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The dangerous ureaplasma infection in men ?

The ureplazmennaya dangerous infection in men?

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  • What ureaplasmosis disease?
  • methods of infection and symptoms of the disease
  • Diagnosis of infection
  • Treatment of diseases
  • The dangerous manifestation ureaplasmosis?

Ureplazmennaya infection in men is rare inflammatory disease.In most cases, the disease occurs when pathogens are attached to ureaplasmosis another species. But because the disease is sexually transmitted, its prevention should be given special attention .

Analyses on ureaplasmosis

What ureaplasmosis disease?

Mycoplasmataceae - so called bacteria that are specific pathogen mycoplasmosis, or as it is more commonly called, ureaplasmosis.These bacteria - currently they have counted 14 species of bacteria are not-present.They even can be attributed to viruses, because they do not have a complete cell wall.

But at the same time they have a nucleus that already brings them closer to a single-celled creatures.It is because of this structure ureaplazmennogo pathogen infec

tion amenable to treatment with difficulty.Bacteria enter the cell, multiply there, the action can not be advanced antibacterials.

In a healthy person, these bacteria are present in the natural flora and activated during infection by other diseases, with colds, in stressful situations, in the fall of immunity.

infection is diagnosed when the concentration of pathogenic flora exceeds a limit value: 10x4 CFU / ml.Cfu - colony forming units.

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methods of infection and symptoms of the disease

Resi when urinating Although it is believed that the disease is transmitted only through sexual contact, but to catch them as you can and in other ways:

  1. during the birth of a baby, he can become infected by sick motherpassing through the birth canal.In this case, the pathogen is detected in the conjunctiva and nasal mucosa.
  2. It was also noted that the infection is transmitted through everyday contacts through personal hygiene items.Parents can infect the child, if he is with them in bed without clothes.

The incubation period of the disease - from 2 days to a month, but the disease may be a long time in the body in a latent form.

In most cases, the infection occurs in men without specific symptoms.As a manifestation of the disease may be noted some discomfort in the administration of needs, which can be attributed to hypothermia or that was eaten spicy food, short frequent urination.

But there are cases when the infection in men has the following symptoms:

  • Reception at the doctor becomes more frequent urination, and when they feel the sharp pain;
  • urethral discharge increased quantitatively, especially after drinking alcohol;
  • at the head of the penis surrounding the urethra appears inflamed area;
  • head color changes to bright red;
  • when urinating in the beginning felt sharp pain.

particularly noticeable these symptoms manifest themselves in the morning.

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infection As manifestations ureaplasmosis signs in men are similar to other diseases of urogenital, diagnose the infection is difficult.This is done in several stages:

  1. evaluated patients' complaints and general test results.
  2. analyzed risk factors, which could give a boost ureaplasmas activity.
  3. visually inspected the mucous membranes and the skin surrounding tissues.
  4. Appointed by specific tests: a smear from a urethra, sowing ureaplasma.
  5. determine the sensitivity of pathogenic flora to antibiotics.
  6. scraping examined for cytology and the presence of other bacteria: Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Trichomonas.
  7. Then the doctor specifies the pathogen by assigning highly accurate diagnosis by PCR, polymerase chain reaction, or conducting serological tests.

Serological tests are appointed mainly for recurrent disease.Sometimes the patient is sent for consultation to the venereal disease.

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Treatment with antibiotics disease in women and men treated the disease occurs in a similar way.Be sure the appointment of antibacterial therapy takes into account the sensitivity of the pathogen identified.

most commonly prescribed tetracycline antibiotics.But if the pathogen showed resistance to tetracycline, medicines replaced.In this case, treatment is carried out with the help of macrolides or fluoroquinolones.

therapy may provide reception immediately two types of antibiotics - in each case, the introduction of drugs algorithm is assigned individually.

Medicines drink even after the symptoms of the disease symptoms disappear.The course of treatment can not be less than 7-10 days, otherwise you need to wait aggravation of the infection at all favorable factors for it.

Besides antibiotics, you need to guzzle a course of drugs that increase immunity.It is best to select for this purpose natural immunomodulators: Ginseng, Schisandra tincture.Then restore the weakened after treatment with probiotics intestinal flora by antibiotics.The group of these drugs are "Bifiform", "Linex".It is necessary to adopt and vitamin complex.

To completely cure the disease, it is necessary to change the diet.The diet should not present spicy and fatty dishes need to reduce the amount of salt consumed, to give up alcohol.

desirable to avoid sex altogether, but if this is not possible, then you want to get a package of "male" means of protection - condoms.The barrier method protects the partner from infection.Condoms are necessary even in the case where the partners are treated together.If not protected, at the same time passing a course of therapy, it is possible to continuously infect each other.The disease in women and men to develop different.

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The dangerous manifestation ureaplasmosis?

If ureaplasmosis diagnose, treat it necessarily required.The reasons that it is dangerous for men, the following:

  1. The development of prostatitis While the disease affects the urethra, bladder, testes and epididymis.
  2. quality of sperm deteriorates, which may cause infertility.
  3. develop typical disease for men - prostatitis, prostate lesion leads to erectile dysfunction.
  4. Launched form of the disease causes inflammation of the joints.

ureaplasmosis Prevention is simple:

  1. When sexual contact with unfamiliar partners to use barrier protection means.Casual relationships should be avoided altogether.
  2. Use only your hygiene items.
  3. If unprotected contact occurred immediately after he is required to enter into the urethra miramistin or chlorhexidine.These antiseptics kill the pathogen within 2 hours after intercourse unexpected.

prevention method using antiseptics should not be abused.Funds may burn the urethra and have to treat burns or allergic urethritis.To infection has not deteriorated, required to strengthen the body's defenses - the immune system overall.


ureaplasmosis not so dangerous as its consequences.

causative agent of the disease damages the reproductive cells, violates the processes of maturation, is the cause of infertility.