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Alcoholic cirrhosis

Friendship with alcohol for anyone not completely ended.Dependent people are always getting old before his peers, his body is depleted, and the organs acquire the disease and dysfunction.Since our body is a barrier mechanism of the liver, that it was she who first takes the brunt of alcohol severity and high loads.Alcoholic cirrhosis - a consequence of the abuse of alcohol.What is this disease, what are its symptoms and treatment?

Statistics show that alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver is observed in 15-25% of cases of chronic alcoholism.Development of the disease contributes to regular abuse of alcohol for 10-15 years.When the disease develops steatosis, Mallory corpuscles appear.Acute disease during alcohol consumption.Alcoholic cirrhosis can be identified by the presence of these symptoms:

external symptoms of alcoholic cirrhosis is an increase in abdominal and redness of the palms.Because of this disease suffer from many organs.Disorders of the central nervous system causes aggressiveness and irrita

bility, restless sleep, alcoholic psychosis.Dependent in alcoholic liver cirrhosis bother weakness and pain in the limbs, paresis and paralysis.Sometimes develops alcoholic myositis, ie muscle weakness.

In alcoholic cirrhosis, alcoholic suffering from heart and pancreas.There may also be diabetes and chronic pancreatitis.

treatment of the above disease initially is to eliminate its causes, ie alcohol.Without it, it just will not be successful.

In alcoholic cirrhosis prognosis depends on the severity of the disease.Contribute to the deterioration of the infection and the presence of chronic hepatitis B and C. By the way, according to statistics more difficult the disease is treated in women.

Treatment of alcoholic cirrhosis is effective only on the condition of his enigma.The main direction of treatment is reduced to protect the liver and metabolic correction.

To reduce intoxication appointed as sorbents Enterosgelya, Smecta and other drugs.For the treatment of digestive administered formulations containing bile acids.It is mandatory for patients prescribed gepatoprotektory - substances that restore liver.It Geptral and Hepa-Merz, Essliver and Essentiale.Well established in the treatment of liver thistle fruit.

course, treatment of alcoholic liver cirrhosis and is a diet that includes foods with a high content of proteins and carbohydrates.Prohibited under this diet beans and sorrel, buns and radish, onion and garlic, strong tea and coffee, spicy food and spices.It is strictly forbidden the use of alcohol, even in a minimal amount.

If cirrhosis is already in an advanced stage, the only chance to save the human liver transplantation.However, the main condition for such operations - six-month abstinence from alcohol before its implementation.

When alcoholic cirrhosis is detected in time, carry out a competent and adequate treatment, the prognosis for the patient is very favorable.Medical statistics states that half of the patients diagnosed with the above do not live for more than 5 years.

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