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Dependence on spice

no secret that smoking blends in our modern society are a popular tool that helps you to relax and unwind in the company of friends or alone with himself.The vast majority are confident in the safety of smoking mixtures, and argue that it is completely harmless substances, which are not capable of causing addiction.Meanwhile, scientists have tirelessly refute the opinion of these people, claiming that smoking blends cause drug dependence, including the spice.

spice mixture called smoking, which includes a variety of vegetable and synthetic substances.When smoking the drug a person goes into a state of inadequacy, so in addition to the influence of drugs are very often there is a feeling of fear, discomfort or hallucinations.

Spice - smoking mixture, which is usually smoked in a cigarette or through pipes.However, there may also use a special lamp or just fumigate the room with smoke.At the same time, even die-hard fans of the "tobacco" are confident that they are not addicted to smoking mixtures.Moreov

er, the claim that the mixture is less harmful than cigarettes.However, it is not.

Importantly, Spice, like many other drugs, is destructive to cells of the nervous system, slows the brain and impairs the performance of the respiratory organs and the circulatory system.At the same side effects in such a mixture is sufficient, so very often this relationship develops into a serious illness.

The results showed that the main active ingredient in smoking blends are not the vegetable ingredients and chemical additives, which are a class of synthetic kannabinodidov.They have a similar effect with marijuana, so they develop dependence on often enough.On whether it is possible to cure dependence on spice, describe below.

fairness, we note that the addiction to the spice appears very quickly, so to define the line, when to stop, it is very difficult.At one point, people have simply can not give up the spice, and only an expert can assist in the treatment of addiction.

very same treatment from the spice is made up of two things:

Physical dependence on spice develops after 3-5 years of continuous use and is manifested in the deterioration of physical well-being during the discontinuation of the drug.At the same time dependent on the spice often complain of itching, a feeling of suffocation, heart pain, trembling of the hands and body, as well as depression, tearfulness.Without the help of a specialist such condition can last up to 30 days.It is therefore important to consult a specialist and to bring psychoactive substance from the body.

For treatment use special drugs that eliminate the symptoms of drug withdrawal symptoms and prevent complications.After that, begin treatment aimed at combating the psychological dependence on spice.

Experienced psychologists help to accept and understand their illness and to rehabilitate, which resulted from the spice dependency is completely eliminated.This may be a psychological support which is held in rehabilitation centers and outpatient.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the gain dependence on spice is very simple, but to get rid of its consequences without the help of a specialist is almost impossible.So take care of yourself and do not use any drugs, even for the sake of interest.This is very dangerous for your health!

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