who have expressed a physiological narrowing of the foreskin (phimosis).Rare episodes of balanoposthitis observed on the background of allergies and diabetes.

Peyronie's Disease characterized fibroskleroznye disorders (scar formation) tunica with a clear curvature of the penis and painful syndrome.

Inflammatory disease (cavities) corpus cavernosum possible after the injury, acute urethritis in the form of caries, sinusitis, furunculosis, flu.

Diseases urogenital, kollikulit (inflammation of the seed mound), bruises and sprains, and infringement of fracture - the root cause of why the head of the penis hurts.The concept of "turning point" in medicine characterizes the state of the penis when it has been bent by force when too active sexual contact.Often, the process can be identified by a characteristic crunch.

pain accompanying erection and lasting at least 6 or 9 hours, is shown at priapism.Pathology caused dysfunction of the central nervous system caused by taking drugs.

Prostatitis So, pain in the penis can be due to the following problems:

  • member of injuries;
  • skin infection;
  • prostatitis;
  • herpes;
  • infection in the foreskin;
  • Reiter's syndrome (an autoimmune pathology);
  • priapism;
  • cancer;
  • Peyronie's disease.
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Symptoms pain

penis Symptoms balanoposthitis: redness, swelling of the glans penis, leaking pus, odor, burning and itching.At the initial stage of origin of the illness can be treated quite successfully.In more severe cases, describes the emergence of ulcers, suppuration, gangrene.Difficulties with the blood supply to the penis is hurt with the emergence of necrosis and ischemic events in the foreskin.Men with diabetes most strongly affected by this problem.

Signs of pain in the penis with urethral infection, stones moving through the channel is accompanied by a weak urinary stream, retention or difficulty mochevyvedeniya.Pain takes cutting, sharply pronounced.The chronic form shows signs of burning.

for assistance should contact the doctor if the following conditions are observed:

  • The trauma of the penis pain causes an erection or swelling of the member when the penis is in the excited state is about an hour;
  • mechanical damage to the penis;
  • in one position the penis accompanied by pain during erection;
  • exudes an unpleasant odor, released the contents;
  • body skin surface is covered with seals, sores, blisters and swelling other;
  • violation mochevyvedeniya (frequent urge, difficulty, pain, bleeding and so on.);
  • chills and fever.
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Pain glans

Why hurt in the head of the penis?

Below the head is a fold of skin in the form of Y. This bridle.The skin on the head is thinner and more delicate.There is a large concentration of nerve endings, the reactions which are often painful sensations in the head of the penis.

Affect the appearance of unpleasant symptoms factors:

  • infection / inflammation;
  • injury as a result of thermal, chemical or mechanical damage;
  • disruptions in blood flow;
  • appearance of foreign bodies (salt, stones) in the channel mochevyvedeniya;
  • birth defects in the structure of the penis.

Atherosclerosis - the formation of plaques in blood vessels Pains arise in phimosis, when there is a compression member.It develops the disease, when there is a narrowing of the foreskin, and it begins to put pressure on the penis.The appearance of an erection with this disease increases the pain syndrome.Or, the process occurs as a result of balanoposthitis.

gap bridle complements the strongest pain may bleed.The reasons for this phenomenon are the size of a short frenulum, the lack of natural lubrication in the vagina, too active intercourse, masturbation.In place of the bursting sometimes it forms a scar that can not deliver the best possible experience when joining the sex in the future.

Malignancies - a rare pathology.Its consequences - pain head of the penis.Their appearance is obliged papilloma virus, severe stage of phimosis and balanoposthitis, HIV, nicotine.

The cancer makes itself felt for quite some time.The urine can detect blood or other substances.

Pathological processes in small vessels found at:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • endarteriite - pathology caused by vascular constriction, much more common in those who abuse alcohol and nicotine;
  • atherosclerosis - vascular occlusion plaques of cholesterol.

Diabetes These diseases are not fast development with regular aching pain in the genitals.It might appear to erosion, venous ulcers, gangrene.

Kavernitu characterized by severe pain in the head with impaired urinary function.Can form an abscess and, if untreated, impotence.

When the disturbing symptoms of the appearance of pain is necessary to go through a consultation with a urologist or dermatologist.

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Cutting pain in the penis

urethritis characterized by sharp pains in the penis, resembling needle prick.salts or rock movement delivers excruciating pain when mochevyvedeniya, jet becomes weak or there is failure to withdraw urine.

with bouts of severe pain ejaculation occurs when trying to protect themselves with the help of an interrupted sexual intercourse.To restore the normal functioning of the penis, is to provide a method of contraception against unwanted pregnancy.

Cutting pain in the penis Prostatitis acute stage occurs, accompanied by members of sharp pain, but in the chronic form of the disease is not so painful.Symptoms of an inflamed prostate such:

  • pain during injection of urine;
  • pain in the groin, waist, pubic area, testicles;
  • semen quality has deteriorated;
  • pain at the time of sexual intercourse.

In a situation of high sensitivity of penis marked sharp pain during ejaculation.Eliminate uncomfortable conditions makes use of a special gel with anesthetics.

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pain at the base of the penis

priapism called a condition in which there is long-term pain with ejaculation, which has no direct connection with sexual arousal.Patients in this case there are frequent complaints of pain in the base member.And when disease strains only organ the body, while the head of the penis, while remaining in a soft state, is not strained.The functionality of the urinary pathology does not manifest itself.When sexual intercourse or masturbation state does not become easier.

at night often occur manifestations of abnormal erection.The disease is classified into two types: ischemic and not ischemic.The color of blood in the analysis is the first embodiment of scarlet (arterial), while the second - maroon.The presence of pus in the blood is a confirmation of infection.

Priapism in the running stage leads to coronary tissue death, gangrene.The dark purple color of the head threatens to complete amputation of the penis.Erectile dysfunction is accompanied by a severe form of the disease.

Priapism can occur for the following reasons:

  • At the reception at the urologist injury with the appearance of hematomas, blood flow in the pelvic area and the peritoneal;
  • neurogenic with pathological changes in the nerves of the penis due to injury, tumors in the brain, encephalitis, meningitis, etc .;
  • inflammation of the prostate, appendicitis attacks, mumps, syphilis;
  • poisoning toxins or chemical elements in the process of taking certain medicines, with lead poisoning, carbon monoxide, etc .;
  • problems from the Hematology - thrombocythemia, leukemia, intake of anticoagulants;
  • malignant neoplasms (cancer).
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pulling pain in the penis nature

Curvature and painful pulling character in the genitals are a symptom of Peyronie's disease with the formation of seals (plaques) in the cavernous bodies.In the back area of ​​the penis felt tumors, they may focus on the sides of the body.Strong pain are constant companions of intimacy, and the curvature of the penis often makes completely abandon sex.Intrinsically erectile dysfunction.

Pain pulling nature with a sign burning in the spermatic duct, testis, aggravated by physical activity or motor voltage, are a sign of varicocele (varicose veins disease in the testicle and spermatic cord).

Prostatitis chronic, infectious diseases can become stimulants pulling pain pubis and the penis area.

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pain inside in the male genitalia

Ultrasound of the penis Violation body sponge, arteries by proven injury causes scarring, which are a source of pain and penis inside during periods of sex.

processes of inflammation, infectious diseases occur in the channel of the urethra, having clearly shown the pain syndrome.Moving salts, stones on the way urethral complemented palpable pain inside, often in addition, chills and fever.

compression member procedure specifically by means of threads, wires, and other objects in order to normalize dysfunction, pleasure, increase penis size different techniques engenders trauma and pain in the body.When the healing of soft tissue in the penis pain subsides.

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How to treat the pain of the male member

shame or excessive selfishness does not allow to seek timely medical help.However, if you look at the statistics, they are not comforting: from 25 to 75% - in a range varying risk of becoming impotent, if you do not seek medical attention.So bring the situation to a stalemate and wait until everything goes by itself, it is not necessary.

as diagnostic tools to determine the cause of the disease is carried out:

  • initial examination;
  • palpation;
  • diagnosis by laboratory methods (swabs, semen, and other tests, etc...);
  • MRI of the penis and the pelvic organs;
  • ultrasound;
  • radiographic studies.

Each disease use their own methods of examination and treatment.

penile soreness treated conservatively and surgically.


example, eliminate phimosis by circumcision.Fractures, varicocele also provide part of the surgeon.Dimensions bridle increase by frenouloplastiki.With infections of genital fight using antibiotics.

What if the aching head in the penis?Ask your doctor.

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