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Grandaxinum and alcohol

If a person is going to undergo a course of treatment, then, of course, it will take an interest in what the period of treatment can not be done with a conscious attitude towards their health.For example, a solarium, baths, use of other medications, compatibility of medicines with alcohol.How combined alcohol and drug Grandaxinum?What is fraught with "duo" of alcohol and drugs?We learn together.

Grandaxinum is a synthetic drug.Its main active ingredient is Tofisopam.Grandaxinum usually prescribed for depression and weakness, nervousness and apathy, irritability and phobias.This medicine helps to get rid of the stress of mental state.It has a mild stimulating activity.

Grandaxinum dose and regimen in each case selects the physician taking into account the patient's general condition, his reaction to the drugs, the degree of neglect of the disease and the presence of chronic diseases.Since Grandaxinum belongs to the group of tranquilizers, the period of treatment, the patient must always be seen by a doc

tor, to avoid the side effects of medication.

Contraindications to the use of this drug are pregnancy and lactation, hypersensitivity to the components Grandaxinum, state of shock and coma, severe form of depression.You can not use this medication to people aged 18 and over 60. Before using this medication, be sure to read the instructions to know what negative side effects can cause the drug.

Doctors warn that combine the day with a tranquilizer can not alcohol.And the reason is not only the occurrence of side effects.

And they are in the use of Grandaxinum may occur in sleep disorders and headaches, irritability and problems with the adequacy of consciousness.If the patient has liver problems, the side effects can be so much more, they can occur much more frequently.

Grandaxinum drug acts on booze lovers strengthening their side effects.More precisely, their alcohol increases.This should be remembered constantly.

Grandaxinum tends to reduce the anxiety, and alcohol, reducing the effectiveness of drugs, eliminates this feature, as well as all the other properties of the drug.

Compatibility Grandaxinum and alcohol is impossible because alcohol reduces the effectiveness of any treatment.And this drug in combination with alcohol increases the load on the liver, which always serves as a barrier organ of our body.If we talk about the mechanism of this interaction, then it looks as follows.Grandaxinum are about eight hours.Then it is transported to the liver.There it is decomposed and excreted in the feces, urine.Alcohol is derived in a similar way, that is, the liver is forced to process and drug and alcohol at the same time.For her, this is a very big burden.

Grandaxinum prescribed by doctors and in chronic alcoholism, to remove the abstinence syndrome.Of course, in this case, and even more so can not drink alcohol.This can lead to unintended consequences.After hangover often results in chronic alcoholics in the sense of guilt and anger, anxiety and aggression.A Grandaxinum fighting it with these symptoms.Therefore, you should stop drinking during treatment.Otherwise, why bother to be treated, if the sense in this?It turns out that such treatment - is thrown in vain money, time, and conscious of its oppression of the liver.

unpredictability tandem alcohol and Grandaxinum explained by the fact that alcoholics work of all internal organs and so broken.And to anticipate how to behave in a particular weakened the body by combining drugs with alcohol, it is impossible.Therefore, doctors always warn about the possible consequences of combining Grandaxinum, other tranquilizers and alcohol.