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alcohol Harm

Nowadays, alcohol abuse not only men but also women, and even teenagers.The company has already been made to sit with a bottle of beer or just a faint smell of fume.People gradually degrades, and in fact many would refuse alcohol, if they knew about its terrible impact on the human body.

Alcohol is a terrible poison, which affects almost all organs of the body - liver, heart, brain, reproductive system.It is known that alcohol is an excellent solvent.Once any alcoholic beverage enters the human stomach, part of it enters the bloodstream.As a result, red blood cells, which transport oxygen in the body, a lubricant lose adipose (it dissolves).After the loss of fat cells on contact lubrication not slip by, and stick together.When combined with 6-10 erythrocytes, we get something like a bunch of grapes, and in contact with it in the capillaries can begin serious problems.The capillary has a size that allows to pass only one red blood cells, otherwise it becomes clogged.As a result, the neuron will not recei

ve oxygen and die.

no less terrible blow inflicts alcohol and the rest of the body.Perhaps all known liver cirrhosis, which occurs because of the power consumption of alcohol.In addition, alcohol reduces the person's life by about 5-15 years, depending on the characteristics of the organism and use intensity.

Nowadays alcoholism among teenagers is a real difficult problem as a physiological and moral plan.In adolescence, any alcohol, even in small amounts, causes significant harm to the body.Many experts say that even moderate alcohol consumption is equivalent to a teenager abuse alcohol.

First of all, a great harm is caused by the brain.Up to 20 years of his work is focused on learning and the brain supports the step of establishing such connections between nerve cells.Drinking alcohol disrupts this relationship that leads to poor sensitivity of information.Such exposure can have even a single dose of alcohol.There will be a fading ethical and moral standards, as well as the already acquired skills.It must be remembered that such influence of alcohol will affect the brain throughout later life.It should also be noted that only 20% of teenagers drinking in the future become a prosperous people, while others become addicted to alcohol for life.Young body approximately 7 times more quickly accustomed to alcohol than adults.

Adolescents much quicker liver destruction, because they have increased the permeability of the vessel walls, and the liver is not as developed as an adult.Under the influence of ethyl alcohol occurs fatty liver cells.In the body is changing: impaired protein synthesis, carbon, vitamins and enzymes.Quite often, boys and girls, starting to drink alcohol at an early age, in the future can not stop, and it can lead to fatal disease - cirrhosis.

Still under the influence of ethanol suffers from the gastrointestinal tract.Alcohol alters the properties and amount of gastric juice, there is a malfunction of gastric glands, which may lead to serious diseases such as diabetes and pancreatitis.This drink, like beer, is a diuretic, with frequent use of which the young body loses all nutrients.And such popular among young sweet cocktails generally produce chaos in the stomach, because they contain ethyl alcohol, dye and sugar.Significant harm done by alcohol and on the cardiovascular system.Frequent use of alcohol can lead to tachycardia, problems with blood pressure.

Often sex among adolescents are the result of the effects of alcohol.That is why among the younger generation found so many cases of infection sexual nature infections: hepatitis B and C and HIV infection.In addition, random links lead to early pregnancies of young girls, who through fear of the unknown commit abortions.Unfortunately, quite often these girls in the future can not just children.It should also be noted that the alcohol causing irreparable harm to the immune system of a young man, as a result, he often gets colds other infectious nature of the disease.

Young people often consume alcohol, there are frequent urinary tract infections and inflammation in the airways.In addition, it turns out the damage and adolescent reproductive system.The girls are often born sick offspring, also are frequent miscarriages.This is because in the use of ethanol undergoes significant changes follicular apparatus.

Alcohol Prevention at the moment is of paramount importance.As a rule, it is the educational and organizational measures that are aimed at young people to learn more about the harmful effects of alcohol on your body and mind, and tried to avoid the temptations of contact with drinking peers and adults.It is also desirable to carry out measures to promote all sorts of hobbies among adolescents to increase their interest in education and skills development.An important role in the prevention of teenage alcoholism parents play.They should remember the main thing that a teenager harmless alcoholic beverages does not exist.

drink alcohol during pregnancy is extremely unacceptable, since it can cause great harm to the unborn child.The effects of alcoholism developing fetus mother in the future can be expressed in physiological, cognitive and behavioral aspects.Young mothers should be remembered that the fetal alcohol syndrome can develop when alcohol use, in which children have the disease outside bodies slowly grow and develop.These children may be smaller brain volume, as well as the number of the brain cells.Neural cells in the brain of these kids are not able to function normally.

Unfortunately, many women are frivolous to the unborn child, and continue to drink alcohol during pregnancy.However, many are wondering: it is necessary to exclude alcohol or reduce the amount?If you want your kid is not fully used its capabilities, you can reduce alcohol consumption by half.And do not think that beer - a harmless drink.

Alcohol in any form brings great harm to the developing fetus.Beer, vodka, wine or cognac - in all this there is ethanol, which enters the body of the growing child, causing blood disorders and hemorrhages.In addition, alcohol causes a lack of supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus, because of what the child in the future will lag behind in development.It may also happen detachment of the placenta, and even fetal death.

Remember that alcohol is not always immediately exerts its effect.Malfunctions organs may occur several years after birth.This can be explained by the fact that during the maturation of hormones is released, all the negative genetic information that has been disfigured by alcohol addiction mother.In our time, the problem is not rare drunken conception, when the mechanism of maturation of organs and systems of the fetus is suffering at the genetic level.In addition, quite often women learn about pregnancy only after a month.Meanwhile, she continues to drink alcohol and smoke.Keep in mind that in the first weeks of pregnancy formed the basis of all future systems of the body, and in the use of alcohol placenta, which protects the fetus does not have time to form, so you can imagine how your baby is born.

Remember that alcohol is causing irreparable damage to all organs of the body, and only in your power to get rid of this dependence, to be free and happy.