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Acne on the back in men : causes and treatment methods

Acne on the back in men: causes and treatment methods

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  • Possible causes rashes on the back in men
  • What are the myths about acne?
  • How emotional state affects the rashes on the skin of the body and face?
  • Features of the treatment of acne on the body of men

Argued that are worried about their appearance only women, but men are more indifferent to their shortcomings.This is fundamentally wrong.Nowadays, beauty, grooming has many advantages both in personal life and in his career, it allows a person to feel confident, regardless of gender or age. Accordingly, a variety of imperfections on the skin deliver the stronger sex and a lot of anxiety. Moreover, a defect in appearance is so not like the person that will lead him to depression.These things are not only the imperfections of the skin, but also, for example, acne on the back in men.
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Possible causes rashes on the back in men

There are a lot of reasons that provoke skin rash.It is important to note that t

he gender and age of the person in this role do not play.There may be a belief that women are faced with the problem of acne often.This is due to the fact that the fairer sex hormones is less stable.

Dermatologists say that 80% of both male and female population suffer from the problem of rashes on the face, back, shoulders.

common reasons why there are spots on the body of men:

  • violation occurrence of metabolic processes in the body;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • failure to handle lipids;
  • diseases, in particular follicular hyperkeratosis;
  • violation of the sebaceous glands - due to this reason that acne most often affects the face;
  • shoulders, back and chest, in these areas there is the most active sebum.

As a result, the above-described and a number of more specific causes, which occur in some individual cases, cutaneous follicle accumulates too much sebum, which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and germs.It is in these processes is the cause of acne formation.

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What are the myths about acne?

The body problem acne treatment has not been studied until the end.Every year, scientists and dermatologists reveal new reasons both physiological and psychological, why pimples and how to get rid of them.In particular, contrary to popular belief, after numerous studies, dermatologists found that the direct relationship between acne and improper hygiene failures in the diet or stay under the scorching sun is not observed.Of course, these factors are in addition to more specific problems and may provoke a more abundant precipitation, so leave them completely not worth it unattended.

Another myth that has no basis - is that acne in men in the back and shoulders somehow depend on the absence of a sexual life.Of course, when a young person begins to engage in sexual relations, its hormonal changes, but it does not mean that thus eliminating the cause of acne.

From this we can conclude that there is no single, universal method to cure acne.In each case needs an individual approach.

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How emotional state affects the rashes on the skin of the body and face?

would seem that the determining factor that affects the disposal of rash, - a state of physical health.But an equally important role played by the human spirit, his emotional state.This is because negative emotions have a bad influence on the process of the production of hormones, and the sebaceous glands.Accordingly, stress, depression, negative mood provide additional reasons for rashes.For men, this reason is particularly relevant, as the representatives of the stronger sex are confronted daily with hundreds of stressful situations at work, driving, personal life and cope with them is more difficult than women.

In addition, bad moods and depression are frequently due to the fact that a person consumes alcohol, eating sweets, fast food, etc.As mentioned above, this exacerbates the problem of acne on the back and shoulders, and complicate the disposal of it.

Eruptions on the skin of Thus, people who are looking for a way to treat acne on the back or other body parts, it is necessary to take into account the following recommendations:

  • establish individual rhythm of life, which would correspond to the needs and the biorhythms of the body;
  • strengthen the nervous and immune systems, to handle stress, try to establish harmony with themselves and the world around them;
  • give up bad habits;
  • performance of these factors, if they can not get rid of the problem, it becomes an obstacle of its worsening.
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Features of the treatment of acne on the body of men

Before you start to treat acne on his back, men should realize that this is a long process, respectively instant results to expect it is not necessary to ahead of time not to be disappointed.

basis dermatological treatment of lesions is caring for the skin lesion with the help of special ointments, creams and lotions.The composition of these tools individually selected by a dermatologist.If the issue is gaining more serious scale, administered as treatment in combination with pills.

Examination by a dermatologist Given the fact that men tend to more careless about their health than women, treatment is complicated by the need to complete the complex examination of the body.Given the fact that on the back as acne and pimples on the shoulders may have many causes appearance is obtained results may indicate the nature of the problem.

Thus, it is not necessary to take the acne on the back or other parts of the body as a purely external problem and deal with it on their own choosing cosmetics for problem skin.For effective treatment you need to see a doctor and get tested organism.