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Protasov diet and alcohol

About diet Protasov heard unless deaf.Indeed, among the large number of different diets author's technique Kim Protasov diet is one of the most effective and popular.The fact that the diet does not restrict the use of the food does not require compliance with the diet and provides only a list included in the diet products, which is included in the dietary duration is five weeks, during which you must eat the recommended products, reducing caloric intake to 1500 calories a day.It just allows you to get rid of the extra kilos in a relatively short period of time.

And if the rules and diet menus are available on virtually every subject resources, the question of compatibility diet Kim Protasov alcohol hardly rises.Meanwhile, it is very important to know that Protasov diet is absolutely not tolerate alcohol, so if you are willing to go on a diet, then be prepared for the fact that you have to give up alcohol as well.Why?Let's investigate.

begin with, that once again we will remind you the main pr

inciple of the diet Protasov.The author argues that the deficit of calories our body begins to spend its reserves resources that are in the fatty tissues.In this case if you increase physical activity, then this consumption increases.However, due to the fact that by Protasova diet products can be used in any amount, to calculate accurately the content of useful substances virtually impossible.Judge for yourself: for a complete diet menu following a person should eat about 1.5 kg of vegetables and 500 grams of dairy per day.This is approximately 100 grams of carbohydrate, 60 grams of fat and 30 grams of total protein.And if all this add the number of alcohol, which is a high-calorie product, keep in quantitative terms of calories you will not succeed.

Drinking 100 grams of liquor, you "will throw" in your body as much as 300 calories.If you prefer cognac, vodka or spirits of wine, it is important to know that 100 grams of alcohol accounts for 220-250 kcal.Champagne contains 120 calories per 100 grams, and vermouth - 180 kcal.The most "dietary" are dry red and white wine - from 60 to 85 kcal per 100 g and, oddly enough, is the least-calorie beer, which contains only 30-45 calories per 100 grams.However, given that drinking at least a bottle of beer, the figure will be quite different.

also important to note that alcohol is a potent stimulator of appetite, so do not be surprised if after a glass of wine you will want to eat a lot more than you originally planned.

As you know, the diet Protasov and alcohol - are incompatible.Not only because of the high caloric content of alcohol.Those who like "messing" with alcohol, as a rule, subjected to severe load your body.And if this is also a diet, then getting into a half-empty stomach, alcohol instantly absorbed and rapidly distributed throughout the body.This will lead to double the liver and slow digestion.In this case, wait for weight loss should not be, because the body will spend all their forces to try to bring alcohol.Against this background, you may experience nausea, headache and malaise.Not to mention the fact that alcohol intake on a diet often provoke an aggravation of chronic diseases.Therefore, to predict the consequences of such a combination is not possible.

summed up our conversation today, I would like to advise you to choose just one thing: a feast and health problems or effective diet without alcohol and a new figure.If you were able to give up junk food, why you can not give up bad drinks, in favor of his health?Are you not hurt that all of your efforts to comply with the diet will be in vain, if you decide to still drink alcohol?Weight stop metabolism disrupted - and you have to start all over again.This raises a simple question: "Is worth powder and shot?".

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