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As a man out of the binge

Alcoholism is a serious disease that occurs with the constant use of various alcoholic beverages.The highest level of alcoholism is a binge, during which the person for some time in a row using alcohol and constantly feels dependent on him.That is, after a while people can not live without alcohol.

Statistics show that people rarely can get out of their own binge.To do this, he would need an iron will power to fight with yourself.But what if your relative, friend or a loved one can not escape from yourself binge?In this case, it is very important to adhere to the following guidelines.First of all, no scandals and grabs a bottle of liquor at the drunken man.After all, such a state is insane, so you should take it easy and wait for a more comfortable situation.It is necessary to sleep it off a drunk, because after a few hours of sleep the body has more adequately respond to the assistance.Experts say that you need to begin to act when the patient first signs of a hangover - weakness, rapid pulse, desire t

o drink again.It is recommended to call a doctor who will take all necessary steps for the removal of hard drinking.

most effective and safe way to interrupt the binge is admission to drug treatment hospital.It is necessary to stop the development of complications of acute mental disorders that provoke severe alcoholism.Be sure to provide a patient-clock surveillance, because there are cases of injuries and even suicide.People with alcohol dependence after discontinuation of alcoholic beverages will melt aggressive towards themselves and others, mood swings occur, the reluctance to live and fight for their own health.In the treatment in a specialized institution doctor with a dropper, different drugs can help the patient to transfer the output stage of the binge with little or no risk of complications.As a result, it normalizes blood pressure and heart rate, removed "vibrating conveyor" disappears anxiety, nausea, vomiting and headache, recovering sleep and improved nutrition of the body.Currently used harmless and well-acting drugs, which are selected based on the patient's condition, comorbidities, and stage of alcohol dependence.After these funds lost the craving for alcohol, eliminated the lack of fluid, energy, vitamins and minerals.

complex for output from binge should include antidepressants, analgesics and cardiovascular drugs, sleeping pills, vitamins and so on.Also used a dropper, which consists of saline, 5% glucose solution or saline solutions (Chlosol, Trisol).Hypnotics or sedatives, vitamins, calcium and potassium supplements help normalize blood circulation, restore normal sleep and metabolism, relieve pain and remove toxins.

At the moment, the most effective procedures for the withdrawal of the binge, relieve hangover, getting rid of alcohol and drug addiction are plasmapheresis and hemosorbtion.Plasmapheresis using centrifuge separates blood plasma and blood cells.In plasma and are products of decay alcohol, and after this procedure, blood cells are returned to the body, and the plasma with toxins destroyed.Hemosorption - a procedure to clean the blood through a special device, which resulted in the "heavy" molecules of toxins are deposited in special filters.Such procedures are very effective, but dangerous for the patient's life, so they can be used only in case of severe alcohol poisoning.

People for many centuries, are dependent on alcohol, and during this time they have accumulated experience and knowledge to bring people from binge using the folk remedies.Well help medicinal herbs, which give diaphoretic and diuretic effect.Because plants are usually prepared broths, infusions or teas that use sugar in large amounts (about 10-15 cups per day).To prepare the tea that will help cope with the heavily it is necessary to take a mint, St. John's wort, wormwood, yarrow (2 of each herb), angelica root, sweet and fruits of juniper (1 part).All of these components need to chop, pour boiling water and mix thoroughly.It is necessary to wait until the tea brew, then can be used in the form of heat.

for gastric lavage perfect mixture of 1 teaspoon of salt dissolved in 1 liter of water.The resulting liquid to drink, after which there is a gag reflex in humans suffering heavily.

Another effective way to deal with heavily is this.In the morning the patient must be given to drink apple juice or beverage to taste sour and then activated charcoal to give a rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight.After 2-3 hours to take one pill 2 Antipohmelin tsitramona and tablets.It is advisable to drink Antipohmelin and in the process of drinking, this will reduce withdrawal symptoms in the morning.Very popular and fast folk remedy for withdrawal of the binge is an ordinary brine.Better use of the brine, which is made from sauerkraut, it is by the action of a lot better cucumber.You can also apply pantothenic acid, which help to relieve stress and nervousness.It is recommended to use it at 500 mg twice a day.

If a person is in a deranged state of mind, it must be put to one side and rub the rim of the ears as long as he did not regain consciousness.After that, the forehead should put a wet bandage, give to drink plenty of salt or mineral water with a little squeezed lemon juice in it.Excellent effect has the use of extracts of St. John's wort, and peppermint, which relieve tension and improve the functioning of the stomach.Especially useful rosehips, which is a diuretic and contains a lot of vitamins.It is also necessary to focus efforts on protecting the liver cells and the recovery of its work.In this case, it would be the best assistant powder from the seeds of milk thistle.It does not need to brew and drink a teaspoon of the powder with water.

very important and psychological atmosphere in the house.Typically, a significant role in the excessive enthusiasm for alcohol-drinking buddies playing around.Therefore it is very important on the road to recovery to limit human contact with such friends and acquaintances.Another very important not to belittle or criticize the person, and try to understand and fulfill all his desires, not alcohol-related.It is advisable to seek help from a specialist who can determine the necessary preparations and state of the person.The advantage of treating drinking bouts popular methods is to maintain a drinking problem secret.