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Alcoholic psychosis

Metabolic disorders caused by chronic consumption of alcoholic drinks is a major factor leading to a variety of diseases and the emergence of alcoholic psychosis.What characterized the disease?How to treat it?Let's face it.

There are several types of alcoholic psychosis.

alcoholic delirium, or delirium tremens, in the case of developing alcoholism or abrupt cessation at the time of abstinence from alcohol due to various diseases or injuries.

Symptoms of delirium tremens: a bad night's sleep, sweating, tremor, fussy behavior of the patient with different shades of mood, characterized by anxiety and depression.In the evening, with the coming of darkness, the patient's condition deteriorates significantly, although the day may come a significant improvement, allowing the patient to begin to carry out their professional duties.Then the patient begins to torment insomnia, visual illusions, visual hallucinations with images of insects and animals, as well as delirium.Olfactory hallucinations often, auditory

and tactile can be shown simultaneously on the background of a sharp change of mood of the patient from fear to bewilderment, from complacency to despair and.The patient is constantly in motion and has an expressive facial expressions, fully compliant with hallucinations and mood for this period.Fear causes the patient to hide and defend, he is passive at the moment of complacency.

Brad is sketchy, and is a reflection of hallucinations.Most often this persecutory delusions.The patient can not properly navigate the location being in the hospital, he said he was at home or at work, although clearly aimed at his own person.

Delirium tremens is accompanied by the disappearance of some of the symptoms, that is, the patient can come "enlightenment."If this disease is left untreated, it can last up to ten days and complicated alcoholic encephalopathy.

Alcoholic hallucinosis arises during abstinence syndrome or binge at the peak.Multiple auditory hallucinations combined with delusions of persecution are its main symptoms.Often, the patient hears the word or "chorus words" uttered by so many people, or talk of "voices" among themselves about the patient's condition with threats, accusations and insults.

Delusions of persecution or physical destruction is firmly connected to auditory hallucinations.They are fragmentary and unsystematic.The patient's condition mood anxiety.

Start alcoholic hallucinosis is accompanied by prolonged excitation.Then there is some confusion or peaceful behavior, carefully masking the disease, giving a false signal about improving the patient's condition.In the evening and night disease symptoms intensified.Hallucinosis duration - from two to three days to several weeks, sometimes to several months.

Alcohol depression occurs during a hangover or to abstain from drinking.The patient describes the depressed mood and anxiety, tearfulness, the idea of ​​self-destruction and some delusions of persecution.Alcohol depression duration ranges from a few days to two weeks.State alcohol depression can cause the patient to commit suicide.

Alcohol epilepsy accompanied by severe seizures that occur in the initial phase of withdrawal symptoms and warning about the beginning of delirium tremens, with delirium tremens, and rarely - at the peak of intoxication.Upon termination of alcohol consumption seizures disappear.

alcoholic paranoid patient develops during abstinence syndrome or binge at the peak and is accompanied by the presence of delusions of persecution and adultery.The actions of patients with delusions of persecution are involuntary nervous character: running away from imaginary enemies, they can jump from a moving vehicle, dramatically rush to flight, go for help to the police department, may carry out an attack on an imaginary enemy.In some cases, an alcoholic delirium accompanied by delusions and hallucinations.The duration of this condition range from a few days to several weeks.

jealousy Alcoholic delirium develops gradually and occurs only in men, usually after forty years.The patient seems to be that the wife treats him disrespectfully, with distaste, avoids intimate relationships, and their appearance pays attention and looks happy.The patient behaves rudely and without restraint, requires its half explanation, leading to the emergence of scandals.But the behavior of his wife, "compounded by" only.The suspicions against her become very confident.If the wife before "cheating" him with a neighbor outside the house, but now it is "insolent" and "doing" is already in the apartment.The patient begins to pursue his wife and can be applied in relation to her violence, including murder.When an alcoholic delirium progresses, the patient starts to accuse his wife of infidelity to the marriage and that the children were not born from it.This kind of psychosis has a chronic course, periodically sharpening.

Alcoholic encephalopathy develop in spring on the background of hypovitaminosis occur in alcoholism and in people who drink a lot, but not enough to eat, and are accompanied by chronic diseases such as gastritis and enteritis.The most common form of acute alcohol encephalopathy - Gaye-Wernicke disease, which begins slowly and lasts up to three months.The patient appears exhaustion and fatigue, memory disorder.It reduces appetite, and later all is lost, deteriorating night's sleep, there is diarrhea and vomiting, headaches and dizziness, and loss of balance.The emerging against this backdrop alcoholic psychosis presented delirium and less nonsense.After a few days after the occurrence of such violations occur signs of apathetic stupor that goes into a coma.Pronounced neurological disorders: abnormal involuntary movement of muscles, sensitivity to pain, paralysis of the eye muscles, photophobia, phenomena polyneuropathy, cardiac arrhythmias and respiratory, urinary and fecal incontinence.The patient loses significant weight, up to exhaustion.If the disease is left untreated, the outcome can be fatal.

Korsakov psychosis - kind of alcoholic encephalopathy.The disease occurs on a background of alcoholism or chronic stage after suffering severe delirium tremens.Symptomatic of this psychosis is a gross violation of memory to events, followed by the inability to memorize and restore.As a result of disorders - lack of orientation in time and place, misrecognition friends and relatives.Memory loss patient compensates for false memories.Although the information acquired to the disease persists in full.Condition mood is euphoric nuances with full or slight lack of a critical attitude to their own illness.Neurology expressed impaired coordination and balance movements, spontaneous oscillatory movements of the eye disorders of tendon reflexes in the extremities, muscle atrophy.

Alcoholic psevdoparalich - another type of alcoholic encephalopathy.

Symptoms of the disease: dementia with severely impaired memory function, loss of existing knowledge and skills, violations of judgment, lack of self-criticism, carelessness, a manifestation of megalomania.The disease is prolonged.

Pathological intoxication - one of the rare types of acute psychosis, which flows in a state of sudden and transient loss of consciousness with complete clarity of detachment from the outside world, or with the fragmentary and distorted his perception while maintaining the automated actions.This intoxication is most often in people with organic lesion of the central nervous system, epilepsy and mental retardation and psychopathy.The duration of this condition - a few minutes or hours, ending the deepest sleep and total amnesia is happening around.Sick pursuing delusional feelings of fear and hallucinations, which provokes him to attempt to commit suicide and aggression towards others.Pathological intoxication as a result is often a subject of the forensic psychiatric examination.

Treatment of patients with alcoholic psychosis should be entrusted to professional doctors in special clinics.The specialist will determine an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment in a timely manner, depending on the type of alcoholic psychosis.

main remedy for these diseases are psychotropic drugs, nootropic agents and intensive vitamin therapy.

During his stay in hospital the patient requires very careful care and attention from the nursing staff, who must keep track of changes in the patient's condition and report them to your doctor.Such close tandem and understanding will help the patient to get well, to realize their situation and look at the world through different eyes, choose a different path in life.

alcoholic psychoses - not a disease that can be treated independently.Herbs will not help, and treatment assigned in each case individually.Therefore charge treatment professionals.