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How to treat syphilis in men

How to treat syphilis in men

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  • Symptoms of syphilis
  • Complications of syphilis in men
  • course of the disease
  • Syphilis Diagnostics
  • methods of combating the disease

One of the most dangerous sexually transmitted diseases in men - is syphilis.This insidious disease may not manifest themselves for several months after infection men.What are the main symptoms of the disease?How is the diagnosis of syphilis and whether it is possible to cure it?To answer these questions you need to know about the causes and course of the disease in men.

Microbe - spirochete

Symptoms of syphilis

Initially, the disease manifests itself in the form of ulcers bright red color that appears on the penis men.Then, the number of such abscesses grow, they spread around the trunk of the penis and on his head.The next stage - the transition of ulcers on the anus and urethra.Dimensions abscesses range from 10 to 40 mm.Syphilis has no ill effects and is very contagious.He has another name - chancre (due

to the fact that the ulcers have hard edges).

disease is insidious in nature - it can spontaneously disappear to then reappear.Since syphilis refers to a group of sexually transmitted diseases, there is the causative agent of the disease - pale treponema.

stages of development and manifestations of the disease are as follows:

  1. The first stage of the disease in men may be a small number of ulcers and rashes.In this case the patient does not feel any ill effects.
  2. In the second stage of the disease begins increase (inflammation) of the lymph nodes and rash spread to different parts of the body.
  3. there are various in nature deep lesions of the internal organs and the nervous system of man In the third stage of syphilis.
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Complications of syphilis in men

A blood test for syphilis patients during the flow of the disease can be such complications:

  • swelling of different nature;
  • painful seal the foreskin of the penis;
  • possibility of getting an infection in the ulcers that may cause additional swelling;
  • with neglect of the disease possible death of the tissues of the penis due to the crushing head swelling member, especially the phenomenon manifests itself in alcoholics.
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disease In the standard course of the disease after the onset of the lymph nodes in the groin men ulcers on the penis in a week increase.This phenomenon can be expressed as a one-sided version, and bilateral inflammation sites.

In the second case, many patients have varying degrees of increase in men's right and left lymph node.In such cases, the disease is painless, not observed skin inflammation, no suppuration.

In more severe cases of the penis appears regional lymphangitis. With further development may appear polyadenylation - inflamed lymph node groups.

If a man did not resort to the treatment, and syphilis (he signs) disappeared by itself, it means that the disease moved to the second stage of development.At this stage, the patient may appear and then disappear various rashes on the skin.

Treatment of syphilis Since these symptoms have many diseases, doctors in diagnosis can make a mistake.

syphilis In this development, he begins to act on the whole body of the patient man - more and more inflamed lymph nodes.This in turn leads to an increase in body temperature of the patient and the weakness of his body.

if left untreated men for a few years, the disease moves to the third stage: there is a loss of human skin, it nervous system and internal organs.Under the skin are formed hillocks covered with sores.Reported rare cases where syphilis is on the first two stages of the disease passes without any of the above symptoms.

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Syphilis Diagnostics

At the first signs of illness man should seek emergency medical attention.If neglected diseases, it is often no longer possible to cure.Diagnosis is made by specialists in that technique:

  • external examination of the patient and record his complaints;
  • a blood test for syphilis (the so-called Wasserman determine the stage of the disease).

After that, the doctors determined the tactics and strategy of treating a patient.

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methods of combating the disease

Because of drugs used for the treatment of syphilis, the core is the penicillin.During the entire course of therapy is constantly carried out tests to determine the correctness of the chosen strategy of treatment and monitoring of patient recovery.The tests are carried out every 3 months during the first year after the course of therapy, and then every year, until you get the desired result.


If the patient is taking the prescribed dose of medication and follow all recommendations of the physician, the first results are usually achieved after a year.Treatment of syphilis in men is carried out in stationary medical institutions.

But it all depends on the type of syphilis, which struck the man.

If he has neurosyphilis, the analyzes carried out every six months from the date of recovery.It lasts for two years, and if the tests were negative, then the patient is healthy.Another type of syphilis - the so-called amyelotrophy.

development of this type of disease does not depend on the treatment, as the nervous system is affected.Recurrences usually appear in 6-9 months.In therapy it is necessary to pay special attention to the fight against infections of the urinary channel.Treatment success can come after 2-3 courses of therapy, provided that doctors will be able to normalize the patient's cerebrospinal fluid.A year after the start of treatment procedures make the analysis on the CSF.Positive results of the analysis for syphilis patients received more intensive therapy.This also applies to manifestations of disease recurrence.


addition of penicillin in the treatment of syphilis and other used potent antibiotics.In the treatment of the disease the patient prescribed warm baths, baths with ointments and lotions.During the course the patient has to take vitamins and minerals.sifililisa Treatment must be accompanied by an increase in the patient's immune system with the help of drugs.After complete recovery the patient is under the supervision of health care workers for another 5 years.

It is necessary for the full conviction that syphilis is defeated, and the man is not dangerous to others.