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Causes redness head and foreskin in men

Causes redness head and foreskin in men

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  • Why redness glans penis?
  • Balanitis as the cause of the appearance of redness
  • Candida as the cause of the appearance of redness
  • redness from irritation
  • Diagnosis and treatment

Today many men are diagnosed by a variety of diseasesgenitourinary system.These include various kinds of inflammation, infectious diseases, traumatic injuries.One of the most common symptoms of these diseases are redness at the head of the penis.Thus, as a rule, irritation, itching, and other associated symptoms observed not only on the head but on the prepuce, and generally on the penis.

redness problem head of the penis in men

If a man noticed the redness of the head, he should immediately consult a doctor.After due examination the expert finds the cause of the defeat of the glans penis and foreskin, and tell you how to treat the disease in the specific case.

Why redness glans penis?

Causes itching, burning, modifications of the glans penis and foreskin in men can be very

diverse.Therefore, in no case can not start treatment without first consulting a doctor.

Many men redness of the glans penis and associated symptoms such as itching and inflammation of the foreskin occur due to allergies to certain substances.Typically, a synthetic underwear, personal hygiene products, intimate lubricant and contraceptives.If glans redness is a result of an allergic reaction, the normalizing conditions is generally sufficient to exclude contact with an allergen.

Sometimes redness on the penis after sex appears in a lubricant deficiency.This leads to injury and chafing, which is why on the penis in general and the head with red flesh in particular redness may appear. When the redness on the head of the penis, itching, inflammation of the foreskin, and other similar symptoms, immediately seek medical advice and undergo treatment designee. If you ignore the problem, from simple redness to the head of the penis, it can develop into complex diseases that require more serious treatment.

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Balanitis as the cause of the appearance of redness

One of the reasons for the redness of the glans penis - diabetes Quite often the reason for the appearance of redness around the head and the foreskin are modifications balanitis and balanoposthitis.For these men disease characterized by the appearance of redness on the penis, swelling around the head, narrowing of the foreskin, the formation of erosions on the foreskin, itching, burning and pain.Often there is an unpleasant smell.

In the case of balanitis appearance of redness on the penis and related modifications of the foreskin are related primarily to the lack of intimate hygiene and various diseases, such as phimosis, anemia, allergies, diabetes and so on.

Intensity of redness on the headpenis, modifications of the foreskin, itching and other associated symptoms depend on the type of disease.So, a simple balanoposthitis in men - it is a disease, which is characterized by the appearance of extensive redness on the penis, swelling, narrowing of the foreskin.Typically, the treatment of this form of the disease in men reduced to regular intimate hygiene and use various ointments.Before starting any treatment of these male problems, you should consult with your doctor.

Blood tests For erosive balanoposthitis characterized by the appearance of extensive redness on the penis, the formation of white patches of dead skin, large erosions on the foreskin, etc.

most difficult form of the disease, which is the most difficult to treat - is gangrenous balanoposthitis.In this case, in addition to redness on the penis and the foreskin is marked fever, general weakness, deep and very painful sores, swelling.

When the redness of the head and other symptoms balanoposthitis an urgent need to consult your doctor to be tested and start treatment.In each case, the treatment of redness of the head will have its own characteristics.Before we prescribe treatment, the doctor will take swabs, seeding and blood tests.And only after that it will be able to decide by what means to treat redness of the head in the specific case.

So, for example, the initial form of the disease treatment is carried out by means of special ointments, and to eliminate the redness of the head in advanced cases antibiotics are appointed.When phimosis is usually recommended surgical treatment.

Use any means to remove the redness can only be prescribed by a doctor.

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Candida as the cause of the appearance of redness

Antifungal drugs for the treatment of candidiasis One of the reasons for the redness of the head is candidiasis.In addition to the redness of the disease characterized by the appearance of itching, cheesy discharge, burning, etc.Currently the disease is encountered with almost equal frequency in women and men.The causative agent of the disease are fungi Candida.Under normal conditions, they are present in every human body, but their rapid reproduction and various adverse factors lead to the development of the disease.

Typical complaints of people suffering from thrush, is a redness, burning and itching.The distinctive appearance - cheesy discharge, white patches.In addition to burning and itching appear painful sensations during urination and sexual intercourse.The disease develops in various pathologies of the genitourinary system, such as urethritis, cystitis, etc.The main predisposing factor contributing to the development of thrush, is a decrease in immunity, and various diseases.

For treatment are appointed special antifungals.Among the preventive measures recommended by the right diet and regular observance of personal hygiene.The disease can occur without external manifestations.It is transmitted through sexual contact, so you need to use a barrier contraceptive.

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redness from irritation

Quite often the reason for the appearance of redness and the accompanying symptoms are allergies.There are risk factors for non-sexual and sexual nature.The group sex allergens include:

  • sperm;
  • creams;
  • spermicides;
  • antiperspirants;
  • lotions;
  • varnishes.

Spermicides , which can cause irritation

The second group includes various medications.For example, redness and itching may occur due to the reception of vaccines, vitamins, some groups, sulfonamides.Similar reactions were observed in individuals with hypersensitivity.

One of the typical variants of allergic reaction is a fixed erythema at different parts of the male penis.For erythema characterized by the appearance of dark red spots.As a rule, it takes place by itself after a few weeks.

However, it is better to see a doctor becausesuch reactions may be signs of balanoposthitis.Allergies occur when improper intimate hygiene.Under the foreskin begins to gather smegma, which is a great environment for bacteria to grow.Most allergy observed after the use of condoms.If you notice any modifications, buy condoms from another manufacturer.

Sometimes the appearance of redness associated with poor quality underwear.It is noted when wearing close and synthetic underwear.Reds tend to pass quickly enough, contact dermatitis is not marked.Also, such variations may be due to the bite of insects.In such situations, edema may be present in addition to the red.


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Diagnosis and treatment

To diagnose the disease and to avoid more serious complications at the first warning signs of the man should seekconsult a doctor and undergo the scheduled examination.In accordance with the results of the examination the doctor will be able to establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

We must not forget that the red - this is a symptom that may indicate the presence of a fairly serious diseases, such as balanoposthitis.In some cases (balanitis, phimosis, etc.) Is recommended to simple surgery, i.e.circumcision operation.

The patient will be advised to regularly and carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene.antiseptics can be administered for the treatment of the penis.In particularly difficult cases, antibiotics are appointed.Do not forget that the use of any drug can only be prescribed by a doctor.Be healthy!