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Allergic to Alcohol

No matter how hard the representatives alcohol advertising to highlight the positive side, the negative influence of alcoholic beverages is known to all.Not only is suffering from alcohol abuse liver and other organs of our body, so it also can cause allergic reactions.It is an allergy to alcohol, we want to talk about today in our publication.

begin with, that the allergy - it increased the body's sensitivity to various substances that develops with repeated exposure to allergens on the human body.Allergic to alcohol - a fairly common phenomenon, which is caused by consumption of beverages containing ethyl alcohol.However, not only the alcohol is an allergen, which leads to the development of the disease.Hops, brewer's yeast, sulfites, colorants, flavors and polyphenolic compounds, which are often used in the production of alcoholic beverages, also act as allergens.This alcohol intolerance - a disease that may be of hereditary form and be acquired during life.

hereditary allergy is most often seen on

the paternal or maternal line.Therefore, if your immediate family has a disease, it is likely that alcohol intolerance and will bypass you.When hereditary allergy use even minimal doses of alcohol can lead to anaphylactic shock.

As for acquired allergy, it occurs when the regular use of low-quality alcohol, which contains a variety of dyes and chemicals.And people for quite a long time can not ignore the spots suddenly appeared, writing off these manifestations of food allergy.However, in addition to distinct skin rash alcohol allergy can manifest and severe headache, and general weakness, and low blood pressure and other symptoms, which will be discussed later.

most common and typical symptoms of allergy to alcohol following are the body's reaction:

is important to note that the symptoms of allergy to alcohol is initially mild and occur usually only red spots on the skin.Then they were joined by abdominal pain, headaches, panic attacks, and even fainting.

As you know, all the above allergy symptoms - severe enough.Therefore, if you do not take the necessary measures in a timely manner, the allergy can cause dangerous consequences such as bronchospasm, angioedema and anaphylactic shock.At the same time, we note that more than 30 minutes, such a condition can be fatal.So if you see that a man is bad - always call an ambulance.

is important to note that the appearance of red spots on the body - the first symptom of an allergy to alcohol - this is a reaction of the autonomic nervous system to alcohol.After drinking alcohol there is a local expansion of blood vessels, which manifests itself in redness and itching of the skin.Therefore, if you have marked at or close to you the presence of red spots, ask how he feels.If joined to redness tachycardia, sudden anxiety, and breathing becomes difficult, immediately call an ambulance.Even if it is not an allergy, it is better to be safe.

Well, to avoid the development of allergies, try to use only high-quality alcohol, no dyes and chemical additives, protein compounds and polysaccharides.Observe moderation in alcohol consumption and watch the reaction of the body after ingestion of alcohol.If there is intolerance symptoms, drink more alcohol and are not surveyed at the doctor.

When allergy to alcohol should be completely excluded the use of alcoholic beverages, especially with complex structure - tequila, whiskey.In some cases, the use of brandy, which contains large amounts of tannins, allows not to provoke the manifestation of allergy.However, if an allergic reaction occurs on a regular basis, regardless of the composition of the liquor, then about alcohol should be forgotten forever, for the good of your health.Remember that are often cases where an allergy to alcohol is fatal.

If an allergic reaction does not occur on a regular basis and is not associated with a particular liquor or dose, it is necessary to pay attention to the foods that were used with alcohol.Are often cases where the allergy occurs on them.In this case also does not hurt to visit an allergist to find out the root cause of allergies.

People who are faced with the problem of allergy to alcohol, wonder - How is this disease?Well, let's deal.

Naturally, the best and most reliable way to get rid of the allergy to alcohol is a complete rejection of alcohol.If the allergy manifested itself in alcohol-dependent person, there will need qualified help psychiatrist, participation in rehabilitation programs, coding, etc.

reduce the manifestation of allergic reactions to alcohol can use high-quality alcohol products without dyes and additives.It is best to drink high-quality vodka, and in small quantities.This home is only a snack meal, abandoning overseas dishes as likely to develop allergies and food too.Do not skimp on the quality of alcohol, if you have instances of allergic reactions.

If you find even a single allergic reaction to alcohol, do not hesitate to refer the matter to a specialist and, of course, do not self-medicate.The fact that most of the drugs which are intended for the treatment of allergies, is not compatible with alcohol.Therefore, if you decide at the first signs drown allergy antihistamine, the body's reaction can be unpredictable.This may be a sharp deterioration in the state, and vomiting, and even loss of consciousness.Be carefull!

When to see a doctor you will be assigned a thorough examination, if necessary - clean the body and the liver, and then to receive antihistamines.However, the dose and duration of treatment may appoint a doctor!

summed up our conversation today, I would like to note that allergy to alcohol - not the worst thing that could happen to you!It is much harder for asthmatics and people with allergies to pollen or animal dander.After all, to give up alcohol is not so difficult, but do not go out and avoid pets much more difficult.

Moreover, given that in many cases the reception of high-quality alcoholic beverages in small doses does not cause allergies, you may feel like a complete person in any company.Therefore, we strongly encourage you to begin to see how your body reacts to a small dose of quality alcohol, and if the allergy persists - consult your doctor and decide together!

Take care of yourself and do not get sick!