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Dysport and alcohol

combination of alcohol and drugs can have detrimental effects on human health.After all, all medicines have side effects that alcohol intensifies.It goes partially treated or completely leveled becomes ineffective.Women who are used to maintain its beauty by artificial means, interested in the question, as the combined use of alcohol and Dysport.So, try to understand the aspects of such a combination.

Dysport is best known competitor of Botox.It contains in its composition of botulinum toxin type A. Dysport and Botox different dose calculation principle and technique of drug administration.In aesthetic medicine Dysport used for facial paralysis of facial muscles.This is the muscle of the forehead and glabellar, eye and nose, upper lip and chin.In addition, Dysport is used in facial asymmetry in the treatment of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating in the underarms.

effect of Dysport is valid for 6-8 weeks.Visual improvements appear after 6-7 days after administration.Its manufacturer, by the way, is Fra

nce.Before the introduction of this drug beautician should find out from the patient's state of health, to learn about the possible manifestations of allergy.The drug is always administered very thin needles into the skin area you want to adjust.The doctor determines the point of injection and introduces to the medication.Trust your face only need highly qualified professionals.The process of introduction of Dysport lasts about 20 minutes.A course consists of two or three treatments.

Wanting to maintain the natural beauty of a woman are very sensitive to all aspects related to the injection of Dysport.There are issues associated with drug and alcohol combinability.After Dysport - a very effective and popular in our time, a cosmetic preparation.Although its use around there a lot of controversy, but the compatibility of Dysport and alcohol is no dispute.Here are all uniquely and clearly: the drug is not compatible with alcohol.Drinking alcohol before the procedure and after the highly undesirable.Doctors disagree a bit on the time of abstinence.Some people believe that you can not drink alcohol on the day of the procedure and for 10 days thereafter.Others beauticians believe that we should take into account the time elimination of alcohol from the body.Accordingly, not advised to drink beer, even for 3 days prior to the manipulation and for 14 days thereafter.That, and a doctor's caution is understandable.

Why is the combination of Dysport and alcohol poses a danger?With what it is connected?It's simple.Dysport is a toxic substance that has a profound effect on the body.Alcohol also has toxicity.Simultaneous exposure to two toxic products is always a risk for the body and leads to undesirable consequences.This may be, at least botulinum toxin neutralizing action and, as a maximum, and allergic reactions.

In each case, the body's reaction can be unpredictable.From the experience of others it can be stated that most often in the use of alcohol before the procedure and after it there are such phenomena: double vision, and swelling in the area of ​​the eyelids, pain at the injection site and headache, allergies and itching.It's just a combination of light effects of alcohol and Dysport.But we should not forget about the devastating impact of alcohol on the liver, which is a barrier to all the toxins in the body.Even a perfectly healthy liver is not always cope with a double burden, which in our case is alcohol and Dysport.That is de ladies who really are serious about your health and do not want to have any side effects from the use of a beauty product, you must temporarily forget about alcohol.Even beer in the period, doctors recommend to forget.This Estheticians always warn their clients.All kinds of cosmetic manipulations necessary to perform exceptionally sober.Otherwise, the beauty and youth can be no question.