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How quickly quit smoking

this question is given by each person smokes.Many unsuccessfully trying to cope with nicotine dependence in different ways.But coping unit.How to do it?How quickly and permanently quit addiction?

main advantage of folk remedies from smoking - their safety.And even if they do not help you, then, at least, will cost a minimum of means, and cause harm to the body is not.So, try these recipes:

There are many ways to say goodbye to addiction, but without a strong desire and willpower you can not win it.Try these aids to quit smoking:

Smoking teenage son or daughter is very worried parents.First of all, they should serve as an example to your children.How can wean from the addiction of children whose parents smoke?

To form a negative attitude to cigarettes and alcohol should be in early childhood, but not in adolescence, when the factor of influence is a TV and a friend when teenagers "ape", trying to be adults.

excellent distraction and forming the habit of a healthy way of life is sport.Smoking and be

successful in the sport impossible.Therefore, from pre-school age child to determine the sports section.This will be the prevention of smoking.

If the teenager is already smoke or episodically, there is no need to shout at him, to arrange interviews and to use corporal punishment.No need to use hackneyed phrases about death by horses nicotine.It is better to give a couple of examples from the life of how tobacco has led to the development of lung cancer late uncle Kolya and how his aunt Masha, smoking during pregnancy, the baby was born underdeveloped.This should be familiar examples of the son or daughter of the people.

If a teenager crushed peers, then teach him not to be afraid to look like a black sheep in a smoking company, but rather a change such company.

When the teen wants to give up smoking, but he can not do that, then you need to go with him to a good psychologist.Today there are even special courses to help you get rid of this bad habit.You can try to motivate smoking cessation teenage fulfillment of his desire, for example, a summer trip abroad, a ticket to a concert favorite singer.Motivator, which will help get rid of smoking, you need to choose in each case under every teenager.And the parents are aware of these incentives to their children.

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