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As hydrocele develops in men : implications and ways of treatment

As hydrocele develops in men: implications and methods of treating

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  • Why does hydrocele in men?
  • symptoms hydrocele in men
  • What could be the consequences of hydrocele?
  • Therapies hydrocele in men

hydrocele - a disease that is characterized by the appearance of excess fluid in the shell egg.Edema of the right testicle, and sometimes left, accompanied by severe swelling, which could negatively affect men's health.When edema may collect lymph fluid, blood or even pus.Accumulating volume of fluid can be varied from a few milliliters to liters.

The problem hydrocele in men

fluid type and its volume is determined by the severity of the disease. edema occurs most frequently in children less than a year, and in children in a number of cases the disease can take place without any treatment.In addition to the risk of hydrocele are adult men aged 20 to 35 years.In adult male hydrocele occurs in more severe.In the case of the disease in adult men require surgery.The consequences of the developm

ent of hydrocephalus in adult males can be extremely difficult for men's health in general.

Why hydrocele appears in men?

to understand why liquid began to accumulate in the cavity of shell eggs, it is not always easy.Accumulation of fluid in the region between the shells can be observed as a result of violations of lymph or blood supply, but there may be other reasons for the development of this process.It is worth noting that the hydrocele often originates from a small cyst, if the cyst but testicle is usually harmless, hydrocele requires surgical treatment, as in the case of scrotal hernia that makes it clear about the severity of the disease.

Reception at the doctor Very often the appearance of testicular dropsy, as cysts, cause of injury, because of which the natural circulation of fluid in the testes was broken.In some cases, the same result can cause an infection of tissues, which became the cause of the inflammatory process, it is possible to note a number of specific factors that are predisposing to the formation and accumulation of fluid in the membranes around the testicle in adult males.

  1. Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.Such diseases include orchitis and orchiepididymitis, which often develops in men in the background of reduced immunity.
  2. Surgery.The most frequently observed development of hydrocele after surgery aimed at correcting an inguinal hernia.
  3. defeat inguinal and pelvic lymph nodes.
  4. Injuries.
  5. cardiovascular disease.

to ascertain the causes of the disease - this is an extremely important point, because in some cases it is sufficient to eliminate the root cause.When the diagnosis of this disease in boys under 1 year are not shown in any treatment, because the increase in the scrotum and fluid accumulation is due to the underdevelopment of genitals and slow overgrowth of the vaginal canal.If dropsy of reason is in anatomy, all the symptoms of the disease have been held for the 2nd year of life.

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symptoms hydrocele in men

symptoms hydrocele in men do not always have a distinctly pronounced.In most cases, men experience discomfort obvious only during an exacerbation.In adult men edema of the right testicle is more common than lung edema eggs, although in some cases may be affected both testicles.The disease can occur both in acute and chronic forms.The acute form is typically develops against the background of inflammation, tumors or infections of the genitourinary system.The chronic form is mostly the result of improper treatment of acute forms of hydrocele testis.

accumulation of excess fluid in the shell eggs left or right - it is a long time process in which there is a gradual increase in the scrotum.

This slow course of the disease leads to the fact that the scrotum can grow to the size of more than 10 cm. There are a number of symptoms that appear during the development of hydrocephalus in adult males.Hydrocele on ultrasound of the scrotum

  1. appearance of edema.
  2. gradual increase in the size of the scrotum.
  3. Light pain in very advanced cases.
  4. seal scrotal tissues.
  5. sound of splashing water by the movement of the scrotum.
  6. The difficulty while walking.
  7. problems with urination.
  8. The feeling of heaviness in the scrotum strong due to increased amounts of fluid.
  9. Changing contours of the testes due to excess fluid.

Liquid is the ideal habitat for many species of pathogenic microorganisms, therefore not uncommon occurrence of suppuration in the swollen area, which further leads to the fact that the liquid is transformed pus.


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What could be the consequences of hydrocele?

hydrocele can be a springboard for a more serious diseases and pathologies.For example, if the accumulated liquid becomes home to many pathogenic bacteria and suppuration occurs and can be diagnosed piotsele.Piotsele - it is a serious disease in which the former hydrocephalus becomes an abscess filled with pus.This development is considered a serious complication of the disease hydrocele, in which there are not only the symptoms inherent in the initial disease, but also the deterioration of the patient's general condition, fever and inflammation spread to the surrounding tissues of the urogenital tract.In addition, inflammation and suppuration accompanied by the appearance of a sharp pain in the scrotum.

Intimate problems due to dropsy Consequences of hydrocele is not limited to the possible complications of the disease course.The fact is that increasing the amount of fluid in the scrotum leads to compression of the blood vessels.In the absence of timely treatment of the blood supply to the testicles can stop completely, leading to disruption of reproductive function due to atrophy of testicular tissue.

If hydrops develops the left testicle, or the right, because of the injuries took place can be observed haematocele uncontrolled bleeding.In this case, there may be an increase in the scrotum to the critical size for extremely short time.Blood, in this case, it may not always stay on their own, and in addition, the shell has already got in the blood can not find the exit and folds inside, which may result in disruption of testicular function and be a predisposing factor for the development of the inflammatory process.

If fluid accumulation is a lot of pressure on the membrane, which eventually may lead to its rupture.Strained tissues observed in fluid accumulation in the scrotum, may lead to the fact that eggs can develop cyst or scrotal hernia.Stretched scrotum is very unattractive and even surgery can not always fix it.


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Therapies hydrocele in men

For accurate diagnosis is necessary to conduct an external examination of the scrotum, transillumination and palpation.In some cases of ultrasound required for diagnosis to prevent a hernia, having similar symptoms.Upon confirmation of the operation is assigned to a hydrocele.

There are several types of transactions, each of which allows to achieve a positive effect in some cases.Typically, such transactions are made under local anesthesia, and after 2-3 hours a man can go home.Full recovery occurs after about 1-2 weeks, depending on the regeneration ability of the organism.In some cases, when there is suppuration or bleeding during surgery can be done small incision through which the liquid is removed, clean the cavity wall, and then held suturing the wall.The type and method of plastic surgeon chooses independently on the basis of the clinical picture.


In the presence of edema exudate is also assigned the operation, as other methods, as a rule, give a temporary effect.In some cases, when the patient does not tolerate anesthesia, can be assigned to a puncture for pumping fluid, but it solves the problem temporarily.In the future, a cyst or testicular hernia may occur at the site of dropsy.

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