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Types of alcohol

It's no secret that large quantities of alcohol adversely affects the health.However, despite this, the alcohol is still very popular.Strong brands are among the most expensive brands, and alcohol production worldwide reached unbelievable proportions.And every year there are more and more new types of alcoholic beverages.

is our mentality that does not pass a single meal without alcohol.However, even stopping their choice in one or another form of alcohol, few people know what method it is produced.Well, let's mend.So, in today's post, we will look at what types of alcohol exist today and how the manufacturing process of a alcoholic beverage.

Let's start with the fact that all kinds of alcoholic beverages are divided into groups depending on the fortress.Therefore, there exist groups:

For low-alcoholic drinks include those types of alcohol, the alcohol content of which does not exceed 8%.These could be considered:

In small doses of alcoholic beverages are practically harmless to the body.Howeve

r, if they are consumed frequently and in unlimited quantities, it will lead not only to the influence of alcohol (except koumiss), but also to the disruption of many organs in our body.

Srednealkogolnye drinks contain up to 30% ethanol.These include:

With these products should also be careful not to exceed the permitted limit.

Spirits characterized alcohol content, which can reach up to 80%.Therefore, the abuse of strong drink species most dangerous to the body.These products include:

is, in principle, and all the major types of alcohol that are most often found on the feasts.Exclusive spirits we have not included in the list, because a lot of them.