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How to get rid of the beer alcoholism

Many men believe that beer, being low-alcohol beverages is not capable to cause substantial harm to the body.But beer drinking is much more common than alcohol dependence vodka.The fact that the dependence of the beer is developing faster than other alcoholic beverages, since it is used for quenching thirst, and even replacing the liquid food.In anticipation of the summer season, when the beer is becoming the most popular drink, we recommend you read our publication, which we will talk about the beer alcoholism.How to recognize the beer alcoholism?Is it possible to cure the disease folk remedies?What causes addiction to beer?All these and many other questions we try to answer in today's article.

How do we determine, subject to you beer drinking, or not?After all, when you consider the fact that the development of the beer alcoholism is much slower than in the normal case, it is very important not to miss a moment and pay attention to the following facts:

Beer alcoholism develops almost imperceptibly,

and a sufficiently long period of time.Eating on one or two bottles of beer a day for years a person can not feel any change in mental or physical condition.While drinking beer, he feels a pleasure and relaxation.However, all this sooner or later leads to the consolidation of the urge to drink beer and beer alcoholism develops.And make a man drinking beer every day, get tested or undergo tests for alcoholism is very difficult.It is a rare man recognizes that the beer ruins the body and leads to alcoholism.Therefore, the best solution for the development of the beer alcoholism - to minimize the consumption of beer.But, in practice, to give up beer, not everyone can.

Beer alcoholism is characterized by several stages, which can be divided into stages.Let's look at what stage of the beer alcoholism there and how to recognize them.

Thus, the initial stage of the beer alcoholism is a mild form of addiction that is almost imperceptible to any lover of "beer" or to others.It all starts with the fact that people drink one or two bottles of beer on holidays, then in the evening, after the working day, not every day, as well, several times a week.Gradually the habit of drinking beer with friends turns into a system.And after each working day you rush to a favorite bar to "skip" a couple of beers for a conversation with friends.

In the next step you have more than one drink a bottle of beer, and increase the dose to a few glasses of the evening.And if the "gatherings" for a beer break for one reason or another, it leads to increased irritability and aggressive perception of what is happening.Note that beer drinkers do not have to get drunk beer to such a state to cease to perceive adequately what is happening around, but they drink regularly, up to several times a day.

very many men can drink up to 15 liters of beer per day, and not considering themselves addicted to alcohol.And even the fact that the appearance of the person changes, does not make him think about what is happening with the use of beer.

If all the same you have managed to convince the man that he had developed a dependence or he realized that he was sick, he can try to overcome this problem with the help of folk remedies.However, it is important to bear in mind that beer alcoholism treatment should be carried out comprehensively.

To begin to bring the patient out of hard drinking - this is the first stage of treatment.Development of aversion to drinking - the second stage.And the final, third stage is the cleansing of the body.

In the first stage of treatment depending on the beer will sauerkraut brine or salty mineral water with lemon.Receiving the above funds will help make up for the loss of fluids in the body and reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

To develop an aversion to alcohol, prepare the following tool: fill three-liter jar half unrefined oats.Fill with cold water and boil on low heat for half an hour.After that, strain the broth and add 100 gr.marigold flowers.

resulting mixture leave to infuse for 12 hours in a warm room and back strain.The resulting broth should drink three times a day.

Another recipe, which will help to stop drinking beer - a decoction of St. John's wort.Boil one tablespoon of herbs cup of boiling water, let it brew and drink throughout the day.The course of treatment is a minimum of two weeks.

Our ancestors in the fight against alcoholism used Baranez plant.To prepare the broth necessary to make 10 grams of plant twigs in a glass of boiling water, boil on low heat for 15 minutes, strain and take 2 tbspeach hour.Note that after the first day of treatment, many patients produced persistent hostility or aversion to alcoholic beverages.

Bay leaf, infused for two weeks in 250 ml of vodka, also causes aversion to alcohol.The same property has medicinal lovage.It is also pushing for a glass of vodka, and give 50 g.patient.Within 20 minutes, it means causes vomiting, thereby causing an aversion to alcohol.

The easiest way to clean the body is exercise.They accelerate blood flow and increase your metabolism, so you can quickly get rid of toxins.

cleanse the body and help hot bath with a decoction of herbs or essential oils of lavender or rosemary.The water temperature that reaches 37 degrees, increases the excretion of salts kidneys, allowing clean the body thoroughly.

Abuse beer has a significant negative impact not only on the appearance and mental health, but also to internal organs.Kidney, heart, liver and brain suffer from excessive alcohol receipt organism.In medicine, there is even a term such as "beer heart" and "beer kidneys or liver," which arise with changes in organ tissue consequence of alcohol consumption.

beer in large quantities, breaks blood vessels work, which leads to varicose veins and specific heart.The functions of the heart muscle are broken, why it becomes flabby and weak increases in size.

is important to take into account also the fact that beer contains female sex hormone - estrogen, which leads to changes in the figures for men.Breaking hormones, estrogen causes that men start to grow breasts and stomach.

Mental health also undermines the abuse of beer.It appears unfounded anxiety, sleep disturbance, irritability and apathy.

Well, to understand whether your beer drinking faces, we encourage you to pass a simple test and answer questions honestly.

If you answered yes to four questions, then you have to think about.If more than half of affirmative answers should seek help immediately.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!