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Izoprinozin and alcohol

Most doctors warn their patients about the incompatibility of alcohol and drugs.They do this by assigning a specific course of treatment.But people do not always take into account such warnings, and at times they are ignored, referring to the normal tolerance of these "cocktails" acquaintances.How aligned Isoprinosine and alcohol?What are the repercussions for such a symbiosis of man?

drug is a synthetic purine derivative.It has antiviral activity and stimulates the immune system.Doctors prescribe Isoprinosine for the treatment of viral diseases and influenza, chicken pox and genital herpes, herpes zoster, and severe forms of measles, mononucleosis, and molluscum contagiosum.

Isoprinosine considered harmless drug.The course of treatment with this drug lasts for 5-10 days.Sometimes it extended to 15 days.Generally, adults administered 50 mg of drug per kilogram of body weight per day, three times a day for children - 50 mg per kilogram body weight per day.

If you study carefully the instructions in thi

s drug, there is present information on possible adverse reactions and contraindications.This drug is not recommended for patients with urolithiasis and renal failure, arrhythmias.Typically, alcohol intensifies all the side effects of medication.That is, one can guess that the simultaneous use of alcohol and izoprinozin intensify arrhythmia, renal possible attacks and inflammation.In the annotation to the drug it says that prolonged use of the drug should be accompanied by laboratory studies and monitoring on the state of the liver.A liver groggy man differs significantly from healthy human liver.Therefore, to combine incompatible - risk to life.

izoprinozin mechanism works is to stimulate the work of its own interferon.He makes the cells resistant to the action of viruses.Interferon but also enhances the effect of ethanol contained in the alcohol.The consequence of this is a possible glitch in the psyche and the development of psychopathology.That is in addition to the problems with the liver and alcohol blowing izoprinozin fraught with the emergence of suicidal thoughts and depression.

Take this medicine together with alcohol should not even healthy people.If a person has developed, for example, urolithiasis, the harmful effects can not be avoided.

necessary to take into account such factors: alcohol always reduces the efficiency of drugs in addition to causing side effects.Very often such a phenomenon is allergic.In this case, after receiving any kind of alcohol a person is characterized by such symptoms: redness of the face and hands, neck and abdomen, itching, headaches, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting.In the worst cases, it may face to swell dramatically lower blood pressure.

What to do with the onset of these symptoms?Called the "fast" and not to self-medicate.Doctors will conduct the body cleaning solution of glucose, introduce saline intravenously or resort to other manipulations.

the Internet you can find a lot of reviews of people who combine alcohol and receiving a doctor's prescription izoprinozin.Most reported that after receiving a beer during the treatment with this drug observed deterioration of health until a sharp pressure drop, prolonged vomiting.Less reviews allergy after such a combination.But there are also cases of renal colic when consuming large amounts of coffee and izoprinozin.Surely a diuretic effect of the drink in a symbiotic relationship with the drug also acted negatively on the kidneys.

So, forewarned - means armed with information.Do not forget about the prevention of doctors during treatment izoprinozin.