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How to stop smoking cannabis

Getting rid of any addiction is always a lengthy process.It is difficult, if applicable addiction with a significant period.How to get rid of smoking hashish and end this harmful addiction?

Today it is very common drug, which is made on the basis of hemp.First hashish smoking was popular only in the Muslim countries.There the drug is fully legalized.In our country, cannabis is popular among young people and adolescents, and it's all because he allegedly does not represent a health hazard and is related to soft drugs.Statistics insists that the results of opinion polls so consider 80% of young people.Of those surveyed, most openly expresses positive attitude towards cannabis.Young people do not perceive it as a powerful narcotic drug.

As part of hashish has 400 active chemicals.The most dangerous of them are cannabinoids.They have an intoxicating effect on the body, transporting through inhalation into the blood.Then cannabinoids are distributed in tissues which contain lipids, that is, in the brain and

the genitals, and muscle cell membranes.These hazardous substances disrupt metabolism at the cellular level.As a result, the activity of cells, at least, reduced or stopped completely, leading to organ dysfunction.

Regular cannabis consumption - a violation of the central nervous system of work that takes place in the form of short-term bouts of amnesia and a state of panic, in violation of coordination and psychosis.Cannabis smoking developing inflammation of the respiratory system, diseases of the heart and liver, stomach and urinary tract.The process according to the hashish comes to actively and quickly.

How to quit smoking hashish?If a person has not yet formed a psychic and physical dependence on the drug, if its use occurred sporadically, the treatment process - it is not smoking will power and determination.

If psychological dependence to the drug has already been formed, it is necessary to treat not only a strong motivation, but also a strong will person.Very often, an obstacle becomes dependent environment.Therefore, an important condition for stopping smoking cannabis is a change in terms of communication and perhaps even move to another city, change of residence.

However, be aware that many addicts abandoning hashish goes to hard drugs.Sometimes they start to abuse alcohol or smoke tobacco.Therefore, control and support at the stage of human incarnation decisions in life are very important.Many people at this time to help friends, relatives and visiting companies "Narcotics Anonymous."In such communities dependent experts offer some recommendations:

Yes, give up the habit is difficult, and this should be done gradually.For example, if you have smoked in the morning and evening, to begin with, try to go on a one-time smoking.Then you have to try to make it through the day, and completely give up smoking hashish.

often attack the physical and psychological dependence on cannabis does not allow to get rid of dependence on their own.Then it is recommended to consult a specialist - psychotherapist and addiction.They conduct a complete examination of a dependent person and make the appointment.Typically, during a special rehabilitation course with a dependent person regularly works therapist.The result of treatment depends largely on the motivation and strength of the patient's desire to end this harmful addiction and return to the old, the healthy and productive life without drugs.

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