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How to choose an electronic cigarette

wishes to quit smoking have resorted to various methods to get rid of nicotine addiction.Electronic cigarette - one of these options.Today it is considered an innovative product.How not to be mistaken with her choice?So we arm Knowledge.

This device consists of a battery, which supplies electricity to the evaporator.Battery Electronic Cigarette called clearomizers evaporator - atomizer.In the latter there is evaporation of the liquid.

evaporator mechanism similar to the cigarette lighter.It has a thread on the transmission fluid spiral.There, the liquid evaporates and inhalation into the lungs of the smoker.

So, if you choose this modern device should focus on the features of the battery and the evaporator.Battery - is a kind of heart device, which should be long and give the maximum voltage.

If you usually smoke up to 10 cigarettes a day, the battery can be selected up to 500 mA / h, if more - then 900 mA / h.

considered more reliable batteries with a button.They react on-press.Better to choose a b

attery that can be recharged while smoking.It will always use the electronic cigarette.

As for the evaporator, and they differ in design and specifications.Initial designs were such evaporators where the liquid is evaporated by heating conventional filler.

Today, a new generation of evaporators called clearomizers.They allow you to give more steam, cheaper in price and easy to maintain.By choosing such a device, you should pay attention to the structure and volume of the liquid container (cartridge).With regard to the design of the evaporator, it is less important item.However, it is recommended to choose the black plastic.It is more convenient than white.In addition, it is better to stop the choice on a non-metallic housing: in winter it will prevent the cigarette from freezing.

Electronic cigarettes come in three sizes.Let us examine each of them, their advantages and disadvantages:

Thus, parameters and specifications selection Electronic Cigarette important.But more importantly, to really Purchase of a step to get rid of the smoking habit.This negative passion is better to replace the alternative, if you yourself can not say goodbye to smoking.In any case, the body will cause less damage to the electronic chigarteny smoke than real.

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