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How to get rid of nicotine addiction


face it, every person has any dependencies.Women depend on their diet and extra kilos, eternally tormented anguish over the delicacies eaten, men depend on their weaknesses as hunting, fishings, cars.But this dependence is not as scary as dependence on alcohol and cigarettes.And statistics show that today in Russia smokes more than 60% of men and 30% women.By the way, there is a tendency to increase the number of women smokers.Bitter state, but in 90% of cases it is a passion for cigarettes is a cause of lung cancer and larynx.How tobacco affects our health, and how to get rid of the dependence of killing?

Experts say that nicotine dependence - a reward system.The hormone dopamine in the brain creates a sense of satisfaction.Nicotine, getting to the brain, and acts instantly like intravenous drug allows a person to experience a slight feeling of pleasure.This kind of self-gratification that makes you want to repeat the smoking time and time again.Nicotine is destroyed in the body for several hours an

d the concentration of dopamine alters structures.Therefore, people will automatically begin to want to restore a state of mild euphoria and picks up another cigarette.This force is manifested on nicotine dependence.However, different people react differently to the dopamine reward.That is why one to quit smoking easier, the other - much harder.Physicians state: the refusal of smoking is successful when people stayed smoke-free for six months.It is very difficult, but many people manage.

What happens in the human body, to quit smoking?If a man was smoking a long time, his lungs filled with toxic chemicals and resins.He weakened the larynx, the immune system, may be the beginning of the formation of malignant tissue.If begins to appear hoarseness and sore throat, difficulty swallowing, it may well mark the beginning of throat cancer.Similar features in the lungs can be a pain in the chest with a deep breath and a cough that becomes more frequent.These two losses of the respiratory system may result in fatal consequences if they detect at the last stage, and to disregard the symptoms mentioned above.

may also develop chronic gastrointestinal disease.So, we are talking about gastritis or ulcer of the stomach, intestines.And when people used to smoke on an empty stomach, then the disease will surely come.The worst option of nicotine dependence - malignancy, ie cancer of the stomach or intestines.

Today there are many ways to say goodbye to the habit of smoking.It is a psychological and motivational support, acupuncture and coding.

What is the encoding of nicotine addiction?Its essence lies in the influence of the man with the aim of giving up nicotine.This simultaneous effect of medications and the impact on the consciousness of a dependent, pre-psychological conversation about the dangers of tobacco.Jobs similar to medical coding work therapist.Encode a person only once, and talk about all kinds of transcoding - is nothing more than talk and a myth.For the second time to expose the human body this procedure is dangerous.Coding is never 100% guarantee of getting rid of nicotine addiction.Usually, this procedure is applied to smokers aged under 40 years.Longevity of smoking does not really matter.Although it is easier to encode human experience with less dependence on nicotine.

Coding is usually preceded by preliminary work with the patient, which is to diagnose and clean the body.In the 12 hours before the procedure, a person is forbidden to smoke.The result of encoding is an aversion to the process of smoking, the smoke, the smell of tobacco.

can encode a certain time and for a lifetime.Usually, the first few months is sufficient for the restructuring of the body and the beginning of a healthy functioning of the body without cigarettes.

Nowadays there are many methods of coding.Medicinal uses primarily chemical substance in the form of tablets, solutions for rinsing.Action palatable preparations leads to unpleasant sensations in smoking: nausea and headache, taste and poor health.It comes to mind that smoking - this is very bad.

suggestive coding method - is a well-known method Dovzhenko.It is based on the suggestion.Depending instill the idea that smoking will lead to death.When this person taught that such a result can occur from a single cigarette, instead of the constant smoking.It's pretty hard method.The advantage of it is that the object is achieved in only one session, but in general this method is not recommended for patients with a weak mentality.

Coding hypnosis is the most popular in Russia.In the hypnotic state occurs suggestion aversion to cigarettes.However, this coding should be trusted only very good, highly skilled professionals.It is a painless method.It does not cause discomfort.But its shortcomings is the possible reduction of the effect of a mismatch in the settings dependent person and person of the physician performing the coding.In addition, there are people who did not amenable to hypnosis.And this characteristic does not depend on them, it is a feature of the body.Any hypnosis - is a deep psychological intervention in a person's subconscious mind, which is always accompanied by the risk of a negative impact on the psyche.It is impossible to predict.And it must be considered before deciding on such a procedure.

Nicotine breaking like a break-up drug.At its core is the same withdrawal symptoms.It begins usually within 30-60 minutes after ingestion of the last cigarette.Tobacco lovers are beginning to feel the desire to smoke.And this desire is stronger, the free man.This refers to his employment.If the organism is present in the other dominant, that is dependent to concentrate on work that requires attention, perseverance, constant telephone communication, then this desire is much weaker.It suppressed duties, and it is recommended to use the drug treatment in the period of getting rid of nicotine addiction.If the dependent man smoking does not busy, the break-up is a strong desire to smoke, smell tobacco.Man easily breaks.After about six to eight hours there is anxiety and irritability, and an inability to concentrate on work tasks, thoughts are confused.One simply becomes inattentive.

Apogee failure cigarette may occur the next day.Inattention amplified as irritation symptoms.On the third and fourth day of the thoughts become more intrusive.A person can start a scandal, although his character is not controversial.He can forget the very important details of work orders and superiors.

particularly irritable, short-tempered men are fierce.They respond to the cry of the smallest trouble.Women usually tolerate this break-up a little easier.Some addicted people in this period come to mind even suicidal thoughts.

After the climax comes fast improvement.However, you should know that the thought of a cigarette will still go to the brain dependent person.But much less often.The general state of health becomes markedly better since the end of the first week without cigarettes the body rapidly cleared from the nicotine, toxins, tar.Maybe this time will be an intense cough, excessive sputum production.These are signs of purification of the body.It should also be borne in mind that in the first month of a person can easily get sick ARI, colds, sore throat.

This past month of parting with cigarettes in humans are almost all withdrawal symptoms.But in this period, the risk of addiction to return to the highest.Therefore, at this time important to support families.They are required to focus on the fact that the person doing the right thing, he's strong.We need to praise it and pay attention to the improvement of health as the strongest motive to hold on.And, of course, close attention should be paid to the cost savings, the pleasantness of communicating with a person with no smell.

nicotine cravings in humans is maintained for about a year, if he smoked for a long time.To provoke a return to the bad habit may be stress, injury, failure.Two years after giving up cigarettes the human body is completely cleared, freed from harmful substances, recovering from the negative effects of tobacco.

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