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How to bring alcohol from the blood

no secret that during the use of alcohol in our body gets a large number of toxins that lead to intoxication.Therefore, almost every one of us familiar with the state of hangover.Headache, stomach problems, weakness - this is an incomplete list of the consequences of alcohol abuse.Intoxication by alcohol - a fairly serious condition that can not be ignored.Therefore, our task as soon as possible to help victims of the poisoning of the body to bring alcohol.And since all the toxins pass through the blood, then we should start with the blood of purification.

With a strong first intoxication of alcohol, it is recommended to do - gastric lavage.To do this, you must drink plenty of boiled water and to cause the vomiting reflex.After gastric lavage, the patient gives activated carbon or other sorbent available in the medicine cabinet, which binds toxins and helps to rid the blood and the body.If the person does not become easier, it makes sense to resort to professional help and call an ambulance.

Medical workers to remove the alcohol from the blood using drugs that are administered intravenously.These drugs are reopoligljukin, gemodez and glucose, which are administered together with B vitamins and other medicines to facilitate the work of the heart.However, this procedure is carried out strictly in the hospital and only under medical supervision.

As for home blood purification methods on alcohol, they are not less effective, though take longer.However, domestic methods of cleansing the body of alcohol will help only in case of a light hangover.In severe intoxication, seek professional help.Let's look at how to help the "sick" after the body of alcoholic holiday?

The first thing you should remember - alcohol is eliminated by increasing fluid intake.So prepare tea with lemon juice or any (best citrus) and drink as often as possible.Also protivopohmelnym action has a cucumber or tomato pickle, mineral water.These drinks make it possible to restore the water-salt balance in the body and minimize the symptoms of a hangover.

Milk also has the ability to display the toxic products from the body, including alcohol intoxication.Feeling much better, it is recommended to use a glass of fresh milk every hour.

neutralize acetaldehyde, which poisons our organism, and also help to beekeeping products, and succinic acid.After a hearty feast, drink 2-3 succinic acid tablet every half hour and drink a glass of water with 1 tablespoon dissolvedhoney.

Get rid of unpleasant odors help fatty foods, especially meat broth and milk products.They also help to improve the general condition and the intestinal microflora.

Accelerate the elimination of blood alcohol helps warm bath, contrast showers, a sauna and steam bath.

Well, to avoid becoming a victim of alcohol intoxication, take the following measures before the feast:

And finally: not to know what a hangover and do not ask about how to get the alcohol out of the blood, try not to abuse alcoholdrinks and do not exceed recommended dose.

Take care of yourself!

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