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How to stop drinking beer

Somehow assumed that beer harmful for our body as compared to the much less vodka.Obviously, the basis of this opinion is considered to be a low percentage of alcohol in this drink.But everyone knows that drinking a glass of beer is not, and the use of a half-liter of beer is equivalent to the consumption of vodka bottles.But understanding the harm frothy drink sometimes comes too late, when the failure has starts in the body.How to terminate a friendship with a beer?How to get rid of dependence on this seemingly harmless drink?

Most people underestimate the danger posed by liquid in a beautiful bottle called "beer".Penetrating into the body through the stomach, ethyl alcohol from beer absorbed into the blood is distributed throughout the body.According to its characteristics, this drink is much worse than vodka and moonshine!After all, for the production of vodka, take alcohol, the last cleaning of fusel oils.Contents vodka fusel oil - about 3 mg / l, and its content in beer - 50-100 mg / l.For this re

ason, the latest poisoning is heavier than vodka.This does not mean that with a weak beer need to switch to spirits.

and women, and for men drinking beer face problems in the reproductive sphere.The man sperm become sluggish, and generally fades erectile function.Drinking beer before pregnancy and during pregnancy a woman leads to the birth of a mentally retarded child or affects their mental abilities in the future.But the brunt of beer causes liver and brain.

Knowing about the dangers of soft drinks, feeling that it was time to stop, it is important to choose the right time for it.Better to do it in a day or two after a drinking culture.Just occupy yourself with something and do not go for the next football with a beer and friends.Look at his house, alone in a sober state.

man himself is difficult to stop drinking, for no reason, having a solid to the solution.Often the cause of failure are already acquired by the disease.

If you have health is all right, then visit a doctor-psychiatrist.This will be the initial step.He will give you his recommendations may advise taking certain medications.

If you are baptized and believe in God, go to church and put a candle for his health.Make a prayer for a good cause.Mentally turn to God to ask for spiritual help to get rid of addiction.Get your icon "The Inexhaustible Cup", on the reverse side which is the prayer of drunkenness.Read it every day, preferably several times a day, and always carry with them.Better if it will be in the inner pocket of his jacket near the heart.So you will be easier to get rid of bad habits and defeat occurs and a natural desire to drink even a sip of beer!Try to always be busy, to harmful thoughts you have not visited.Enjoy your work, your family, your children laugh and the morning sun.It is much more joy than hard drunken head.

Women need to know some features of addiction to beer:

For the fairer half of humanity the most powerful incentive to stop drinking beer is a child and family.After all, nature in her maternal instinct laid.And if it is just starting to get used to the beer, the husband can affect its draft.He can express his disgust attitude and not to talk to his wife or affect its soft, diplomatic way, using persuasion, offering an alternative to entering into a bet with her.

If the son or daughter drinking mothers older than preschool age, then the next time the mother's use of beer they can pick up a bottle with the help of the pope, to say that from my mother smells bad, it becomes ugly and old.Typically, contempt and resentment children per woman are sobering.

As for self farewell to addiction single woman without a family, she should help a close friend or a parent.If there are none, then to get rid of addiction to beer needs a strong will.Psychologists say that a woman should find another dominant, that is passion, a hobby, an activity that would have switched her attention.One woman is cross stitching, the other - a new responsible business project.Employment - the best way to get rid of beer and any other addiction.

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