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How to make a person stop drinking

Today, alcohol is a problem of enormous proportions.Because of addiction to alcohol, many people lose the most important thing they have - family, work, health.We all know that alcohol kills a man.Of the total number of orphans 99% - children of alcoholic parents, and about 60% of crimes committed while intoxicated.In addition, alcohol is a major cause of poverty among the inhabitants of our country.So, alcohol - is the main enemy of mankind, which is necessary to fight relentlessly.And in order to improve society, everyone should start with themselves, changing the attitude to this poison.

word force in this case is not entirely successful.It is necessary to make sure that the man himself wanted to get rid of the physiological craving for alcohol.There are many reasons that people began and continues to consume alcohol.It is necessary to pay attention to some points, then the problem of alcoholism will be solved or eased.In the life of every person plays an important role emotional bond with his father

.If the paternal power is not enough, a person does not have the strength to properly build their lives.And then it appears addicted to alcohol as a specific pastime.

also of great importance in human life is the realization of their integrity.Man tries to reach it, solving some problems and improving themselves.Alcohol also creates an illusory feeling of integrity, and without it man can not feel full.Also, quite often people drink alcohol, not to take responsibility for their lives.Experts call it the child's position, when a person seeks to shift the responsibility for their lives to other people.Another cause of alcoholism is the feeling of guilt that people feel from childhood.Over time, this feeling of guilt becomes necessary to man, and the surest way to get it becomes drunkenness.

to convince a person to stop drinking, first of all, you need to stop criticizing and haunt him for drunkenness.Remember that if you do not see the cause of alcoholism, it does not mean that it does not exist.Often, even the drinks are not aware of what led him to alcohol abuse.

Most women do not know how to convince her husband to stop drinking.In this case, the most important is the understanding of the man himself that he has a big problem, and it can deal with it on their own.Be honest with someone, but do not dissemble and do not regret it.To persuade her husband to stop drinking, every woman should look for their decision, taking into account the situation in the family and the individual qualities of your spouse.It makes it quite difficult, but necessary, because it is a belief the need to stop drinking begins treatment for alcoholism.Also try to show people how much better life is without alcohol, as it fulfilling and full of pleasant events.It mainly alcoholic drinks because they do not see the point in my life.

Nowadays, the main problem is alcoholism among young people.To this addiction did not develop into a more serious problem that should inspire other young person occupation, more useful and interesting.Unfortunately, at the moment there is no single correct way of how fast to stop drinking, and how to help a person cope with alcohol dependence, or alcoholism would not be such a problem.

nondrinkers Many men are concerned about how to help a woman to stop drinking?Coping can be very easy, and can be very difficult with addiction to alcohol woman.As a rule, it all depends on the character and the willpower of women.Additional incentive to give up alcohol may be a husband and children.An experienced doctor is able to save a woman, having a family, the desire to take alcohol in a single session.Usually the maternal instinct wins.It is much harder to get rid of the addiction to the woman who has no family.Remember that the first time after a person has stopped drinking, it is particularly difficult to abstain from alcohol.At this time, it requires the most attention and understanding of the loved ones.

alcoholism treatment without the consent of the patient may be required in the case where the person does not want to recognize his problems and does not want to be treated.Of course, such treatment will be less effective, as the main support factor in getting rid of alcohol addiction is just a person's desire to recover.

Nowadays there are many different people's ways of treating alcoholism, without notifying the patient about this.Of course, the various plots and strange rituals will not help, but a variety of liqueurs and recipes of traditional medicine is quite effective in the fight against alcoholism.The most effective and simple means is a mushroom-beetle.This tool is very powerful, so it is not recommended to treat their alcoholism without supervision of doctors.To cure an effect, it is necessary to find fresh fungus beetle.This is done not so easy, as the mushrooms grow in a couple of days, and shortly thereafter begin to darken and rot.To make the tool, you simply dried mushroom.However, the standard drying in this case, will not work because the fungus-beetle susceptible to autolysis, self-dissolution.This means that if you simply leave to dry in the sun mushroom, soon only wet spot remains on him.To dry the mushrooms, it should be cut into small pieces and place in the pan, without adding any oil, and often stir over low heat.When the fungus to get rid of the water, the dried pieces need to be milled and the resulting powder was added to the dish to the patient.

If after drinking the powder drink alcohol, then a few hours later to begin a very violent reaction.A person begins to purple and then purple ceases, at the same time start a wild thirst and vomiting.Then fever, diarrhea starts, broken speech functions, and vision becomes blurred.Several hours later, all effects disappear completely, but if the next day again to drink alcohol, the symptoms re-emerge.The fungus-beetle is very toxic, so you need to strictly dosed its use.The course of treatment is 10 days, during which every second day to add to food mushroom powder 2.3 g.

very effective tool in the fight against alcoholism is a pepper tincture.To prepare it, you need 20 grams of red pepper pour 0.5 liter 60-degree alcohol.The resulting mixture should be firmly closed and placed in a dark place for two weeks.During this time, you can not make the mixture to light, but it is necessary from time to time shaking.After two weeks, strain the infusion is necessary, and you can give the patient a few drops in any alcoholic beverages (the best in the wine).As a result, he will have to appear nausea and headache, and craving for alcoholic beverages will gradually decrease.

very effective folk remedy for the treatment of alcohol dependence is the infusion of thyme.It can be bought at any drugstore, and can even be self-assemble and to dry.Use of the tincture must be strictly normalized, as large quantities of thyme causes severe nausea and vomiting.Nothing bad will happen if you use a small amount of liqueur, if you do not drink alcohol.Even small doses of tincture in combination with alcohol lead to severe nausea and vomiting, dizziness, and painful sensations throughout the body.To prepare a tincture, you need 15 grams of thyme pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, and then 10-15 minutes to put in a water bath.Then, the infusion is filtered and diluted with plain water, to again obtain half a liter of fluid.It is advisable to take the tincture several times a day, preferably before drinking alcohol.You can also 3 tablespoons thyme, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for an hour.The resulting broth should be consumed 3-4 times a day for one tablespoon.

decoction of thyme quite toxic, so it can not be used in ulcers of the stomach and duodenal ulcers, asthma, diabetes, hypertension and diseases of the thyroid gland.