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Alcohol in diabetes

Diabetes - a disease from which people live a very long time, if you follow the rules of power, the regime that supports treatment.Alcohol is always weakens a person, his defenses.How combined diabetes and alcohol?Can I use alcohol to people with such a disease?Than it threatens?

To understand the compatibility of alcohol and diabetes need to be aware of the carbohydrate metabolism.You should know that in this process sugar from food is converted into glucose.It is distributed in the body in two ways.

first part of the glucose is in the bloodstream, circulates in the blood and serves as a strategic reserve.Normal blood glucose indicator deemed 5.5 mmol / liter.

second part of the glucose goes to the liver.There, under the influence of biochemical processes, it becomes glycogen.He is the source of our energy.Glycogen is formed in the human liver is no longer than is necessary for the cells of the body energy expenditure during the day.When the glycogen stores in the liver is exhausted, the body sends b

ack to the liver specific dose of glucose dissolved in blood.Therefore, in our blood glucose should not be too low.Otherwise, there is hypoglycemia, which is characterized by disruption of almost all organs and systems.In a state of hypoglycemia, a person becomes inadequate.Sometimes it can come unconsciousness and epileptic seizures.

Drinking alcohol when diabetes is dangerous because blood sugar may fall too low.It occurs when a person regularly uses sugar-reducing medications.The reason is that the fall of sugar that ethanol inhibits hepatic failure of glycogen, we need for energy consumption.

Well all that to the best.And diabetics should always remember about the features of alcoholic beverages.All of them are divided into two groups:

Alcohol for diabetes can adversely affect the operation of the pancreas and liver.It will certainly be felt, if the alcohol is not very high quality and contains fusel oil.

Perhaps the most dangerous moment and consequence of alcohol use in diabetes - hypoglycemia symptoms begin invisibility intoxicated.A person can just fall into unconsciousness.He will hypoglycemic coma.If a diabetic person has used alcohol and still feels relatively well, it does not mean that you can continue to drink.After all, a reaction to alcohol occurs a few hours after its consumption.This means that at first everything will be okay.And then begin hypoglycemia.Especially if a person drank 40% of drinks and lots of it.Then comes the increase in blood glucose levels, and after 3-4 hours the level drops sharply.A similar effect is the use of one bottle of dry wine, in which, seemingly, the alcohol content is usually not more than 12%.If after 2-3 hours the person goes to bed, he simply did not notice the onset of severe hypoglycemia.This is an extremely dangerous condition.It is called "delayed Alcoholic hypoglycemia."Here is why diabetics recommend a stick-dinner tradition and know the clear distinction in the use of alcoholic beverages.