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How to relieve a hangover

Hangover and is a frequent uninvited guest who comes in the morning after a feast with lots of alcohol.At the same time it is accompanied by headache, nausea, stomach pains and other reminders about having fun drunken evening.Unfortunately, there is no such tool, which is a hangover after drinking would immediately retreated.However, quite a lot of tools to help quickly enough to remove intoxication, normalize the functioning of internal organs and relieve hangover.

First of all, you need to know why there is a hangover.The decay of the alcohol formed in the body poisons which cause the formation of new toxins.Especially harmful are different rums, tequila, whiskey, vermouth, since in this case the liver has to process not only alcohol, but also all sorts of impurity.

Hangover is also characterized by dehydration, which is not due to lack of fluid, and its improper distribution in the body.The reason for this is alcohol.The fluid contained in the body in sufficient quantity - hence the swollen face and

bags under the eyes.Yet it should be noted the disruption of brain cells, which is caused by acetaldehyde in the body has arisen as a result of the disintegration of alcohol.The morning after drinking the nervous system of the patient becomes hypersensitive, even soft sounds and dim light can be very annoying person.Also it may be unwarranted sense of shame and guilt, which is popularly known as "adrenaline anguish."

It should be noted that the fight against a hangover causes the body to expend large amounts of vitamins, micro and macro.The body tries to restore the acid-alkaline balance, lead to normal sleep and so on.

First of all you need to clean the stomach.Well, if there is nausea and retching, as the body tries to overcome the cause of a hangover - intoxication.Also drink as much liquid as possible.To facilitate the hangover, it is quite suitable mineral water without gas or lightly salted water.In any case, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters for 2-3 hours.From headaches helps Citramon fine, but you can cope on their own.To do this, you can rub lemon whiskey, and then make fresh cut lemon peel.Remove the headache can try circles raw potatoes and attach them to the temples and forehead, and then lock.Another excellent remedy for headache - tomato juice with the addition of black pepper and salt.It should be drunk in small sips.

If nausea is recommended to drink activated charcoal tablets (1 tablet per 10 kg body weight).This is an excellent adsorbent which removes toxins from the body.Instead of strong tea or coffee is desirable drink herbal infusion of mint, chamomile and ginger.Relieve the symptoms of intoxication help 6 drops of ammonia added to a glass of water.This solution is necessary to drink in small sips.It is also an excellent option to facilitate the hangover is a douche, which returns strength and courage.Recover the lost vitamins, micro and macro elements to help such drinks and dishes like yogurt, rose, kvass, cucumber or cabbage pickle, sour soup, okroshka.They replenish the body's supply of calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese.

In the absence of nausea can drink low-fat beef or chicken broth, and rice water.These dishes are reduced in the body fluid, preventing dehydration and saturated and impart forces.When you are not very strong hangover is desirable to walk down the street, it is best to park in the open air, not in the open sun.Incoming pure oxygen is able to overcome the toxicity and walking the course perfectly stimulates blood circulation, and this helps to eliminate toxins.

If in the morning after waking suffers from nausea, vomiting and other unpleasant symptoms of a hangover, it is advisable to postpone breakfast to the cessation of nausea.After that, you can eat low-fat or okroshka soup with vegetables.Gastro-intestinal tract after a heavy drinking annoyed and in need of rehabilitation, so a few days should avoid fatty, fried and smoked food.Make emphasis on fruits, vegetables, dried apricots and broth hips.To facilitate the hangover in advance before going to bed is recommended to drink 2.5-3 cups of water, juice or compote.This will greatly facilitate the morning hangover symptoms, since the use of alcohol the body loses more fluid than it receives.As a result, dehydration occurs and the amplified symptoms of alcohol intoxication.

If there is no appetite in the morning, is recommended that you eat bananas, because they are calming effect on the stomach and restore the lack of vitamins and potassium lost due to excessive alcohol intake.If a strong hangover when thirst and dry mouth, it is recommended to drink plain water with honey and lemon juice or orange juice.Japanese to ease hangover doing breathing exercises.Within 6 seconds - a deep breath, then 6 seconds - holding the breath, and then another 6 seconds - slow exhale.These exercises are a good help for headaches.The fact that ethanol contained even in the most expensive and high-quality alcoholic beverages, disrupting the nervous system.At the same brain cells, poisoned by toxins, its trigger tissue swelling and increased intracranial pressure.The result is a narrowing of the vessels of the brain and headache.When breathing exercises oxygen enters the tissues of the brain, nourishes it, blood vessels dilate and the pain recedes.

Whenever hung over, you can do the following non-alcoholic cocktail.The glass must be Beat one egg, then add one tablespoon of diluted vinegar, then season with salt, pepper and a quick drink.

hangover treatment at home involves a complex reducing measures.In the first stage disease, nausea when present, it is recommended to refrain from eating.In addition, it is not necessary to suppress the gag reflex artificially, on the contrary, sometimes vomiting, you must call (for example, a decoction of herbs Clefthoof Europe).This will help bring the excess alcohol, then it is desirable to drink diluted with water boiled beet juice to help the work of the kidneys.

worth noting that long ago drove people hop in the steam room.However, not everyone withstand such thermal loads, especially if there is a heart problem.Therefore not worth the risk.

course to avoid this unpleasant phenomenon, like a hangover, it is better not to drink alcohol.However, this is the most unacceptable for our people the way, because the complete sobriety - it is a utopia for our society.But there are some guidelines to help avoid a hangover.

First of all, do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach, because it is equivalent to the intravenous administration of alcohol.Before the feast you must eat something, and it is desirable to take 5-6 tablets of activated charcoal.Also avoid hangover help food with a high content of carbon.As a rule, it is rice, pasta and potatoes.They are adsorbent.A protein that is found in meat and fish, slow alcohol absorption and normalizes metabolism.It is not advisable to consume fatty foods, because it overloads the liver, and so affected by alcohol.You should know that the sweet enhances the absorption of alcohol, so the use of alcoholic beverages is not necessary to press the grapes, and desserts.Many would like to know how to relieve a hangover.During the feast, try not part with reception of alcohol, take breaks often to communicate with friends, dancing and entertainment.Desirably, the gap between the glasses was at least half an hour.Experts advise not to mix alcohol.However, it is usually forgotten in the end of the party.If you started to drink vodka, the better it and to finish the meal.It is worth noting that after the vodka hangover occurs much less frequently than after the wine, champagne and alcoholic cocktails.

read all the recipes and choose suitable for yourself, you will be able to relieve a hangover, but the best remedy - this is a moderate consumption of alcohol.