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Anonymous treatment of alcoholism

If the person agreed to the treatment of alcoholism, it's just wonderful.As the saying goes, a good beginning - half the battle.

However, on the way iztseleniya dependent person can stand a lot of obstacles.One of them - the publicity and openness of conventional treatment.And who wants to strangers knew about his problem?I do not want alcoholics ado, sudachestv and discussions of his person.It is therefore to resort to anonymous treatment of this disease.

Anonymity - is unknown, ie the complete confidentiality of the information, including relating to the treatment of alcohol dependence.For many, bogged down in the quagmire of alcohol in society of people admit their dependence is very low fall.Of course, this is debatable, but it is generally accepted opinion among alcoholics.They believe that in this way a person lose their self-esteem and become the object of ridicule and discrimination.But in fact, such a person deserves nothing but respect.After all, the ability to recognize a mistake and pull my

self together - is an act of this strong man.

It should be noted that our system of state drug treatment does not hide the facts from the treatment of alcohol dependence.It is negativity in others.For a dependent person it is even the reason for the disruption during the passage of therapy.

To others are not aware of the problem of the dependent person, there is a form of anonymous treatment.It helps to avoid publicity, the problems associated with it, and at the same time get high-quality medical care.

Anonymous treatment of alcoholism - a therapy in a hospital or on an outpatient basis when the person practically nothing is known.The only exception is history and the history of his disease.Sometimes anonymous treatment clinics can masquerade as health centers or psychological assistance.

in such institutions is and emergency care (severe hangovers, hard drinking), and chronic alcoholism therapy by various methods.

in hospitals or rehabilitation centers can be used several methods of treatment for alcoholism.Here are the main ones:

So, use the above methods in condition of anonymity allows the dependent person to get rid of the pernicious influence of alcohol.Confidentiality is a catalyst for the success of treatment.

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