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How to treat HPV in men

How to treat HPV in men

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  • How does the virus
  • symptoms
  • Preventing disease
  • Human papillomavirus in men:diagnostics and analyzes existing
  • treatment of different types of HPV

HPV - is the common name of the virus group, which includes about 70 different species.This virus is able to destroy and cause diseases of various human body parts.Due to the large number of types of disease, each symptom is assigned a sequence number in accordance with the DNA composition.HPV in men as in women, is transmitted primarily through sexual contact, because this virus and belongs to sexually transmitted.It is also possible that the disease will be transferred by direct contact of the mucous membranes, which were in some way damaged.

Morphological diagram of HPV infection of the epidermis

Men need to pay special attention to the fact that HPV is most commonly spread by sexual contact and microcracks of the epidermis (upper skin cover).That is why HPV infection in men may be more frequent than in women.In addition, public en

tertainment such men as the sauna, swimming pools, saunas, gyms can be a place where you can catch the disease.This happens due to the fact that men are inherently much more active than women, resulting in sexual men have more partners, from which it is possible to become infected with HPV.

How does

virus The earliest signs of human papillomavirus in men - is the appearance of warts, which are located below the belt, to put it simply in the genital area.Patients people begin to manifest irregularities, reddish bulge.These same warts may itch, ache, fester or even bleed.However, not the fact that the disease is manifested in a form such as these outward symptoms do not always occur at all on the skin surface.Most often, the reasons are as follows: a long stay in the sun or decreased immunity.

As described earlier, there are different types of HPV disease and correspondingly different reasons.Therefore, in deriving the general characteristics have been identified the most common types of papillomavirus: 16, 18, 11, 58, 44, 43, 45.

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papilloma virus in men

There are many different external signswhich may indicate the presence of HPV virus in the body.Dangerous or not the disease is difficult to say because it depends on the type of virus and the degree of neglect.

That is why the first symptoms of the disease should be a sign that an urgent need to visit a specialist.Despite the huge number of species, the symptoms of human papillomavirus in men is most often coincide.Symptoms can be categorized.

  1. Warts.As described earlier papilloma human males can be identified primarily by the appearance (usually in the groin) warts.It is convex, circular forms of education, which in the initial stage is absolutely painless and does not cause concern.In color, they are absolutely no different from the rest of the skin, so they can not be noticed at first.In addition, they appear on the surface of the hands, feet.
  2. Warts.It is also a kind of warts pointed shape, which occur most often in the groin and on the mucous skin of the genitals.In most cases, they appear on the head of the penis or on the skin, which protects it.
  3. Bowenoid papulosis - is one of the diseases, which takes place in parallel with HPV.Dangerous or not, this form papillomas can not learn without making a diagnosis of HPV, and not passing the relevant tests.In addition, prevention of the disease is a key factor in this disease.So papulosis - a rash that can appear in areas of the penis skin.These are the plaques that tower over the rest of the surface of the skin and have a pinkish hue.
  4. Bowen's disease - also a kind of formations on the skin, which is a red velvety plaque, which has a very clear and rounded shape with rounded edges.This plaque can be the skin of the penis for a long time and the signal that is present in the body of HPV virus.

knowing how dangerous the virus is now necessary to protect your body by following a clear and coherent system.In other words, not to get sick, need prevention.

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Using condoms disease like any other disease in human papillomavirus important - is prevention.Prevention is very important in order to protect themselves from various diseases from the outside, in this case against HPV.As a precaution papillomavirus in men is required to comply with the following measures:

  1. use of condoms during sexual intercourse.Any sexual intercourse 2 partners should be 100% protected in order not to pass each other dangerous viruses and infectious diseases.
  2. vaccine.Recently, a special vaccine for HPV has been developed.This course of vaccination consists of 3 injections in the shoulder muscles, after which the body develops immunity to some of the main types of HPV, but does not guarantee 100% protection from the disease.
  3. regular analysis.Any man at least 1 time in six months, must take the appropriate tests for sexually transmitted diseases.Such assays may detect the disease is still in the embryo stage, so that it can help save precious days required for treatment of the disease.
  4. PCR diagnostics - is a kind of prevention that can be held in a private hospital.The procedure involves the examination of the skin, holding a blood biopsy and a number of other activities that will help to identify the HPV in the body.It also includes all the necessary tests.
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Human papillomavirus in men: diagnosis and analysis of existing

Blood test Diagnostics primarily begins with a patient survey on the subject of complaints in the genital area, etc.Then begins examined by a doctor of skin covers the human body to detect a variety of warts and genital warts.In addition, a physician and blood tests are taken for biopsy to establish the exact type of the disease.

One method is a polymerase reaction that is one of the most reliable diagnostic procedures.This reaction makes it very accurately detect viral DNA in the blood and to areas of the body.The collected materials shall be tested.

most accurate and efficient method of diagnosing HPV disease is on the Digene-Test today.This analysis can reliably determine not only the presence of the disease, but also pinpoint its variety, the degree of transition opportunities in oncology (some types of the virus can cause a malignant cancerous tumors).

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treatment of different types of HPV

Because of the huge number of varieties of the disease it is impossible to say with certainty which of the treatments is most effective to fight the virus.Nevertheless, we can safely say that most of these methods are intended to eliminate the symptoms of the virus, rather than remove it from the body.


Even if appeared warts and do not cause any trouble to the man, to start treatment immediately.

main methods in the fight against warts and warts - electrocoagulation and cryotherapy.For the treatment and elimination of genital warts are also used these methods in addition to the treatment of radio waves, laser and other methods of cryoablation.How not involve treatment of papilloma mentioned earlier, these methods are for men, but only the removal of its manifestations, so it's possible relapse.It must be said that surgical intervention is only necessary in the case when you want to remove a malignant tumor formed.

Ironically, but to date there are no drugs that can completely remove some species from the body of the disease, so in general when tests show that the body of viruses, administered antivirals total spectrum that will stimulate the overall operationimmune system.Among these drugs may be safely taken: tsikloferon, izoprinozin, podophyllin, amiksin.These drugs act on the viral cells and contribute to their destruction.


main thing in the treatment of these types of the virus - an exclusive treatment with medicines, appointed expert knowledge after having been taken all the necessaryanalyzes.Ironically, but not all patients have improved after taking drugs, because the nature of each virus is different.Therefore, doctors immediately alert the patient that the chosen method of treatment does not guarantee 100% recovery.