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Analgin and alcohol

Analgin, perhaps, is the most popular means of pain relief in our time.Many simply carry it with them in bags and cases, and bringing in machines that at the moment of pain medication to take at once.However, we never know when the pain may come and do not know when we are waiting for alcohol.But the combination of one or the other should know everything.So, what you should know about the consequences of alcohol combine with dipyrone?

person experiences pain in order to understand the body that something is wrong.The pain - anxiety symptom and disease in the body fails.Of course, very few people are able to tolerate the pain.And if we are talking about a toothache, then certainly.Usually in such cases of people rescued long-standing and proven over the years, which does not need advertising, - Analgin.After all, this medicine is considered a universal remedy for pain.And indeed it is.Analgin is able to reduce the pain and a positive impact on the inflammatory processes and high temperatures.

However, you should know about the other features of the treatment of dipyrone.

main feature is that the drug does not treat the cause of pain, but only temporarily mutes it.It stops acting drug - back pain.

This medicine may be taken only in limited quantities to avoid harm to the body.It should be noted that in some countries prohibit it from selling a significant amount of side effects.Frequent use of Analgin makes the body weaker, reducing its immunity.Analgin negative effect on the bone marrow, liver and stomach.

addition to the above, this medicine is a negative effect on our nervous system.Its reception is prohibited if there are problems with the circulatory system.There are also cases of individual intolerance of the body Analgin.

Keep in mind that the human body itself can deal with the pain and produces for this special substance - opiates, relieving pain.Yes, and to accustom the body to any tablets should not be.They simply cease to operate because of the addiction to them.In any case, if you suffer from some disease and know about the possibility of the onset of pain, it is best if Analgin for pain doctor will prescribe.Perhaps, he will advise the other, more effective means of escape from the pain?To be treated yourself - is to risk.

Certainly few of us think about the compatibility of analgesic drugs and alcohol, as these drugs are included.Often, after a stormy evening celebrations or people taken to treat headache arose in the morning with the help of Analgin.Although doctors do not recommend to mix the medication with alcohol, instructions to him no warning about this.But keep in mind an important point: alcohol is retained in the blood under the influence of Analgin.This means that a person stays longer drunk, and his liver and stomach, heart and kidneys are subjected to a double load.This is compounded by fatigue, deteriorating overall health of the body.It may appear incoordination, drowsiness occur, the inability to articulate their thoughts.In this state, in any case can not get behind the wheel.

If you normally carry Analgin, the morning after a stormy party can take one tablet of Analgin.However, it can not drink wine or beer.

Thus, mixing of any kind of alcohol and alcohol - is a double burden on the body and provoke adverse drug symptoms.Even with the perfect condition of the body and the Siberian health should not risk!Take care of yourself and learn to say "no!" Foolish and hasty actions.

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