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Allergy to beer

Nowadays, virtually anywhere in the world throughout the year consumed a huge amount of beers, but in addition to fun, this drink can bring quite serious inconveniences - namely, to call in some sensitive individuals allergic.It is worth noting that before the doctor about such troubles had absolutely no idea.And when, after a few glasses of beer on the body of a rash, redness, or itching, runny nose, or there eyes begin to itch, we can not imagine that it could have a negative reaction to some of the components that are part of this drink.It should also be noted that some unscrupulous vendors can add to this popular drink different side "harmful" ingredients - colorants, preservatives, stimulants, which are the cause of negative consequences.But not upset, allergy manifested only in certain types of beer, instead of the entire line of the product.

Typically, beer allergy occurs suddenly, with such a reaction does not depend on whether, in what quantities you drink this drink.

allergy in our time has b

ecome commonplace.Almost all of our relatives, friends and acquaintances are prone to a variety of allergic reactions.Basically such stimuli will melt some products, medicines, but in some cases there are more interesting cases, such as allergic to beer.Of course, the higher the quality of the beverage, the less chance of developing allergy.

allergic reaction may cause alcohol, ethyl alcohol, or any other components that are part of the beverage.Usually this colorants, flavors and the like.The main cause of allergies for beer is hops, from which it was made.This component gives the bitter taste of the drink.People with sensitivity to hop will experience rhinitis (runny nose), conjunctivitis (swelling or infection of the tissue lining the eyelids), asthma and contact urticaria (hives).Another ingredient of beer - barley malt is created when grain for malt soaked and sprouted.To malted barley may be susceptible people who are allergic to pollen.In this case, you may experience symptoms such as tingling of the face, urticaria, chest tightness, swelling of the lips and tongue, dizziness and coughing.

crucial for the production of beer have yeast, as they create unrest.Allergies to yeast manifested by symptoms that are characteristic of many allergies.It sneezing, sore throat, nausea, rash, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, heartburn and white coated tongue.

used in the production of beer and wheat, rice, corn, enzymes, which can also cause an allergic reaction that can manifest urticaria, anaphylaxis, molasses or labored breathing.The degree of severity is different in different people.Remember that sometimes the beer is added to certain foods and even cosmetics (shampoos).In identifying allergies are mostly limited to an oral examination.To identify an allergy to grains in beer (barley), have to do skin sample point (applying the allergen on the skin previously scratched), but to reveal the negative reaction to the malt and yeast need to do intradermal test.

The alcohol also contains a huge amount of histamine.In addition, it increases the production of ethanol and other elements of the active amines, which cause abnormal reactions in humans.

should be noted some peculiarities of the symptoms of allergy beer.They can take an hour, but can develop into a more dangerous reaction.A feature of this allergy can be called that teach the body to the product is impossible, since the more often it is taken, the more unpleasant and dangerous symptoms.However, not always the presence of some of these symptoms indicating allergy occurs.When drinking alcohol dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow to particular organs and parts of the body that can affect the appearance of nasal congestion and redness.But in this case they are not associated with an allergic reaction to the product.

But you can prevent a negative reaction on beer, which you need to choose only good manufacturers.The product must be of high quality, it is the only effective way to protect yourself from unwanted reactions.Nowadays, there are many criteria for the selection of alcoholic beverages, which include color, flavor, character foam transparency.Each grade has its own standards.For example, a light beer should sparkle, but through a glass to pass light.The foam is of several types: dense, fine, loose, bubble, compact and unstable.It is usually assessed for height and dolgostoyaniem.High-quality foam should hold about 5 minutes, the height of her at the same time should be 5 cm. Be very careful in choosing what eat, because it affects your health.

course to an allergic reaction is not repeated, alcohol is recommended to completely eliminate obsolete.In addition, do not save on their own health and consume only a beer, for which no doubt.It is also desirable to exclude from their diet products which contain those components, and that in the beer.This, above all, bread and pasta, champagne, kvass.To start the progression of allergies, especially during long-term manifestation of the disease, it is recommended to consult with an experienced doctor who will prescribe you the right treatment.Can help preparations from the group of antihistamines, but they only will be removed symptoms and effects, but do not heal from allergies.They behave differently, one way to open air, which was blocked due to consumption of the beverage, the other - is removed and other skin irritations.It is very important for the treatment to protect themselves from a variety of stresses, since the stress negatively affects the skin disease, which arose due to an allergy.Remember that it is not necessary to self-medicate in this situation, because the components that make up the anti-allergy medicines, can only aggravate the situation.Experts recommend completely abandon the use of beer, even nonalcoholic, because it contained virtually the same components as in alcoholic beverage.Of course, non-beer drinks will improve your health, but it is better to go through a complete examination, as a manifestation of allergic reaction may be a sign of more serious diseases.

People's treatment of an allergic reaction to beer is the use of drugs of plant and animal origin.Extend the application of a succession of infusion, decoction of the roots of dandelion and burdock, Chernogolovka ordinary powder.

necessary to adhere to all of the above recommendations then your health will certainly improve, and about the allergy you can ever forget.