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Dazolik and alcohol

Any alcohol is a narcotic poison, which in certain quantities can cause acute poisoning.With long-term and regular use of alcohol causes irreversible changes in the body, a detrimental effect on all systems and organs.For this reason, it is contraindicated in children and young people, who only formed all body systems, as well as pregnant women and people with any disease, located on medication.

Exceeding dosage drugs also will melt poison.Almost all the drugs do not adversely affect the liver, so in the course of treatment is strictly prohibited by the simultaneous use of alcohol and drugs.When the body of drugs, the liver works hard, and that she must recycles toxic breakdown products that are formed during the processing of medications.If additionally load the liver in processing alcohol, it is quite possible unintended negative reaction.Therefore, almost all instructions drugs indicate that alcohol consumption during the preparation of the diet should be deleted.But receiving this medication as Dazo

lik, does not preclude the simultaneous reception of alcohol.

Dazolik means is in the form of white, round-coated tablets.The composition of this preparation include cellulose, starch, ornidazole, purified talc, silica, magnesium and polyethylene glycol Sterate.This medicine is usually used when the disease trichomoniasis, giardiasis, amebiasis, infections that are caused by the action of anaerobic bacteria on the body, as well as in the prevention of infections in gynecology and intestinal operations.Dazolik affects the DNA of microorganisms, destroying them from the inside, while causing a minimum of damage to the human body.When you use the drug you must adhere to a strict dosage, such as amoebic dysentery dose is 1.5-2 grams per day.Treatment of diseases usually occurs by hydroxylation and subsequent oxidation glyukuronirovaniya.This means that after the contact with the drug in the liver it is split into components and further extends through the body, then it falls into the cerebrospinal fluid, acts on various glands that promote excretion of enzymes.With the use of alcohol inhibition atsetaldegidlegidrogenazy will occur, which slows down the decay products of ethanol.Ethyl alcohol is accumulated in human bodies, and cause poisoning of the corresponding reactions.The main symptoms of such poisoning: fever, fever, flushing, shortness of breath or chest bursting.In addition, it reduced production of neurotransmitters, which leads to the release of adrenaline and dopamine, and as a result it entails dizziness, vomiting, panic attacks and the like.

However, it should be noted that all these processes take place on a small scale, and this allows the use of small amounts of alcohol.Keep in mind that large quantities of negative reaction does not take long to wait.Nevertheless, it is recommended do without alcohol, because the liver will receive a double burden on the processing of ethanol and the effect of the drug, which will necessarily lead to a deterioration of its work, the problems with the processes of metabolism, lowering of protective functions of the body.Also affected and kidney, because the decay products of the main active ingredient Dazolika - ornidazole, excreted through the kidneys.Loads kidney and alcohol, as a diuretic, and the body tries to get rid of toxins.Simultaneous use of these substances will necessarily lead to dehydration.It is not advisable to drink alcohol during the illness, because it would further weaken the immune system, which is unable to deal with the illness.

maximum blood alcohol concentration after about an hour and a half after its substances O Dazolika time as alcohol is 12-14 hours, and in patients with liver problems, and even more.Furthermore, this drug also achieves the maximum concentration at half-hour after administration, active substances will therefore interact.This can lead to negative consequences, as Dazolik increases the duration of action of vecuronium bromide and enhances the effect of anticoagulants coumarone.The substances contained in the preparation is completely removed after five days.

By Dazolika side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, headache, convulsions, problems with coordination, perversion of taste sensations, temporary loss of consciousness, tremors, sensory or peripheral neuropathy, as well as allergic reactions, nausea and vomiting.Furthermore, the reaction can disulfiramopodobnyh since each body behaves differently, and is difficult to predict the reaction of the alcohol with mixing Dazolikom.Therefore, if possible, it is recommended to give up alcohol completely.Moreover, even people with alcohol dependence can for a few days to give up alcohol, and the duration of treatment is small.

If for some reason to avoid alcohol during treatment can not, in this case it is necessary to adhere to certain guidelines.Between receptions Dazolika and alcohol must be at least 8 hours, respectively, and in the opposite case, that is, between alcohol and taking drugs.If after taking this drug observed the phenomenon of intolerance, side effects, or any deterioration of health, then from alcohol during treatment must be abandoned.If you have an appointment Dazolika except for some medicine, the use of alcohol is strictly forbidden due to the high risk of joint toxic effects on the liver cells.It is also advisable to consult a doctor, who will select a treatment regimen, the treatment time can be from 3 to 10 days, and the dosage depends on the disease, age and weight of the patient.Dazolik is one of the few drugs that are used to treat amebiasis in patients with chronic alcoholism.Unlike other antiprotozoal medicaments (e.g., metronidazole), it does not cause the reaction disulfiramopodobnyh if consumed in the treatment liquor.

So when receiving Dazolika permitted in small doses to drink alcohol, but doctors do not recommend doing this, as the presence in the body of a pathogen of the disease weakens the body.A concomitant use of alcohol will weaken the body even more.However, if the intake of Dazolika patient drank a glass of wine or beer, no special scary manifestations of this fact it is not threatened.