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Alkohol und Antidepressiva

alcohol and antidepressants are two opposite things.Alcohol is considered a depressant, which can lift the mood, accelerate the heart rate, increase the pressure, causing the person to be active.It is much more various antibiotics, including antidepressants.Simultaneous use of alcohol and anti-depressants to minimize the effect of various drugs.In some cases, you may experience unexpected reaction of the individual components of pills and alcohol, and then the body can react unexpectedly - by increasing mood and vigor to hospitalization and coma.

Antidepressants are most often used to resolve such problems, depression, melancholy mood or irritability, trouble sleeping or appetite, aches and pains, difficulty concentrating or remembering, fatigue and lack of energy, nervousness, a sense of tension and anxiety presence.Depression is a serious and widespread disease, which can lead to disability.However, over time when the disease comes improvement.Depression usually occurs on the background of various lif

e stresses - changes in family and marital life, problems at work, change of residence and other things.It can also be associated with medical problems or with the presence of chronic physical disease, which is accompanied by severe pain.All these life stresses and problems can lead to an imbalance in the metabolism of neurotransmitters in the nervous system.As a result of observed symptoms such as sleep disturbance and appetite, fatigue, difficulty concentrating attention, and chronic pain.Antidepressants can restore a normal balance of chemicals and eliminate some of these symptoms.

Antidepressants - a medication that destroys monoamines in our body.This biologically substances that contribute to mood elevation, vivacity, the body's activity.These include epinephrine, melatonin, serotonin, dopamine and histamine.Alcohol also enhances the action of monoamine antidepressant and neutralizes work.their simultaneous use is strictly prohibited.But it should be noted that in some cases alcohol can accelerate the action of the drug, faster lifting and soothing discomfort.

interaction of antibiotics and alcohol can be as follows.Alcohol can reduce or increase the effects of the tablets to modify the nature of the drug, as well as to neutralize the action of tablets.At the moment, the problem of alcohol and antidepressants has not been fully studied, so it is quite difficult to say exactly what will be the initial reaction after certain doses of alcohol in combination with antidepressants.In this reaction, usually influenced by many different factors: the particular individual organism, type of alcohol and antidepressants, the amount of alcohol consumed and the hot or cold season.

Some doctors allow patients suffering from depression, take alcohol.But in this case, certain rules must be followed.First of all, mix the alcohol with antidepressants is possible only with permission of a doctor, and only those species, which will allow the physician.Since the beginning of treatment should undergo a minimum of 2 weeks, so that the body has had time to get used to the pills and their effects.Taking alcohol can not occur more than once every two weeks, and only in small doses (no more than 40 grams at one time).In addition, you can not drink the entire dose in one gulp, it should stretch out for a while.

If the patient fails to follow the rules of the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and its treatment is violated, then the better of alcohol altogether abandoned.Antidepressants main feature is that treatment with these drugs must be continuous, otherwise treatment process can be inefficient.And if you take alcohol, the treatment process is considered to be impaired.To restore the healing process after the adoption of alcohol, it is necessary to abandon the pills for about 2 weeks, and this may adversely affect the psychological state of a person, to provoke headaches and unpleasant thoughts.But also be cleaned liver and kidneys, to prepare for the resumption of the body treatments.

Of course, it is best to avoid mixing alcohol with any means, affect the nervous system.The combination of alcohol with antidepressants can worsen the patient's condition, and sometimes lead to dangerous consequences.There are several possible consequences of such a combination.

Depression, which is treated with appropriate medication, can significantly worse after drinking.Alcohol is almost completely cropped medicines, and significantly affect the course of the disease.In some cases, people suffering from mental disorders may feel emotional lift after taking alcohol, but this effect is short-lived, after the euphoria always comes deterioration and state of depression.In no case did not lead the singing depression with alcohol, because it can lead to alcoholism treatment.Furthermore, the combination of alcohol and various depressants adversely affect the reaction, and thought processes.In some cases, there is a strong hypnotic effect and retardation, which is particularly dangerous to those who drive trucks or work in conditions that require increased attention and reaction.Also of note is a high risk of side effects from the drug.Many drugs in combination with alcohol is a strong poison for the body.The greatest danger for a person carries a combination of MAO inhibitors (phenelzine, isocarboxazid, tranylcypromine, etc.) and alcohol.These drugs, along with alcohol cause a dangerous increase in blood pressure, which is fraught with stroke or other complications.If you have appointed MAO inhibitors, you should consult a doctor, he will say that you can eat, because the background of these drugs even food can be dangerous.

Various studies have shown that in the first place to the sick with alcoholism risk include people who are suffering from various depressive states.It is not necessary to cancel the use of antidepressants for alcohol.Many drugs require daily and regular intake that their action was predictable and correct.Even a brief interruption can negate the whole outcome.Remember that is not valid, and drug use during a mental illness, it only exacerbates the situation.If, however, there has been an important reason to drink, be sure to consult with your doctor.Perhaps he will allow you a small dose of alcohol in some cases.But do not forget to then tell about your health and what medications and dietary supplements you are taking.