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How does a beer on the body

Beer is a popular drink among all ages.Many people use this alcoholic drink every day.It should be borne in mind that the beer - it is also alcohol and any alcohol necessarily lead to health problems.Excessive consumption of beer can lead to pain in the abdomen, liver, heart problems, and, most importantly, the deterioration of potency.

Beer is a product of fermentation, which is composed of hops and malt.These two natural ingredients have a positive effect on our body.Hops are widely known in folk medicine.Its inflorescences contain volatile - this substance possessing antibacterial properties, and the resin promotes healing.Previously, many people thought that a large number of these substances in the body can cause reproductive disorders, but this hypothesis has been disproved.

Also, many argue that phytoestrogens may help prevent prostate cancer in men and women can prevent breast cancer, but these substances can become agents of disease.Therefore we can not definitely say that beer has a positive

effect on the body.Moreover, hops has sedative properties, has sedative effect.Malt is also rich in vitamins and has a positive effect on the body.It is obtained from germinated seed of barley, wheat less.The composition of the dark beer varieties contain substances such as flavonoids, they help to strengthen bone and also have antimicrobial properties.

most affected organ is the stomach.Beer - a low-alcohol beverage and thus contains a small portion of ethyl alcohol.The strong drink varieties, the figure is about 10-14%, that is, one half-liter bottle of vodka is 50-100 g.Experts argue that the glands that are located in the walls of the stomach and producing gastric juice in everyday use of alcohol, first allocate a lot of mucus, and then atrophy completely.As a result, digestion becomes defective, because the food stagnates or semifinished enters the intestine.In men, it may be gastritis, which is accompanied also complaints of depressed mood, general weakness, abdominal pain, bitterness in the mouth and other unpleasant symptoms.

Even the most low-alcohol beverages is a powerful enemy of the liver, as its main function - cleansing the body of antitoxic effects.Excessive use beer instead of the liver, to prevent the penetration of the body other potent and poisonous substances must fight the toxicity of ethyl alcohol.As a result, it can develop hepatitis.The disease can manifest itself not only in open symptoms, but in a hidden form, you enter in the medical misconceptions.As a rule, it all depends on the individual, so before you drink beer, you should think about the consequences.

Beer fairly rapidly absorbed, so there is instant overflow of blood vessels.With excessive use of intoxicating drink appears varicose veins and the heart begins to increase.This process is called medical syndrome of "beer heart" or "bovine heart."Due to the increased loads which are caused by the constant pumping of the heart of beer, it is becoming senile and starts to grow fat.The result is increased pressure in humans, are increasing cardiac contraction, arrhythmia occurs.Also evident fatigue of the heart, causing shortness of breath.Chances of developing coronary heart disease, which ultimately leads to a stroke, and in worst cases - death.

should also be noted the impact of beer on the kidneys.They maintain the constancy of the internal environment of the body, involved in the regulation of acid-base composition and water and electrolyte balance of the body.Beer also disturbs these natural processes, which increases the burden on the kidneys, causing them to work much more intensively.That is, people often consume the drink, there is increased urination.This is because the alcohol acts heavily on the renal tissue, resulting in increased filtration in the kidneys.Due to the powerful diuretic effect, beer leaches from the body a lot of useful micro and macro elements (magnesium, potassium and vitamin C).When man ceases to magnesium deficiency more irritable, tearful, his bad mood, trouble sleeping.When potassium shortage there is pain in the calves, weakness in the legs, and there is a failure of heart rhythm.At deficiency of vitamin C a person more susceptible to viruses, so it is more likely to suffer from colds.Excessive consumption of beer can cause renal vascular sclerosis, heart attacks of kidneys, renal hemorrhage and other diseases.Under the influence of alcohol kidney gradually reduced in size and then shrinks.

Doctors claim that beer contains phytoestrogen, that is an analogue of progesterone (female sexual organ).It is contained in the knobs of hops, which is used in beer production.Therefore, the systematic use of intoxicating beverages may reduce the body's endocrine system.The men begin to dominate the female hormones, and accordingly, changing the appearance of the men, baldness occurs face and armpits, decreased muscle mass, there is a so-called "beer belly", as well as the deposition of fat in the waist and hips.As a result, this affects the male potency.

woman's body works much harder and more elegant male.Each month hormones in it changes significantly, and the invasion of the delicate mechanism of phytoestrogens or other hormonal drugs can cause serious consequences, up to infertility.Female body itself is normally generates much estrogen as it is currently needed.When used in the beer enters the female organism female hormone additional amount that may result in increased uterine tissue proliferation of uterine and vaginal secretion and release of excessive mucus in the fallopian tubes, as well as menstrual irregularities.All this casts doubt on the usefulness of such a woman for procreation.

Action hop on women has long been known.They tried not to be used for the assembly of knobs of hops plantations, because in this kind of work for most of the fairer sex was soon revealed bleeding regardless of the internal monthly cycle.With beer consumption in men decreased attraction to the opposite sex, and women, on the contrary, increases, which brings disharmony in family relationships.This syndrome is called "cat's heat," when sexual desire in women increased so that it loses its inherent modesty and begins to play an active, dominant role, imposing guy.

Everyone should know about the harmful effect of beer on the body, because then many problems and diseases can be avoided.