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How alcohol affects the human body

Nowadays, alcohol is the main guest at the festivals, a true friend during the depression, as well as simple and affordable provider of fun and good mood.Many people think that alcohol affects except on the condition of the body follows postprazdnichnym morning, but in fact it leaves a deep mark on our body.As a rule, these scars often provoke severe, sometimes incurable diseases and disorders.

ethanol or ethanol is a potent substance which contains any quantity of alcohol.A glass of vodka or a glass of wine almost immediately absorbed by the body, because alcohol does not need traditional treatment gastric juice.Within a minute after consuming it gets to all the important organs.

Once the alcohol hit the stomach, he had no pre-treatment and preparation begins to be absorbed into the blood.Next alkogoldegidrodenaza enzyme contained in blood, destroying about a fifth of ethanol.It should be noted that in the female body of the enzyme is much less, which is why the fairer sex get drunk faster and stronge

r than men.In addition, a woman's body quickly gets used to the regular adoption and alcohol contributes to the rapid emergence of a powerful addiction - alcoholism.Alcohol absorbed in the stomach is not too intensive, significantly faster ethanol digested in the small intestine.This may explain the fact that after drinking a certain amount of alcohol, a person is not drunk immediately, but after some time.Ethanol penetrates almost all the water space of the body, accounting for approximately 60% of body weight.You should also know that alcohol withdrawal from the body much longer than its absorption.Approximately 2-10% alcohol in its pure form is excreted in breath, urine, sweat, saliva and feces, and this is due to fume mouth drunk and peculiar smell of all other emissions of substances the body.The rest is the same amount of alcohol is excreted from the body within a few days.

The effects of alcohol on the brain is irreversible.With constant use of nerve cells destroyed by alcohol.Experts say that people who drank alcohol daily, worsening memory and impaired thinking.As a rule, first of all forget events that occurred recently, and with prolonged use of are deleted and entrenched in the minds of the facts.

strongly influence of alcohol and the cardiovascular system.Alcoholics often suffer from hypertensive heart disease, ischemic heart disease and cardiomyopathy.The toxic influence of alcohol has directly to heart tissue and blood vessels, impaired metabolism of the heart tissue.People who drink often, increased heartbeat, a feeling of breathlessness on exertion, observed marked changes in the ECG.

primarily suffering from alcohol liver.Almost everyone has heard of this disease, as cirrhosis.This is the body of the bulk of ethanol oxidation occurs.Ethanol is converted to acetaldehyde, which, in turn, to acetic acid.Further acid is split into carbon dioxide and water, and then excreted.Under the influence of the liver cells die decomposition products of ethanol, after which their spot formed scar.As a result, a gap may occur in the liver, and this leads to bleeding.Studies show that over 80% of cirrhotic disease are fatal.

Unfortunately, in our time is quite common beer drinking.Not a person who uses a daily 1-2 cans of beer, considers himself sick.It must be remembered that the beer - the same alcohol, the use of which leads to the same disappointing results.

Almost all those who frequently drink alcohol, sexual disorders are detected.It is usually associated with neuroendocrine shifts.At the first stage of alcoholism observed enhanced sexual activity, because alcohol has not yet had time to affect the neuroendocrine system.In the second stage of the disease is characterized by loss of libido and premature ejaculation.Sexual activity in this case is possible only when stimulated with high doses of alcohol.

Do not forget about the effects of alcohol on the psyche.Alcoholic encephalopathy is a disease in which mental disorders are combined with physical and neurological disorders.As a rule, the disease develops in men who regularly drink alcohol, over 5 years, and for women - in 3 years.Alcoholic encephalopathy begins with disturbances of mental functions with monotonous and static visual hallucinations and illusions.Motor stimulation usually occurs repetitive actions.In the future, the disease can develop into a coma.

is believed that in some way alcohol prolongs life, of course, this does not apply to chronic alcoholics.Recent studies consistently show that moderate alcohol consumption prolongs life.Perhaps everyone has heard about the recommendation to drink a glass of dry red wine a day, or at least a couple of times a week (unless contraindicated).Experiments show that the mortality rate among those who completely abstained from alcohol, 69%, and among those who drank moderately or even many - 41% and 61%, respectively.Many theories are usually based on antioxidants and resveratrol compounds found in wines, as well as on improving the production of good cholesterol by the body.Of course, between longevity and alcohol indirect connection.For shy people, it is something like a social lubricant and relieves stress (of course, in moderation).Sociology and Epidemiology, conducted studies of long-term isolation and its impact on life expectancy.Loneliness is very dangerous to life, since man is by nature a social being, and used to live in a group.

should also be noted that under the influence of alcohol, people tend to perceive all the surrounding actions as deliberate.It is known that alcohol alters the perception of the reality of man, so it may seem that random people's actions were not accidental, and intentional.It is for this reason that companies already heated so often there are disputes.

Many people think that alcohol is an excellent sedative, but it is not so, especially if the front of alcohol you drink caffeinated beverages.In fact, alcohol can disrupt REM sleep, and as a result you will often wake up, or even can not sleep.Remember that the brain will not be able to dive into a deep sleep and rest properly.

Before you drink another glass of alcohol think about it, because the consequences of the feast can be much greater than one "evil" morning after drinking.

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