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How quickly bring alcohol from the body

question about how quickly to withdraw alcohol from the body, excites not alone alcoholics.In this there is a need and rare drinkers under the influence of circumstances.So, what it needs to do?What tools can help?

main way excretion of alcohol (ethanol) from our body goes through the liver.Here it is concentrated 90% ethanol from drinking alcohol.Ethanol becomes toxic acetaldehyde.It is displayed by oxidation, that is by conversion to acetic acid.Regularity in this reaction causes hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis.The rate of elimination of alcohol from the blood depends on gender and individual characteristics of each organism.The representatives of the strong half of humanity he displayed at 0.1-0.15 ppm per hour, women - at 0.08-0.1 ppm.Alcohol

output light through the skin and to a small extent, as well as through the kidneys.In a hospital setting accelerates the removal of ethanol through a dropper kidneys.Usually it consists of vitamins C and B, glucose, "Trisol" or "Reamberin".Droppers restore

the normal condition of the body.

The home is hardly possible to use a dropper.But the drugs' Zoreks "," Glutargin "to accelerate the elimination of ethanol through the kidney can take.

simple means that accelerate the elimination of alcohol through the kidneys are coffee and sweet tea.They have a diuretic effect and promotes the elimination of toxins from our body.But these funds are not for everyone.If you have problems with heart of coffee should not be consumed because it can increase the burden on the heart muscle.Thus people are advised to use an ordinary mineral water, juices, better if it's citrus or apple juice.They have a lot of vitamin C, helps cleanse the body.

If the heart is healthy, no varicose veins, you can spend a half-hour in the bath at too high temperature with the use of large amounts of fluid.

well with the blocking of alcohol that remains in the stomach, milk.It creates an enveloping film - and therefore the alcohol more slowly absorbed into the body.The same effect has and oil, fatty foods.Thus, for example, bread and butter and caviar also creates a protective film on the stomach of the alcohol intake.Good absorbing effect has a starchy food.It potatoes and bread, cereals.

Of course, it happens that in the morning there is no appetite at all.If you eat unbearable, it is possible to artificially induce vomiting, so that the remaining alcohol in the stomach is no longer absorbed.Simplify the task of the special tablet-sorbents.

If we are talking about the need to improve the health and appearance, it is recommended to eat sweet fruits that contain a lot of fructose.These include oranges, apples, bananas and pineapples, strawberries and grapes.Perfectly sober and improves overall health kefir, buttermilk or whey.The dairy products contain a lot of amino acids and bacteria that promote metabolism and excretory alcohol.They also help the liver and remove toxins.Drinking milk products is recommended on an empty stomach, with small sips.

With regard to this folk remedy for a hangover as pickle, it is unlikely to hasten the process of alcohol elimination from the body.However, to improve the overall health, sober still help.The brine is conducive to the resumption of the salt balance, blood replenishes salt and electrolytes.

Perfectly helps cleanse the body, and hence the output of the remaining amount of alcohol enema.It cleanses the intestines of toxins and poisonous fusel oils, - constituents of alcoholic beverages.The composition of the enema should be administered cider vinegar 2 tablespoons to 2 liters of water.

Note that when a hangover body is in dire need for potassium.Rich in this trace element are bananas and potatoes, apricots and tomatoes.

So, ways to accelerate removal of alcohol from the body enough.But knowing that you will be the next day an important event or a trip behind the wheel, control yourself and hurry slowly.