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How to recover from alcoholism

Everyone knows that alcoholism is an insidious disease because it progresses quickly, and treated for a long time and is not always successful.For many years, mankind has been trying to find ways to treat this problem, since prolonged exposure to the influence of ethanol on the body devastating.Alcohol destroys the human body and weakens the immune system, increases the risk of various diseases, and also creates a lot of problems to others.Therefore, it is necessary to cure the disease only.

To date, the question of whether it is possible to recover from alcoholism, causes a lot of disputes.According to experts, alcoholism is a chronic disease, so the treatment of alcohol dependence - it is a long process that requires a holistic approach.Many people think that alcoholism can not get rid of, even after overcoming the physical and psychic dependence person is sick for life and can again return to the former way of life.Others believe that alcohol - this is a common chronic disease that can be cured compl

etely by medical, psychological and physiotherapy methods.

Unfortunately, in our time, a cure for alcoholism does not exist, many drugs only treat symptoms or consequences of disease.Alcoholism is both physical and psychological dependence, so that alone is quite difficult to recover from this problem.It is recommended to consult a doctor-narcologist, who will prescribe a course of treatment, possibly in a hospital.Rate and efficiency of treatment usually depends on the stage of alcoholism.Irreversible changes (atrophy viscera, memory corruption, exacerbation of mental disorders) occur at the third stage of disease, however, in this case practically impossible to treat alcoholism.

the first two stages to get rid of alcohol dependence is possible with the help of complex methods.Medication and physical therapy treatment eliminates the negative effects of alcohol on the human body.Detoxification removes from the body toxins naturally or by medication.Very important psychological therapy, which forms the sure negative attitude to alcohol.There is no consensus about whether a person can get rid of alcohol addiction, no, it all depends on human self-control and motivation.For some people, the only option for cure is complete abstinence from alcohol.

should be noted that for the first time after giving up alcohol withdrawal syndrome develops.During this period there may be mood swings, insomnia, lack of energy and an irresistible urge to drink.To avoid failure, you need to follow some guidelines.

First of all, do not let a strong sense of hunger, because an empty stomach drink wants stronger.Also try to avoid places associated with drinking alcohol.Cut down or stop completely with my friends, drinking buddies, because when they are persistent persuasion is difficult to deny.Another way to get to occupy the free time (think of a hobby or work out).Remember that to get rid of other bad habits you need slowly, because a lot of restrictions could plunge into a depression, from which you will manage a familiar way.

struggle with alcoholism medication method includes two basic principles.First comes the relief of withdrawal symptoms and delirium tremens, the stabilization of the state.Further therapy aimed at preventing recurrent effects.For curing alcoholism medication process will take a long time.Such treatment must necessarily be carried out under the supervision of a doctor who will choose a particular course and preparation suitable for each individual case, the scheme will be its reception.The doctor should also monitor the possible manifestation of other diseases caused by alcohol abuse, and the time to take action to eliminate them.Medication for alcoholism can be carried out at home or on an outpatient basis, depending on the severity of the disease and other nuances associated with behavior and mental condition of the patient.This method of treatment is considered to be the most effective, because it is held in a complex, aimed at a complete cleansing of the body and stabilize the healthy state.In addition to taking the pills, the psychiatrist must also conduct interviews with the patient, identifying the cause and stage of the disease.

disadvantages of treatment drugs can be called the length of the course and the associated material costs.Also, there may be complications of the central nervous system - reduced intelligence, weakened concentration, mental status abnormalities appear.

to more radical methods of treatment of alcoholism refers coding patient.It is the most sought-after and popular treatment for alcohol dependence.Coding is a psychotherapeutic effect on the patient, aimed at the formation of his disgust or fear of alcohol.In this case, the doctor inserts a substance to the patient by injection, warning about all the terrible consequences of the interaction of the drug with alcohol (asthma, paralysis, strong mental disorder, vascular collapse).Also you should be regular psychological conversation with the patient, and appointed some drugs to facilitate rehabilitation.

The main drawback of the coding is to suppress the will of the patient, his suggestion of fear for his own life, which can lead to certain mental problems.When encoding craving for alcohol is not suppressed, the patient still wants to drink.Quite often this leads to breakdowns, which are harmful to the person's general health.

Currently in folk medicine, there are many recipes that help get rid of the negative consequences of alcohol consumption.Together with other methods of folk remedies have a positive impact on the treatment of this disease.

physical dependence can be reduced with the help of a decoction of lycopodium-Baranets.To prepare it, you need a tablespoon of Lycopodium, pour a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse overnight.Then strain the broth.This infusion should be 50 grams an hour after eating several times a day for two weeks.If during the course consume alcohol, then come severe nausea and vomiting.This broth is contraindicated in diseases of the cardiovascular and other chronic diseases.

For one more effective recipe you need to take three of the thistle, the two parts of buckthorn bark and leaf of laurel.It poured three cups of boiling water and leave for the night.Decoction taken three times a day for an hour before a meal, at the same time at a time should drink no more than 200 ml.Tincture of barberry improves metabolism and accelerates the elimination of the ethanol from the body.For its preparation should tablespoon of barberry berries, pour a glass of cold water and simmer for fifteen minutes.Once the infusion has cooled, strain it and drink at once.Slow intoxication helps concentrated mint tea.To prepare it, you need to spoon a tablespoon of mint boiled for a quarter of an hour.To the desired concentration is enough glasses of water.

In most cases, alcoholism can be cured.The treatment will be effective in case of detection of the disease in the early stages of psychological work with the sick, causing the desire to recover his own.Methods of treatment can be combined and look for the technique, which is most effectively on an alcoholic.However, we must remember that any treatment of this dependence leads the some complications that need to be taken into account in the selection procedure.For medical treatment or coding, when choosing a doctor it is desirable to follow the reviews, because often there are unscrupulous and unqualified among private drug treatment.

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