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Alcohol and sex

Perhaps we all know that alcohol has a negative effect on the human body.However, the property of alcohol to produce endorphins in the brain leads to the fact that vysokogradusnye drinks are increasingly being used to achieve euphoria, relaxation, especially after work and noisy companies.But it is necessary to exceed the allowable dose of alcohol and fun instead of a person facing a serious condition of alcoholic intoxication and hangover.

Ethyl alcohol is a poison that is damaging affects all systems, including the reproductive system.Many men believe that if they do not need to bear a child, the alcohol does not affect their health in the intimate sphere.However, it is not.It should be noted that a small dose of alcohol may be beneficial affect the potency and increase sexual desire, but remember that alcohol intake should be minimal (about 1-2 glasses per evening).But regular consumption of alcoholic beverages as a result can lead to a deterioration of the sexual system of the body, reduced sex driv

e and, in the end - to alcohol dependence.

In small doses, alcohol can slightly enhance the attraction helps to feel more liberated, and also helps to increase the duration of sexual intercourse.Basically, this method is used insecure people, who perhaps had a bad sexual experience.However, over time the habit, and before each sexual contact men consume alcohol.But not many people know what is happening at the expense of the extension of the act in the use of alcoholic beverages.The fact that alcohol has some effect on the nervous system, so a few blunts the sensitivity of the penis.Over time, this habit leads to the opposite effect - decreased sex drive, which can even lead to impotence.Also reduced sensitivity can cause problems with ejaculation, and the habit of drinking alcohol can lead not only to impotence but also to alcoholism and even prostatitis.

learn exactly how alcohol affects the human body, we can confidently say that alcohol and potency are incompatible things in the sexual life of men.It is necessary to carefully consider what kind of structures suffer from the effects of alcohol.After ingestion of alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream and is carried through the bloodstream throughout the body.The most negative impact it has is on the nervous and reproductive system.The alcohol is best absorbed by the body in areas where a lot of fat tissue, so it primarily affects germ cells.Ethanol gives a normal body metabolic processes at the cellular level, slowing blood oxygen saturation, which results in a negative change in the cells themselves.They are completely or partially fail to fulfill their function.

Immediately after taking alcohol dilates blood vessels in the brain, contributing to the excitation of some of its centers and departments.That is why there is euphoria after alcohol sensation, increased sexual activity, self-confidence and swagger.However, the work of the brain is no longer controlled by the central nervous system, so the chaotic work of the brain is no longer able to provide the normal sexual intercourse.

Obvious problems with potency, and the male body can occur when alcohol is consumed in large quantities.The time required for full excitation is gradually increasing, there are problems with maintaining an erection.

In chronic alcoholism sexual attraction disappears.It is also possible the development of male infertility.It is known that the liver is the most vulnerable organ to alcohol, and when it is destroyed, the blood man gets a lot less sex hormone that stimulates sexual weakness.As shown by various studies, with an average degree of intoxication potency in males is significantly reduced, and in some cases completely lost.As a result of the habit of drinking something alcoholic before each intimate contact can lead to unfavorable consequences: alcoholism and persistent impotence.

Violation of sexual activity during alcoholism can be varied.Many experts claim that drinkers saved libido and potency and the ability to have intercourse reduced.Sexual disorders tend to occur due to damage to the nervous system (responsible for it in the body of ejaculation and erectile centers in the nervous system) due to the lack of normal relations in the family.

Among alcoholics sexual dysfunction and reduced potency most often occur in melancholic (depending on the type of nervous activity) in people with weak sexual design.Ethanol also influences the development of prostatitis, first reinforcing this body in the bloodstream, and then vice versa, impairing blood flow.In addition, alcohol adversely affects the reproductive cells, the sperm.The number of abnormal cells, they are inactive, incapable of fertilization and have altered structure.

a healthy male semen contains approximately 25% of abnormal cells are not capable for fertilization, this means that the complete sperm reach the target quickly.When alcoholism mobility equalizes all cells, thereby increasing the chance of conception of a disabled child.Due to the toxic effects of alcohol mass of the testes of men is significantly reduced, and significantly narrowed the diameter of the seminiferous tubules, which has a negative effect on sperm function.Alcohol depresses the interstitial cells of the testes, which are responsible for the production of testosterone.In addition, hepatic tissue is no longer able to neutralize the female sex hormones, which are present in small quantities in the male body, they accumulate in the blood, causing a change in appearance - feminization.It is worth noting that under the influence of alcohol is often committed by promiscuity, during which people are already beginning to neglect the protection methods.Also, the number of sexually transmitted diseases increases, adversely affecting the reproductive system.Most of them have the ability to chronicity, which further exacerbates the situation.

Different alcoholic beverages have different effects on sex life.For example, cheap wine, having a part of fusel oil, have a more pronounced toxic effect than quality wines.A beer drinks very adversely effect on the reproductive system.It is known that the composition of beer are plant analogs of progesterone (female sexual organ), the prevalence of which in the male body leads to the oppression of their own production, ie testosterone.The man has noticeably weakened muscles, increasing mammary glands, increases the stomach, reducing the amount of hair on the body and increases the tone of voice.And also there is deposition of fat on the female type (in the hips, buttocks and abdomen).

Perhaps the most tragic consequences of alcoholism is the sterilization or castration.This is one of the tools of nature to protect society from the birth of abnormal offspring.Sex for women is possible, but dying the egg in the ovaries, preventing fertilization of the unwanted.In men, the reduced potency, killed or non-viable sperm increases.This castration in men occurs approximately 11 years after the onset of alcoholism in women - in 7 years.

It should be noted that alcoholism is a social problem that must be addressed together with the patient.Without his consent, the recovery almost impossible.Because alcoholism is often a family break.It is especially dangerous if abused alcohol both spouses.After all, in a family who suffer most are children who feel inferior, they begin psychological problems, problems in school, reduced performance.

Everyone should make conclusions for themselves whether he needs alcohol and what are the consequences of its use.