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How quickly sober up

To enjoy the antics and behavior of a drunken man?If we are not talking about alcoholism, and the need to quickly sober up a person, a situation that many rescue techniques.So, how quickly sober up on their own and how to help heavily intoxicated person close to you?

When you need to lead a person to "combat" state for a short time, it is possible to apply the means of improving the tone of the nervous system.It is a cold shower, or at least washing your face with ice water, massage his feet and ears, reception of strong tea or a large amount of liquid.The water must be forced (if possible) drink drunk person in order to induce vomiting.Exemption from the gastrointestinal tract will reduce the amount of alcohol in the blood and allow sober.But we need to make sure that the drunken drowned vomit.It is necessary to put it on its side, or bend over his knee, but do not let drunk lying on his back.

Ideally, gastric lavage should be done at the beginning of at least two liters of water, and then portions of

700 grams of water.Purification of the alcohol can be strengthened if the cause is also a diuretic effect.This ingestion of oatmeal broth or watermelon, green tea or veroshpiron drug.No need to take a well-known furosemide, because in combination with alcohol it can give unwanted side effects.

After gastric lavage the patient should be given ascorbic acid, banana.It is advisable to take thiamine after sobering up to 20% glucose solution.

Nowadays there are a whole arsenal of methods of rapid sobering.It is absolutely safe and affordable methods.This is only a problem of their use is that pretty drunk people, not all of them can be applied alone, so without the help of loved ones do not.So, get acquainted with some of these methods:

We must remember that these methods will give the effect of sobering up short.A person will be better for a few hours, but alcohol remains in the blood.Therefore, after applying any of the above methods can not get behind the wheel.